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User:Mr. Kite/Unwound Future English Translation Differences

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Layton's Journal

Pages 11 and 12
Pages 13 and 14

Changed Texts

Inside the trunk

  • For the text "Total Score" the US version has the "Total" text in orange and the "Score" in white, while the European version has "Total Score" in white.
  • Under "Time Played", the US version writes the hours and minutes in "hr." and "min." while the European version writes it in "hr" and "min". In Curious Village both versions wrote "HR." and "MIN." under "TIME PLAYED".
  • US version is missing the text "The Professor's Trunk" and "Memo".

(All other text is same)

While in the transport pod

  • "Tap the place you would like to go to."(US)/"Touch the place you would like to go."(UK)
  • "Here!"(US)/"You are here!"(UK)
  • "Tower Base"(US)/"Pod Entrance"(UK)

Different name locations

US Europe
City Square Exhibition Terrace
Midland Bus Stop Midland Rd Bus Stop
Patient Room Patient's Room
Back of Hospital Back of the Hospital
Flatstone St. 2 Flatstone St
N. Flatstone St. Flatstone St North
Casino Storage Casino Storeroom
Flatstone Street Flatstone St Station
Auckland Lane Auckland Lane Station
Flatstone St. 1 Flatstone St South
Midland Road Midland Rd
Midland Rd. (Fork) Midland Rd Fork
Anita's Place Anita's Café
Old Bus Stop Derelict Bus Stop
Noodle Shop Noodle Bar
Alley Park Gate
Behind the Casino Passageway
Police Archive Archives
Gressenheller U Gressenheller Bus Stop
Gressenheller U Gressenheller Univ.
Warehouse Area Warehouse District
Pagoda Foyer Grand Foyer
Pagoda Staircase Lower Staircase
Dragon Walkway Crimson Bridge
Room of Mirrors Hall of Mirrors
Staircase Landing Upper Staircase
Dragon Bridge Dragon Walkway
Black Market Black Market Bazaar
Thames Arms Thames Arms Front
Thames Arms The Thames Arms
Neighborhood Wall Neighbourhood Wall
Elevator Door Pod Entrance
Elevator Transport Pod

Different item names

US Europe

(Source: A special thanks to Layton.wikia and Professor Layton Blogspot for the majority of English text differences found.)