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This page details one or more prerelease versions of SodaDog.

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Bully is widely known to be one of Rockstar Games' finest titles, and has managed to gain appeal to everyone no matter of age with its humor, setting and soundtrack. This game had a bit of history surrounding development, and the beta community for the video game started to build up as the years passed. Thanks to the controversy and problems it went through development, the video game ended up being one of Rockstar's most rushed and buggiest works.

A lot of prerelease information found around the web suggests that Bully originally started out as a completely different video game, with characters based off of caricatures and comical animations.

Development Timeline

The development of Bully had been kept secret for several years until it was uncovered by Jack Thompson, sparking controversy when the Hot Coffee Incident for Rockstar Games was still at large. As information was released throughout the year, controversy sparked even more, which caused the game to get multiple internal delays. All this likely ended up causing the game to become rushed, since a lot of dialogue had to be cut.

  • 2002
    • Spring/Summer - Bully probably starts development, when Rockstar Vancouver was known as Barking Dog Studios. The concept arts and design were one of the very first things created before development for the game started. [1]
    • May 21st - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (the engine Bully is based on, from the handling.cfg file) is announced at E3 2002.
    • Aug. 1st - Rockstar Games buys Barking Dog Studios, stepping the development up for Bully even further.
    • Aug. 26th - More information about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is announced, and the engine was likely finalised at that time.
  • 2005
    • Jan-Mar. - Jack Thompson is aware of Bully's existence.
    • May 9th - Bully is officially announced by Rockstar Games, and was slated for an October release for Xbox and PlayStation 2 systems.[2]
    • May 19th - Bully is shown off at E3 2005 to press reviewers only and wasn't made available to the public. Also, the first handful of screenshots were released.
    • Jun.-Jul. - Bully experiences it's first delay from the fall season to November 2005. During the delays, very few information was released to the public likely due to the controversy surrounding that time.
    • Aug. 3rd - A protest happens outside of Rockstar NYC's office, in an attempt to get the video game banned.
    • Sep. 7th - Bully gets another delay to "at least February 2006".
  • 2006
    • Mar. 16th - Bully is delayed to April.[2]
    • Apr. 3rd - From an email sent to the fansite, it was confirmed that Bully wasn't cancelled and there wasn't any news at that time. During the time, the game now had a "TBA" release.
    • May-Jul. - Xbox version was likely dropped.
    • Aug. 9th - Information for Bully was finally revealed without any news for a long time, and the trailer would come out on the next day.
    • Aug. 10th - The very first trailer for the game was released, with a release slated for October. Jack Thompson thought the trailer was terrible, and tried again to stop the game from being released.
    • Aug. 18th - Rockstar further reveals information, and describes what the "day in a life" would be like.
    • Aug. 22nd - The second trailer for Bully was released, just ten days after the first one originally came out. Also, the game had a finalised release date of October 17.
    • Aug. 30-31st - A later build was shown off to IGN and several press reviewers, and a lot of things were close to the final game. Though, the controls were slightly different and the game had camera/animation glitches.[3]
    • Sep. 1st - Bully was officially renamed to Canis Canem Edit in Europe, though the reasons for it are unknown.
    • Sep. 13th - The minigame elements of Bully were revealed by Rockstar.
    • Sep. 19th. - Bully gets an ESRB age rating of T.
    • Sep. 28th - Bully goes gold, thus ending development of the video game.
    • Oct. 11-13th - A "complete" copy of Bully was sent by Jack Thompson to Ronald Friedman, a court judge in Florida. Thompson ordered him to spend "100 hours" on it, in an attempt for the video game to be banned in Florida. In the end, he only spent a couple of hours, and declared the game as legal to be sold in Florida.
    • Oct. 17th - Bully was finally released in North America.
    • Oct. 24th - Bully was released in Europe, as Canis Canem Edit.
  • 2008
    • Jul. 23rd - Bully was announced in Japan, and would come to PlayStation 2, Xbox 360 and Window systems.
    • Jul. 24th - Bully was released in Japan.


Part A: Development Beginnings
How it all began.
Part B: Getting Somewhere
This game was wackier?
Part C: Announcement
The announcement, while the game was still different in some places. Also, Jack Thompson wasn't too happy.
Part D: Prerelease
The great downgrade.

Development Beginnings - 2002


Bully was likely pitched in 2002, when Rockstar North was still known was Barking Dog Studios. Concept artworks (which would be used as the comic-book aesthetic that is seen all over the game's menu) were one of the very first things to be designed before development for the game started, and were drawn by Steven Olds. The aim of the proposed project was to create an experience, like characters that would be seen from a "kids-eye" view of the world without anything being comical.

The conceptual artists and producers wanted to create a vibe that would be timeless, by in-cooperating things from different decades, such as old computers and classic cars, so the player would relate to their own days in high school.

(Source: Building a Better Bully (IGN))

Comic Book

The comic book that came with Bully, and present in the menu contain earlier designs for characters that appear in the game.

Name Comic Book Artwork Beta Model Final Game Notes
Jimmy Hopkins Bully BetaConceptComic JimmyHopkins.png Jimmy had that same surly look as seen from the first screenshots, and was implied to have some noticeable hair strands. His uniform wasn't very detailed, implying that Bullworth Uniforms were originally more basic for freshman students.
Mascot Bully BetaConceptComic Mascot.png
Edna Bully BetaConceptComic Edna.png
Mr. Galloway 180px
Dr. Watts Bully BetaConceptComic DrWatts.png
Dr. Slawter Bully BetaConceptComic DrSlawter.png
Dr. Crabblesnitch Bully BetaConceptComic DrCrabblesnitch.png
Melody? Bully BetaConceptComic Melody.png There seems to be no other teenage girl that matches the look, even though the facial appearance and hairstyle bears a resemblance to Melody. However, lines exist for Gloria being kissable by Jimmy, implying that all of the young girls at school were once teenagers earlier on.
Bucky Bully BetaConceptComic Bucky.png
Algernon (Angus) Bully BetaConceptComic Algernon.png
Earnest 180px
Beatrice Bully BetaConceptComic Beatrice.png
Russell Bully BetaConceptComic Russell.png
Pinky? 180px
Peanut Bully BetaConceptComic Peanut.png
Norton? Bully BetaConceptComic Norton.png Norton looks almost unrecognisable.
Lefty? 180px

Developmental Process

Bully probably started to be developed in mid-2002, probably around the time that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was announced at E3 2002. This is evidenced by the handling.cfg file that was found, which has strings for if not all, but most of the cars from that game.

On August 1, 2002, Rockstar Games bought the studio, rebranding it as Rockstar Vancouver. Development for the game likely stepped up further then.

All this time, development had to be kept a secret for a few years.



Jack Thompson found out about Bully's existence before the announcement, which was likely in late 2004 or early 2005.


Bully was confirmed by Rockstar on May 9, 2005, seven months after the PlayStation 2 release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Three screenshots were released on their website at that time, and the game had a fairly different style to it.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease 1.jpg

The very first screenshot of Bully to ever be shown to the public, and a handful of differences can be found.

  • The pathway leading to the gym was narrower.
  • The columns originally looked more rustic, and had gargoyle heads at the top. Also, the original emblem (the shield with a fist on it) can somewhat be seen.
  • Jimmy looked different:
    • His face looked more beaten up, and had a rough body posture making him resemble more of a criminal.
    • The blue sweater vest didn't have the final Bullworth logo on it, and was likely still being designed at that time.
    • Jimmy's shirt was slightly different, and looked more unbuttoned. His shirt collar was also wider and spread out.
    • He originally wore black school slacks and brown boots.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease 2.jpg

Another screenshot of Bully, showing the combat and the Preppies inside the Cafeteria.

  • The Cafeteria originally had different flooring and a fireplace.
  • The Preps originally wore lavender-colored vests.
  • Jimmy is wearing blue jeans in this screenshot, suggesting it was taken earlier in development. It's also present on his unused default model.
  • The combat originally had "effects", which may have been one of the reasons why Bully got so much controversy.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease 3.jpg

Dodge-balls were probably going to be found in freeroam but they were scrapped, or re-skinned into a Rubber Band Ball. Though, a low-poly model of the dodgeball can be found in Jimmy's dorm as a trophy. Davis can be seen in the background, wearing a vest over his shirt that were earlier designs for the Bully clique. The identities of the other people in the distance are likely Sheldon wearing a maroon uniform (the original color scheme for Bullworth Academy) and Pinky. The door leading to The Hole didn't have a garage entrance at that time, probably meaning that the garage detail seemed to be created earlier in development.

E3 2005

Bully made an appearance at E3 2005, in Los Angeles, along with Rockstar Games' other titles. It was shown off to various gaming media outlets in private, and a lot of gameplay had to be kept secret from the fans.

GameInformer Magazine Coverage

A GameInformer Magazine article wrote a detailed explanation of their experience in the E3 build of Bully, and mentioned a handful of things that got cut in the final release. Apparently, the Boys' Dorm had a working television (which may have been retooled for Grand Theft Auto IV) and Prefects were originally going to appear in the same area, like how some of the female adult characters appear in the Girls' Dorm. In the next paragraph, the article describes what would be the Weed Killer mission and mentions a "code" Jimmy needed to get into Harrington House (originally known as Harrington Hall) which was a scrapped mission objective (though, voice clips for it can be found in the files).

Also, the article mentioned that Bully would aim for an ESRB age rating of T, and would not contain any blood or graphical content despite the rumors (and overprotective parental groups) surrounding that the game was originally darker during development.

Left Page Right Page
Bully GameInformer Scan1.jpg Bully GameInformer Scan2.jpg

A couple of screenshots from the right page almost ended up being lost in time, likely due to the controversy surrounding the game.

(Source: Ultimagame - Magazine Scan)

Summer 2005

Bully-Boards Screenshots

Even though very little information was released about the beta build during that time, several screenshots exclusive to the now-defunct forum were posted throughout the summer.

Early Final
Bully Prerelease ChemistryClass.jpg

A slightly earlier version of Chemistry class. Several differences are present.

  • The "XEM-EX" bottle was changed to "CHEM-O". Strangely, there's an unused graphic of an ID Card which says "HEM-O" on it, suggesting it was an earlier name for the chemistry plant.
  • The Bunsen burner had a slightly different texture.
  • While the overall layout of the Chemistry classroom looked mostly the same, the door had a different design, suggesting that the Academy looked more antique. Also, the lights had railing bulbs.
  • The glass containing liquid on top of the Bunsen burner was more "rainbow" in color. It was changed to a light green color in the final.
Bully Prerelease BoysDormStaircase.jpg

An image of what the staircase leading to the cut second floor of the Boys' Dorm originally looked like.

  • Parker is seen in his earlier Prep uniform, which is simply blue rather than a diamond-pattern.
  • Lucky looks almost exactly the same.
  • A handful of these picture textures are used in the final game, while others aren't even found in the files.
    • There is some illegible text which is blocked off by the staircase railing on the picture next to the "NOT ALLOWED" one.
    • The words under the "NOT ALLOWED" sign say "Tobacco, Firearms, Drugs, & Alcohol".
Early Final
Bully Prerelease StaffRoom.jpg

A slightly earlier version of the Staff Room, with some minor differences.

  • There is no way to access this room other than for one mission, and it doesn't take place in the daytime. Also, it suggests that many areas were supposed to be explored in freeroam.
  • The Staff Room received some minor changes:
    • The flooring was slightly different, as the wood was place towards another angle.
    • The lamp on the desk had a different design. Though, the lamp on the end table looks very similar to the one seen in the final game.
    • The end table next to the desk was removed, with the lamp.
    • The pillow texture had a slightly different pattern.
    • A plant next to one of the bookshelves was removed.
    • The ceiling had less detail.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease BoysDormBathroomToilet.jpg

An image of the scrapped Boys' Dorm toilets, taken on second floor. Sadly, this is the only surviving image online, even though it is overly bright.

  • A closer appearance of Jimmy's face could be seen, suggesting he looked meaner.
  • Chad had darker hair, slightly-lighter skin and his uniform had the original design of the Bullworth Crest on it, suggesting it was taken before the other Preps got redesigned.
  • The floor texture for the bathroom is found the final game, reused for the Asylum.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease BoysDormBathroomMirror.jpg

Another image of the scrapped Boys' Dorm bathroom. A few more differences can be seen in the photo.

  • This mirror reflection is actually in the final game, completely unseen without the use of mods.
  • The wallpaper and carpet in the hallway was significantly brighter in color.
  • The Prep seen in the background is likely Gord, and had his earlier uniform.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease Dodgeball.jpg

A picture showing the close-up of the scrapped dodge-ball Jimmy could throw... in freeroam at least.

  • The ball itself is completely unobtainable in the final game when not doing dodge-ball and cannot be obtained without the use of mods.
    • It also looks a lot more high-poly, compared to the rubber-band ball Jimmy could get.
  • There are some seemingly-unnoticeable pieces of polygonal rocks on the ground and were flattened in the final.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease PrefectBeatup.jpg

An earlier version of the main Bullworth Academy building in (almost) all it's glory.

  • The trash cans had bricks on them, suggesting that hiding in them had not been implemented yet.
  • Like the very first screenshot, the pillars had gargoyle faces on them. Also, the shields were bigger in size.
  • The Prep running away in this picture is likely Chad.
  • The combat originally looked more comical, even though the "effects" aren't present.
  • The main academy building has some noticeable differences:
    • The pillar on the very top of the building looked a lot taller.
    • There is a platform near where the mission Final Showdown takes place. This suggests that the very top of this building was loaded at all times in freeroam.
    • The bell was singular and bigger.
    • The shield near the top of the main building was bigger.
    • The staircase had three railings rather than two. Also, the lights on the pillars were rounder.
    • There is an odd pillar on top of the building's right wing.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease PedroGrounds.jpg

Another image taken in almost exactly the same place, even though there are differences.

  • Pedro originally wore a blue sweater vest rather than green and had a slightly different facial design.
  • Bucky looks almost exactly the same, even though his sweater has the original Bullworth logo on it.
  • Davis wore a sweater vest, which was present in the original bully clique's design. They were likely removed to avoid confusion or similarities with Jimmy.
  • Angie's uniform was originally blue rather than dark-green.
  • There is an unidentifiable student behind Pedro, who is likely a Jock.
    • There is also another character at the Girls' Dorm yard who is probably Edna.
  • Seth, who is one of the Prefects is seen carrying a paddle. They were removed likely to avoid references to punishing children, which could have given the game a higher age rating. It was likely also one of the reasons why the mission known as The Paddle was scrapped.
    • However, if a Prefect is modded with a paddle to use as a weapon, they will simply use it as a line of defence, like any other character.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease SlingshotGrounds.jpg

A slightly closer look at the Academy Building...and Jimmy's slingshot.

  • Jimmy's slingshot was slightly different in design.
  • The academy originally had statuettes on the corners of the top building.
  • The lights had the designs similar to the ones seen in Old Bullworth Vale.
    • Though, a light that would later be seen in the final game could be spotted on the right side of the image.
  • The trash can in the background also had a slab on top of it, further suggesting hiding in them was not implemented.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease FootballField.jpg

An image of the football field, in Bullworth Academy.

  • Jimmy seems to be pushing Norton, one of the Greasers down onto the ground.
  • The Jock watching is actually a scrapped character known as Bob. He was originally supposed to be a wrestling opponent, but he got scrapped for unknown reasons and could only be seen in a cutscene for The Gym Is Burning.
  • The scoreboard wasn't digital.
  • The lights looked a little bit different.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease JocksSoccerBall.jpg

A picture of Luis playing keep-ups with a soccer ball in the field.

  • One of the students walking in the background is actually Sheldon, who seems to be wearing a maroon sweater vest rather than green.
  • There is a student next to Sheldon who is likely Beatrice... doing a T-pose.
  • Another unidentifiable person in front of Sheldon is likely Dr. Slawter.
  • The two jocks in the background are Bob & Bo, and Bob's shirt seems to have a different design.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease BullworthFrontGates.jpg

An image showing the front gates of Bullworth Academy.

  • The shields are present in front of the lamps. They may have originally been in place before the lamps were put in.
  • The insignia under the gargoyle and on the sides of the gates was removed.
  • The streetlight lamps were different and more circular.
  • The bicycle locks weren't present.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease BullworthValeCop.jpg

A screenshot of Old Bullworth Vale, with some noticeable differences.

  • An archway leading to either a pier or a channel can be seen in the background, though it was implied that the lake was originally a seashore, as hills could not be seen or it could probably be due to poor draw distance.
  • The sidewalk had a different texture.
  • The drugstore sign most likely said "Drug-Ease" instead of "Eazy Drugs".
  • Gord and Bif had their eariler outfits.
  • That out-of-place lamp was removed, and the streetlight was re-positioned.
  • Officer Williams can be seen holding a baton, which suggests that policemen were originally armed with batons during development. Unlike how paddles could still be obtained in the game, batons were removed (almost) entirely.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease MissDanversOffice.jpg

A picture of the school office, with Miss Danvers present.

  • On the right side of the wall, the door to Dr. Crabblesnitch's office was open.
  • The detail on the right side of the wall wasn't there.
Early Final
Bully Prerelease PrepToiletDunk.jpg

Another screenshot of Jimmy wearing jeans instead of black slacks, dunking a Prep into the toilet.

  • The scene there is likely taken from the mission Weed Killer, as having to dunk Tad into the toilet was part of a scrapped mission objective to get the password for Harrington House.
  • Jimmy has his earlier appearance of wearing jeans in this screenshot, as opposed to black slacks in slightly-later pictures.
  • The toilet looked a lot more dirty.

Lawsuit and Controversy

Jack Thompson knew about Bully before it was announced by Rockstar Games, and controversy stirred when information for the game kept getting released, branding it as a "Columbine Simulator". As the Hot Coffee incident was still at large, the controversy was very bad.

Before and after the announcement, there was a large number of controversial responses were made to Rockstar Games from parental and anti-bullying groups, and kept rising throughout the summer season. A protest happened on August 3, 2005 outside of Rockstar Games NYC's office wanting the video game to be banned, notably from the Peaceoholics group which also protested against Rockstar Games' titles in the past.

Around the time the incidents stirred, industry analysts predicted the game would have an ESRB rating of M, like most other titles developed by Rockstar Games.

Lost Images?

Because of the huge controversy that went on during 2005, screenshots were still posted every now and then on the official Bully website (that cannot be crawled with the Wayback Machine due to robots.txt) and if not all, but most of them were archived.

Several images from a promotional materials, like the press kit were found, and some of them had Jimmy's earlier appearance which suggest that those images were originally posted back when Bully was revealed.


Likely because of the controversy that still went on around the end of the year, the game was delayed to Spring 2006 after being delayed to November for unstated reasons.


During a quarterly report on March 26, 2006, Michael Patcher was not-so optimistic about Rockstar Games' other titles and didn't expect Bully to do well. A few days later, Bully was delayed to April, and many fans that were following the game assumed it was cancelled as no new screenshots nor a trailer was released.

When the defunct Bully-Boards (then known as forum sent Rockstar Games an e-mail a few weeks after the delay, it was confirmed that the game wasn't cancelled and is still in development.[4] At an unknown time, the Xbox version was dropped.

Scrapped Xbox Version

An earlier design for the Xbox boxart found on IGN's website. There are noticeable differences like the logo and emblem design that was present in the earlier PlayStation 2 boxart.

Most people knew that an Xbox version was planned with extra features, but it got scrapped in mid-2006 for mostly disclosed reasons. One highly possible reason was because Jack Thompson sent a letter to Bill Gates of Microsoft, asking him to pull the game from the Xbox. Although If the game ended up being released, it would've probably done poorly in sales for a few reasons:

  • Around the time Bully was announced, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas came out for the Xbox and Windows. Since it was originally the best-selling video game for the PlayStation 2, Bully would've sold poorly.
  • Another possible reason is that the Xbox 360 came out on November 22, 2005 in North America and Microsoft ended up moving almost all of their focus towards the new console at that time. Bully ended up coming out in October 2006 and the Xbox port would not have sold well due to the console's fated discontinuation in early 2007.
  • The Xbox 360 and the original Xbox is known to have completely different hardware. As Xbox games take quite a bit of time to get ported to the Xbox 360, it was likely that Rockstar decided to start over from scratch, basing it off the PlayStation 2 version. Despite all of the porting, bugfixes and the trouble the game had to go through, Bully: Scholarship Edition would end up getting a release for the Xbox 360 in 2008.
(Source: TheNathanNS)

Press Kit

In April 2016, YouTuber SWEGTA found a fourteen-page press kit in the form of a book. The press kit contains information surrounding the key elements of the video game, including the classes Jimmy can participate in and some unreleased concept art.

The Press Kit was likely made months before the very first Bully trailer was released, hinting that the near-final screenshots were made around Summer 2006. It also mentions that Miss Smith was originally "Mrs. Smith", and swimming and boxing were activities at Bullworth Academy before swimming got scrapped and boxing was likely moved to Old Bullworth Vale.

It mentions that Bully was supposed to get mass promotion, starting with real-life advertisements shown all over media. While commercials were made, they ended up being redirected to the official webpage.

Trailer Reveal

First Trailer

Bully was fully unveiled by Rockstar Games on August 11, 2006 with their first official trailer, after nearly a year without any new information regarding the video game. This time, it would see a release for October 2006. Even though the next trailer would come out in ten days, there are a lot of noticeable differences that can be spotted.

Due to the amount of changes seen in the trailer, it was highly possible that it may have been made earlier in the year when the controversy died down. Rockstar Games likely also originally intended Bully to be shown off at E3 2006, before their announcement was delayed, worrying it would cause more drama for them.

  • Throughout the trailer, Jimmy's alternates between his older texture seen in the first screenshots and final one.
    • The "crest" on his uniform suffers the same treatment. In the final game, the "shield" design is used instead, but that would not be the case for the Wii, Xbox, and Windows versions.
    • A similar situation occurs with the Bullworth Students, as they all sported "crest" variants of their uniform rather than "shield" ones.
  • Inside the main building, the cut third floor can be seen, with some fencing on it.
  • The staircase leading to the second floor was slightly redesigned, though it can be seen in one of the unused exit image graphics.
  • At Dr. Crabblesnitch's office, Jimmy has his older facial texture from the first screenshots.
  • The locker doors and entrance doors at Bullworth Academy were a lot more bluer in color.
  • The Boys' Dorm recieved some changes:
    • The entire area had a darker and "bluer" atmosphere, contrary to what was seen in the first screenshots. This suggests that this scene was taken in the evening even though some of the characters aren't in their pajamas.
    • The stairway to the infamous cut second floor is present, though the sofa at the end isn't there.
    • Characters like Pedro cannot normally be seen roaming the Boys' Dorm, which suggests that he was actually going to appear as there is an unused model of him in pajamas.
  • The observatory looks darker, implying that the scene was taken at night.
  • At the beginning cutscene for The Big Game, a line said by Earnest is dubbed over before he gets scared by Jimmy. Also, the magazine texture is different and Jimmy wasn't seen holding the mascot's head.
  • The exterior for the Girls' Dorm had no pink curtains from the outside.
  • The cutscene for That Bitch had a slightly different camera angle.
  • A couple of mats can be seen near the corner in the gym.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the cutscene for The Setup did NOT take place on the cut third floor. That can be told by the cracks on the wall that match up exactly near the Art Classroom on the second floor.
  • Halloween decorations can be seen during the cutscene of The Candidate. They only appear before and during Halloween, as they aren't seen in any other missions.
  • The clique leaders can be seen in their winter clothing during Russell In The Hole. It was either a mistake, or students were planned to wear winter outfits during Chapter 2 (as it takes place in the early winter season).
  • The scene where the Jocks chase Jimmy likely takes place during Nice Outfit, as the mascot never appears in freeroam at all. For some reason, the mascot simply just stands there.
  • The cutscene for The Gym Is Burning was shot place in the winter, even though it was likely made for the trailer. Also, Christy and Constantinos are positioned differently and the wrestling team's uniforms have the Bullworth "crest" rather than the "shield" logo.
  • The Movie Tickets cutscene was different. The people in the queue were changed (and were probably positioned wrong) and matched up with the characters Jimmy had to distract from the unused voice clips. The cinema also uses a different texture, matching up with the closed-down one in Bullworth Town, and the kiosk had a (likely breakable) clear glass texture.
  • The scene with Dr. Crabblesnitch telling Jimmy to "keep his nose clean" was actually from an unused alternate take of the Welcome To Bullworth cutscene, which still can be found in the files even though the camera panning only exists.
  • The texture at the bottom of the skateboard was different and had a lightning design rather than a simple stripe on it.

Second Trailer

A second trailer was released on August 22, 2006, and a few differences are present. This time, the game had a finalised release date of October 17, 2006.

  • Some of the Bullworth students still had "crest" symbols on their uniforms rather than "shields".
  • Jimmy's uniform had an unnoticeable red hanging hook at the back.
  • The "shield" on Algernon and Beatrice's Uniform was bigger and more out-of-place.
  • The cutscene for The Diary originally took place during the daytime. The mission was probably supposed to take place during that time rather than at night.
  • The light overlooking the Girls' Dorm had a slightly different design.
  • The beginning cutscene for Chapter 4 was taken in the fall season, and Ted was seen less prominently.
  • The Girls' Dorm had different, and somewhat out-of-place wall decorations.
  • In the cutscene for Preppies' Vandalized, the trophies were present, likely to avoid spoilers and the camera angle changes when Derby talks about his experience about "playing hissy".
  • Jimmy's skateboard now has the final design.
  • The Jealous Johnny cutscene had no snow to be seen, and was probably recorded in Chapter 4 as the construction vehicle isn't there.
  • Jimmy can only set off one toilet at once in the final game, compared to three. It was likely it was created for the trailer.
  • The construction vehicle that can be spotted under the tunnel leading to New Coventry for the remainder of Chapter 2 is seen in the cutscene for The Tenements.
  • The blue vehicle wreckage seen near the Auto Shop doesn't have much rust on it.
  • Jimmy can not get the colorisation of the go-kart vehicle in the final game.
  • The camera angle doesn't change when Melvin offers Jimmy to get back his character sheets in the cutscene for Character Sheets.

Third and Fourth Trailer

The third trailer was released on September 19, 2006 and now includes the ESRB T age rating. Unlike the last two trailers, a lot less differences are present.

  • The entire trailer revolves around a cutscene, likely and specifically designed for the trailer.
  • The Nerds and Preps lining up to play Dodge-ball were positioned in a slightly-different manner.
    • in the lineup, Algernon acted like he was hit in the crotch, but he never does it in the final game.
  • Jimmy wasn't seen standing in the cutscene a Bully tries to prevent Bucky from getting his character sheets, in the mission of the same name.
  • The camera position is different when Jimmy walks over to the table to sit in English class.
  • The cutscene from Discreet Deliveries can be seen when the Chemistry Class teacher is highlighted in the trailer. Also, he doesn't wear any gloves.
  • The camera angle is different when Dr. Slawter describes about the two sides of biology for the Weed Killer cutscene. The Biology class isn't even featured in the original PlayStation 2 version of the game.
  • The Wrong Part of Town cutscene where Jimmy finds Algernon in New Coventry wasn't shot in the winter.

Fourth Trailer

The fourth trailer was released on October 13, 2006. Even though the game already went gold on September 27, 2006, some differences in the trailer are still present:

  • In Jimmy's dormitory room, the room trophy of the Lola and Gord photo (obtained from completing Jealous Johnny) and the save journal is present. None of these (not even the latter) are seen before the second cutscene of Welcome to Bullworth.
  • The cutscene for where Pete introduces himself is taken at a slightly different angle.
  • Pumpkins are never ever seen on the Bullworth Academy Grounds, before and after the Halloween mission is completed.
  • There are some weirdly-textured notes seen on the lockers from the view of the Infirmary.
  • Halloween decorations were not present during the cutscene for The Candidate.
  • Like the second trailer, the cutscene for Preppies Vandalized had no trophies present.
  • The end of the trailer features an excerpt from the unused car introduction scene, when Jimmy's parents drop him off at the Academy gates.

Holiday Special Trailer

Months after the game was released, Rockstar Games released a "Holiday Special" video on December 13, 2006. This video contains various differences, despite being released after the third and fourth trailers.

  • Nurse McRae can be seen roaming during the Christmas Is Here cutscene.
  • The Christmas present Jimmy gets is positioned differently.
  • The Prefect seen during winter detention is in a slightly different place.
  • The Chapter 4 introduction cutscene is seen again, this time in the winter. Also, Pete's lips don't move when he says "You're a jerk!".
  • A cutscene from The Collector can be seen, and was originally intended to take place in Chapter 3 unlike other cutscene excerpts. It would later be reworked for Scholarship Edition, and would take place in Chapter 5.
  • The cutscene from the deleted mission known as The Paddle is seen when Gary comes in and saying "Ah, young love, it's such a beautiful thing." while one of the Prefects (likely Seth) can be heard in the background.
    • Near the end of the trailer, Gary can be seen on a table going "Oooh, spank me!" whilst he mimicks what sex would be like. It could be another reason why The Paddle was completely removed and wasn't brought back in Scholarship Edition.



On September 1, 2006, Bully was renamed in Europe and Australia to Canis Canem Edit. It was not known why Rockstar explicitly stated the change, but it was possible that it was connected to the lawsuit.


Electronic Press Kit

Sota Yuyuama

Sota Yuyama was a motion-capture animator that worked on Bully's development. His videos are quite interesting, because they contain earlier versions of existing characters.

Andrew Wood

Andrew wood worked on the environmental design for Bully. His website has earlier, darker variations of existing buildings in Bullworth and even a cut Nerd Battlewagon!

Jared Fry


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