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User:Sky&Rain/Kirby SSU: Changes from SNES Version

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This is a sub-page of User:Sky&Rain.

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Add images for evidence.

Basic Differences

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Compare the sprites to the SNES version. https://www.spriters-resource.com/ds_dsi/kssu/ and https://www.spriters-resource.com/snes/kirbysuperstarkirbysfunpak/ links to them. https://kirby.fandom.com/wiki/Glitch#Kirby_Super_Star_Ultra <- More glitches here.
  • Kirby also bounces off when he lands on the ground from afar.
  • He also cannot go offscreen, making skipping bosses impossible.
  • With the Bomb ability, Bomb Dropping an enemy will make it take damage, and so does Kirby and/or his helper. This was fixed in this version. Also when he throws the bomb straight by dashing and throwing the bomb, it will make another sound effect.
  • Kracko's sprite is changed in the sub-games Milkyway Wishes, and Helper to Hero. Heavy Lobster's palette is changed in those games too.
  • Lololo & Lalala, along with bosses that don't increase HP with a helper, have increased as well if you have a helper.
  • The Wheelie Rider no longer has an English mark in the Japanese version.

Some glitches were included and others were removed:

(Kirby Wikia: https://kirby.fandom.com/wiki/Glitch#Kirby_Super_Star_Ultra)

Speedy Doo Glitch

Either the Copy or Bomb ability is needed. Head to Skyhigh in Milky Way Wishes and enter the room in the door maze where a Parasol Waddle Dee and a Parasol Waddle Doo float down. Enter the right-most door to go into the next room, then head straight back into the previous room by going into the same door Kirby appeared out of. Zapping / Bombing the Waddle Doo (who is on the right) and making it touch the platform where the middle door is located will make it run around the room at increasing speeds before eventually falling through the floor. The Waddle Doo will occasionally travel in the same manner, though in the opposite direction it is facing. A (blurry) demonstration of this glitch can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CClzykAOiic

Wing Dive Glitch

This is JP version only. Cancel the Bomber Heading using A, then get severely hurt by an object. (e.g. Gordos) Kirby shouldn't touch the ceiling or floor instantly, or the glitch won't work. You'll pass through walls vertically. Sometimes you go up, and sometimes you go down. You can press Y to shoot feathers to extend the zip.

Computer Virus Sound Glitch

The player must select Helper to Hero and choose Simirror as his/her fighter. The player must normally progress through the sub-game until he/she makes it to the Great Dragon section of the Computer Virus battle. The player must then wait for the Great Dragon to breath fire, then he/she must immediately guard, reversing the flow of the flames. After the Great Dragon is done attacking, the fire sound effect can still be heard for another second.

Floating Knuckle Joe Glitch

Kirby must go to Aquarius in the Milky Way Wishes sub-game. Kirby must continue through the level until he finds a Broom Hatter with a Knuckle Joe. Past that, he will find another pair of the duo. If the player watches the Knuckle Joe closely, it will sometimes jump on the ledge, and the game will register it as being on ground when it is walking on air.

Suplex Game Crash

The Suplex ability is needed. The player must head to Peanut Plains in the sub-game Dyna Blade and continue through the level until he / she reaches the ledge that leads to the Mid-boss battle with Chef Kawasaki. On the opposite ledge, there is a Bomber. Kirby must wait until it is about to fall, then dash grab it. He will fall down into the room, and he should use the Suplex ability's Rock Drop attack (performed with the A button). If the Bomber was grabbed at exactly the right moment, it will freeze the game and cause the buttons to stop responding; the music will keep looping, but the game must be reset to continue playing. It may take a few tries to do this.

No Copy from Waddle Doo

The Copy Copy Ability is needed. Go to Skyhigh in Milky Way Wishes and advance before encountering the Parasol Waddle Dee and Waddle Doo. Copy the Waddle Doo when it's on the ground, and as soon as Kirby grabs the Beam ability, go back to Copy. Keep repeating, and eventually Kirby will take no ability from the Waddle Doo when he beats it.

Puffs of Dust in the Air

Kirby must start dashing, then turn in the opposite direction. Right when the turn is made, Kirby must jump into the air, and the puffs of dust will still be seen at his feet.

Delayed Defeat of Dyna Blade (from SNES Version)

If the final blow is dealt to Dyna Blade (particularly in Helper to Hero) during some of her attacks, most notably her "swoop" attack, she will continue to finish her attack without any of the typical explosions seen upon defeating various Bosses and Mid-Bosses. Once the swoop is finished, the explosions will be seen as she flees the battleground.

Main Game

Aside from adding new sub-games, here are some changes.

Spring Breeze

The music from Kirby's Dream Land plays, which is a remix of the title screen.

When you start a sub-game, the cutscene plays first.

Green Greens

A food in the 4th room has been added.

Kirby Super Star Kirby Super Star Ultra
hmmm uhh i dunno

Float Islands

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The left picture was taken from a Kirby Super Star Japanese level editor that is compatible with the USA version of the game. Localize the level editor, since it's JP only.
Kirby Super Star Kirby Super Star Ultra
hmmm uhh i dunno

The area was extended, moving enemies around.

Bubbly Clouds

Kirby Super Star Kirby Super Star Ultra
hmmm why

Some of the blocks were removed to lower the difficulty. There was a gap added for enemies, and there was a hole at the top.

Mt. Dedede

Kirby's position in where he lands is different. He lands in the door in the original, and he lands next to the door in Ultra.