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Sometimes I do things.

Check out my contributions[1] to learn about the things I do sometimes.

I can mostly be found editing DAEMON X MACHINA, as one of the last remaining datamining experts in the DXM community (we miss you Frog!).


Want to help datamine DAEMON X MACHINA?

The encryption key for the Steam version is 5104975244C54E7329751FEFF14EAA389FB38C0007598DE9DD547BE21718AA69. Switch copies are unencrypted.

All versions of DAEMON X MACHINA use Unreal Engine 4.20.

Prerelease/release window footage and interviews for DAEMON X MACHINA (WIP)


E3 2018 Reveal Trailer (Switch) - NOA NOJ NOE UK NAU

E3 2018 Nintendo Treehouse Showcase (Switch) - NOA

Gamescom 2018 Teaser (Switch) - NOE UK MARV

Gamescom 2018 Interview & Gameplay - NOE UK DE FR

Nintendo Direct 9.13.2018 Showcase (Switch) - NOA NOJ

Advanced Gameplay Demo (Switch) - MARV


Three Things You Might Not Know About DAEMON X MACHINA (Switch) - NOA

Nintendo Direct 2019.2.14 Showcase (Switch) - NOJ

Demo Feedback Trailer (Switch) - NOA NOE UK MARV

Game Cycle Trailer (Switch) - MARV

Story Trailer (Switch) - NOE UK MARV

E3 2019 Trailer (Switch) - NOA NOJ NOE UK

E3 2019 Nintendo Treehouse Showcase (Switch) - NOA Pt.1 Pt. 2 MARV Pt. 1 Pt.2

Nintendo Direct 2019.9.5 Showcase (Switch) - NOJ

Overview Trailer (Switch) - NOA ES NOE UK MARV

Launch Trailer (Switch) - NOA


Launch Date Announcement Trailer (Steam) - XSEED

Steam Page Trailer 1 (Steam) - XSEED

Steam Page Trailer 2 (Steam) - XSEED

Help Wanted

  • JP translators.
  • Information regarding non-Japanese Asian copies.
  • Archive of the XSEED live stream covering the Steam version.

Dumps Archived:

  • Switch Retail 1.3.0 INT
  • Steam Retail 1.0.1, 1.4.0

Dumps Needed:

  • Prototype Missions (Switch, International)
  • Prototype Missions (Switch, Japan)
  • Switch Retail Prologue Demo, 1.0.1, 1.2.0, 1.4.0
  • Steam Retail 1.1.0, 1.2.0

Optional Dumps Wanted:

  • Switch Retail 1.3.0 JP