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A quick upload in case I don't get back to it. Sorry for the messiness. Feel free to make a page if it's not made yet. (PS. The wiki made it more of a mess, so for now to see it properly, hit the edit(view) source button.

All of the unused characters uses a dummy portrait. In order: All of the other 92 characters Tublululu Dirk (not unused, just listing everyone after Tublululu(lulululu)) 1The One King -[none]-[none]-ect. 1Valfred (has a blank text box when joining the party, which is more than every other unused character(and Dirk/Marica?)) It's because you're so stubborn.-Didn't I tell you? Meaningless %You have my gratitude.*How...can this be...? -Your efforts are meaningless.-Is that the best you can do? 1Fergus &That outcome was predetermined.-Understand our principals now? %I offer my gratitude*I...never would have thought... Time to bring this to a close.-Ridiculous! How can this be?! 1Canon &You've caused enough trouble-You're time has run out. %Thank you.*Impossible... You're hardly worth the fight.-I'm about to get angry here. 1Macoute &OnE W-W-w-WORld...-ONe F-f-FuTuRE! %Ugh...-Gi-gi-giyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • Hee Hee Hee Hee!!!-Heh...heh ha hah!!!

1Beardsley &That victory was predetermined.-Only fools stand against the truth! -Thanks for the support!-So my determined fate.

  • Victory is predetermined!-The Order will never back down!

0Danash VIII :-) 0Shairah :-) 0Rizwan :-) Recognized as female 0Kurevahh :-) Cogar (same as Dirk) 2Low-Kwan :-) Recognised as a scribe by other scribe members Nameless Hero :-) Freezes when trying to load the 3D model Atrie-Sure, I'll go along too. (The join party text, which as far as I know, he is always locked in the party when available and therefore can't be selected to join the party.) Marica?(Recognized as female by Icas and Maybelle, who shouldn't be able to be on the party at the same time.)

Example name :-)=means no text -victory text1-Victory text2 -Healing text-KO text -preemptive attack/critical attack text-surprise attack text/failed escape text Meny of the text is used, but not all of them. It's just easier to get them all up and filter through them afterwards. (Then again, I typed them all out so meh)

0=Everything 1=1-H Sword/Chronicle/Staff/Bow/Mace/Club = Shield = Regular Armor/Heavy Armor 2=11-H Sword/Staff/Bow/Club = Shield & Weapon =Heavy Armor

Chronicle/Element: None/Range: L When equipped, the user gets stuck in a T shape, the book is stuck through their hand, attacks by twitching towards the target, disappears like a monster when ko'd, only reapears when ko'd a second time, and doesn't say their ko line when ko'd. None of the main 93 characters are able to equip them ether. Also the icon goes unused too. Noble Steel-30Atk The Chronicle of Noble Steel. Resonant Horror-31Atk The Chronicle of Resonant Horror. True Chronicle-32Atk The Chronicle of this world, the True Chronicle. -Mace- Flute-For Cooperative Attack only. Not a weapon on its own. Yod's Right Arm- For Yod only. Not a weapon on its own. Yod's Left Arm- For Yod only. Not a weapon on its own. Broom-A clone of the staff with no description

-Footwear- Stiletto Heels- Becoming shoes for the adult woman. -Auxiliary- Angel Smile- Proof of victory in a girls' beatuy contest. Bewitch Charms- Proof of victory in a women's beauty contest. Princely Gaze- Proof of victory in a men's handsome contest.

Key items Window set 1 (2,3,4, and 5 too) Window frame materials for Tongatihi