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Mostly will consist of GB, NES, SNES, GBA, Gamecube, Virtual Boy, and Genesis code dumps. SGB infos as well.


Super gals! Kotobuki Run.sfc "SE TEST another chapter cloth dotabata end for_bad for_best for_good for_main for_roul gameover hayauchi item lively lose mailbox mailmenu melo_01 melo_02 melo_03 melo_04 melo_05 melo_06 melo_07 melo_08 melo_09 melo_10 name_set panel panel_ho problem quiz_bos quiz_cpu quiz_nak quiz_zak school select serious shibuya signcard solution title tsuta_mg vs win allclear staff alarm Test Menu CURSOR DECIDE RECEIVE1 RECEIVE2 MAIL1 MAIL2 MAIL3 UNABLE CANCEL Quiz_Cursor Quiz_Select Quiz_True Quiz_False Star VOICE_WOMAN VOICE_MAN DOOR_CLOSE DOOR_OPEN DOOR_BREAK HIT GOSOGOSO CHIME TEL DOOR_CANTOPEN COOLER DISCOVER FIND �� �ZIÍ5�! �� 0Sample Menu Panel Ageing"

BS Parlor! Parlor! Dai-2-Shuu (J).sfc "DEBUG OPTION" and other text

BS Parlor! Parlor! Mini 8 Pachinko Jiiki Simulation Game (J).sfc "DEBUG OPTION" and other text

Natsuki Crisis Battle (J).sfc "Contents >>ÿ��1. DATA Debugÿ��2. Battle Debugÿ��3. DebugSystem MiTsuNoRi V1.0ÿ��4. No Entryÿ� 5. No Entryÿ� 6. etc...ÿ��7. Prog Debugÿ��8. SoftWare ResetÿYele„ee»e×eèeùe�f�fÿÿ��<< DATA Debug >>ÿ��1. AtariGetter ATAROWÿ��2. AtariChecker ATAROWÿ��3. SequenceChecker UGOKUZOWÿ��4. CenterShifter ZURASZOWÿ� 5. CGX Checkerÿ� 6. COL Checkerÿ��7. BattleBG Checkerÿ��8. Sound Testÿ� Exitÿ0fCfTfffÿÿ��<< Prog Debug >>ÿ��1. CHR Checkerÿ��2. VRAM Checkerÿ��Exitÿ{ff¡f²fÀfÎfÿÿ��<< etc... Debug >>ÿ��1. Spot Windowÿ��2. Zanzow Testÿ��3. No Entryÿ��4. No Entryÿ� Exitÿ" and other debug text

Sangokushi Eiketsuden (J).sfc "(Sub Programer*256) ... T.FUJINUMA 1995 DEBUG ON"


Super Fire Pro Wrestling - Queen's Special (J).sfc - lots of debug text

Wizardry (all games) (J).sfc - All of the games contain debug text

Wonder Project J (J).sfc - lots of debug text

TOCA Touring Car championship (USA).gbc - lots of debug text. Print score text. Couldn't find Game Boy Printer programming.

Lawnmower (USA), Virtual Wars (J).sfc - Lots of bad words

Super Big 2 (Ch) Unlisenced.sfc "FUCK ME"


Yumemi-chan no Naritai Series 3 - Watashi no Makesalon (Japan).gba 0200BEA4?? 0200BEA5??

Slime Morimori Dragon Quest - Shougeki no Shippo Dan (Japan).gba 0201B984?? 0201B985??

  • Battle X Battle - Kyodai Gyo Densetsu (Japan).gba


  • Shiren Monsters Netal (J).gba

Screen set 02019A1C??. Lots of debug text at 23B258. 5E Auto Tournament 71-?? Black screens

  • Babar to the Rescue (USA) (En,Fr,Es).gba

test.gif and other text

  • Mario Party Advance

Screen ID: 0300440C01 + 0300440D??

  • E-Reader

Music ID: 02029436???? Screen ID: 0300FE3C??

  • Super Mario Advance 4

Set 0x0x1400A3 to either 0E or 0F in the first US revision for the BGM in 1-1 to either unused Classic Underwater or unused Classic Castle BGM.

  • Game & Watch Gallery 4

Sets Screen ID 03001314??

  • Fire Pro Wrestling (Game Boy Advance)

Debug screens 030047f4-1b-20

  • Nekketsu beach day-o kunio kun

jr z,547E; options exit

  • Vegas Stakes (Game Boy)

Sets Menu setting for Continue Screen ??C-23E-D5E - Set 15 to see Congratulations screen ??2-4DB-D5A

  • Super Goal 2

Enable Copy Protection Warning Message 809909D2 (There is also a region error message if attempted to play on a PAL console. This game was never released in PAL territories.)

Title Music 828032??

  • Tetris (Nointendo, NES)

PAKVLZAA + SYSTAXKP sets the unused song to play on all silence tracks including the title screen.

  • Dungeon Quest (Game Boy)

Startup CHR Font Test ??7-FEF-A2E

  • Game Boy Camera

Main Menu Screen (Main) ??4-A78-E6A Main Menu Screen (Sub-screen) ??4-AC8-E6A

  • Mickey Mouse Magic Wand

Sets first screen (seems to need additional calls to properly select screen; need to look into later) ??7-25D-F76

  • Hello Kitty no Magical Museum

Sets first screen ??2-82F-4C2

  • Hello Kitty no Beads Factory

Sets first screen 102-0CF-E6A - Error 6?

No debug menu for this game.

  • Brunswick World Tournament of Champions (SNES)

Title Screen music modifier 0081C0??

  • Mario Family

Set first screen ??3-3BF-E6E There is no debug menu or sound test for this game. :(

  • Ou Dorobou Jing Both Versions (GBC)

Broken Sound Test 1E1-D9F-E6E

  • Action Man: The Search for Base X

??D-5AF-E6E No debug menu or sound test.

  • Croc 2

??E-638-D5E - Sets first screen. There might have been a debug screen at ID 13, but everything aside from the ld,a and lcd ctrl appears to have been removed. :(

Super Bombliss DX GBC

  • Menu Text pointer


  • Menu Setting Pointer


Seme COM Dungeon: Drurudruaga

First Screen ??1-9FF-7FE

Kanji Boy Sets first screen: ??1-AEF-E6A Sets screen of first option: ??1-93C-E6A (game does not update video display VBLANK upon loading new screen scenario.) No debug menu for this game.

(18:50:47)<nensondubois>Gegege no Kitarou - Youkai Souzoushu Arawaru! (Japan) (SGB Enhanced) ??B-3EC-E6E + ??B-46C-D56 sets first screen

Gameshark/Game Genie codes load SGB borders NOT SURE if these are used.

Go! Go! Hitchhike Sets SGB border 01??59C0 - Border 02unused? ??1-529-80E - Sets option screen No debug menu or sound test for this game.

Tetris Blast (Super Bombliss) 010?A2DC

TNN Outdoors Fishing Champ

01??C1C4 (There are 9 borders in this game! Also, supposedly the ending is unused in the US version with an accompanying border. I do not know which border fits the ending.)

Interesting/Unusual GG codes by me: (Very small sample)

Super Mario Bros. 3 AAOTOETT - Change the pitch of the music using the D-PAD

Tetris Game Boy

  • Replace OFF Music With Any Song - ??5-84E-195
  • Replaces A-TYPE with Russian Dance Song 1, B-TYPE with Russian Dance 2, C-TYPE with Rocket Shootoff, and OFF with 2-Player Win *Music - (1.0: 0E5-7EE-B36 (1.1: 1B5-1AE-B36)
  • Replaces A-TYPE with High Score Theme, B-TYPE with Game B Clear, C-TYPE with Title Music, and OFF with Game Over Music -

(1.0: 1B5-1AE-B36) (1.1: 0E5-1AE-B36)

  • Music Modifier - ??5-20E-195

Game & Watch Gallery (All versions)

  • Replace Mode Select music with track ??0-58A-F74

12 - Fire 27 - Manhole 32 - Octopus 41 - Oil Panic 52 - Title Screen 56 - Game Select 5E - Game Over (Unused) 5F - Game Over (Used) 5A - Congratulations! 7D - Message 1 8B - Message 2 90 - Retro Theme (Panel 1) 94 - War Theme (Panel 2) 9C - Ending 1 A0 - Ending 2 A4 - Ending 3

Comix Zone Jukebox Song 1 Music Modifier 06EDBA:??44

Game Genie: (examples)

  • JX0T-NEP4 - Sega Logo
  • JX0T-NAF4 - Title Screen
  • JX0T-NCF4 - Options (Into the Zone)
  • JX0T-PRF4 - Introduction
  • JX0T-P0F4 - Ending Theme

There are no beta tracks. Interestingly the song ID numbers do match the tracks that exist in both versions. Value 22 is the last song.

  • Beavis and Butthead (SNES)

Options jump addresses 00A443, 00A446 Show unused portion of cutscene screens. 00CDF3E1

Before I forget: Collection Pocket - SGB SOUND table located at 0xE144

Rest of the SGB items (draft)

  • Doraemon Kart - Takara SGB listing at 5D38
  • Doraemon Kart 2 - Takara SGB listing at 9D45
  • Go! Go! Hitchhike - Long SOUND SGB listing at 7ED90
  • Hayaoshi Quiz - Long SOUND SGB listing at 01AC
  • Megami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible II Takara SGB listing variant at 28D7
  • Conana games - Long SOUND SGB listings
  • Owarai Yowiko no Game Michi: Oyaji Sagashite 3 - Choume Long SOUND SGB listing at 8D2F
  • SuperStar Soccer 99 - Short SGB listing at 4165
  • Power Quest - Short variant SGB listing at 36FF
  • Zoids Jashin Fukaatsu - Short SGB listing at 181DC
  • Sakata Garou Kudan no Renju Kyoushitsu - Takara SGB listing at 1529
  • Robot Poncots - Short SGB listing at FE51B
  • Robopon Sun Version - Short SGB listing at FE41C
  • Pro Kun Pocket - Short SGB listing at 580FA
  • Pro Kun Pocket 2 - Short SGB listing at 580FA
  • Pocket GI Stable - Normal SGB listing at 70DFB
  • Phantom Zona - Short SGB listing at 1FD6B8
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters 2 - Short SGB listing at EC4AF
  • Barcode Taisen Bardigun - Long SOUND SGB listing at 7C0FB