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User:Mr. Kite/Mario Kart Wii English Translation Differences

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Rhythm Heaven Fever

Competely Different English Text
Nearly completely different English text.

Nintendo WFC

Setting up Wi-Fi Races

US Europe
Preparing the race... Getting ready to race...
Check Members Racers
The next race is [50, 100, or 150]cc. The next race is [50, 100, or 150]cc class!
Vote for the next course? Vote for a course?

/Wii Message Board Invitation

US Europe
You can send a Wii Message Board message containing your Friend Code to your Wii Friends. It's a quick and easy way to become Friends in Mario Kart Wii!
Choose a Wii to send an invitation to.
An invitation will be sent to [Friend's name]'s Wii Message Board. Is this OK? [OK]
Sending invitation...
The invitation has been sent to [Friend's name]'s Wii Message Board. You will be notified via your Wii Message Board if [Friend's name] accepts your invitation.

Mario Kart Wii Messages

US Europe
A friend sent you a challenge. [View your ghost delivery list.]
A tournament is under way. [Go to the tournament.]