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User:West/Bugs:Perfect Dark (Nintendo 64, Xbox 360)

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This page details bugs of West.

Combat Simulator Warehouse Save Corruption and Freezing


Challenge 7 with Three Players Freeze


Combat Boost Combat Simulator Freeze


Slayer Fly-by-wire Screen Freeze

Occasionally fly-by-wire missiles will hang the game upon detonation. The cause is unknown.

Device Training: Night Vision

A scripting oversight, press B to try to activate the light switch in another Device Training mission. Then in the Night Vision training, simply wearing the Night Vision is enough to finish the mission since the state of the light switch was kept.

Device Training: Disguise

More of an oversight, the Disguise does not change your first-person model. [not sure if I should include this, it vaguely presumes intent]

Simulant AI Bugs

  • Occasionally a Simulant will simply fade away if it can't do a death animation, usually if shot into a wall or corner. [I don't know if this is a glitch much as it is error-trapping]

dataDyne: Defection Clipping Bug

If you shoot out the guardrail near the lifts on the ground floor, then speed-strafe at the glass wall above the lobby's entrance, you will occasionally clip through the glass above the door and fall outside, often past the collision boundaries of the road and outside of the level to your death. You cannot return once you exit since the door is locked.

Interchangeable Ammunition Bug


Combat Simulator Music Change Bugs

  • An oversight in programming can lead to music lasting only a second before changing to the next track. This bug seems to crop up at the beginning of matches.
  • If the music track changes at the very last split-second of the match, the new music will play on the results screen instead of the results music.

Air Force One Music Bug

Occasionally, the music won't play when starting or restarting the Air Force One mission and quickly pressing a button to skip the intro. Pausing and unpausing will restart the music.

Solo AI Bugs

Dramatic Death / Somersault Bug

This bug in enemy AI (which involves a guard standing up and dying again after being knocked out) has been passed around but nobody can seem to understand how the bug works. The bug works like this: For the "somersault" trick, you must headshot the guard after you've knocked him out, but before his falling animation completes fully. The timeframe on this is very tight, so many weapons cannot pull it off; the Falcon 2, the Magnum, and the Tranquilizer are all weapons that can since those are the only guns that have weapon modes that can both knock out the enemy and kill. If you accomplish it, the guard will mysteriously rise to his feet and play a different death animation (hence "somersault"). This can also rarely be done after

There is a variant to this bug. You can knock out a guard instantly from behind, and instead nonfatally shoot them in the arm or something. They will stand back up, but remain immobile until knocked out again or killed. This works only because guard health doesn't lower when you instantly knock them out, whereas punching them out the normal way does.

Both versions also work on allied characters, who will exhibit identical behavior - how the variant works is a bit unknown, but sometimes guards can instantly knock out some NPCs with full health.

Other notes:

  • Sometimes certain scripts (such as the Light Switch in dataDyne: Defection) can reactivate the variant trick's frozen guards.
  • If the variant trick is done to a guard in a chair, the guard will still die in one shot and act as if they're still in the chair. This is because shooting a guard in a chair is a one-hit-kill. See also Psychosis Gun Bugs.
  • Allied AI such as Elvis will still consider the variant trick's frozen guards as alive and will still try to kill them.

Guards in Chairs

Guards that sit in chairs that are alerted by sound will die in one hit; apparently the flag that indicates they are sitting is not reset when they are alerted in this fashion. The best place to see this is in dataDyne Investigation with the two guards in chairs immediately to your right from the start, though it can also happen very rarely in in dataDyne: Defection.

Guards Wait For Inactive Lifts

AI Bug; occasionally a guard will attempt to use or activate an inactive lift. In this case they will be stuck in their "waiting for lift" state, where they stand unresponsive and will spin in place when you approach them at point-blank range. This can happen even in areas such as the left hangar elevator in Area 51: Investigation, which never opens. Guards can shake free of this, however.

Out of Bounds / Sequence Break List

These typically require tricking guards to open normally-locked doors you aren't intended to access. There are three common door types: openable doors, partially-locked doors (guards can open them), and fully-locked doors (nobody can open them). To make it easier, the Cloaking Device and Infinite Ammo cheats are recommended.

dataDyne: Investigation

Guards can open the passworded door, but all this does is save some time, and this generally isn't worth the effort (but it might be useful in a speed run).

If you fail the mission somehow and go to the Dr. Carroll room, guards can also open that door (which is normally locked), but there's nothing interesting in there.

dataDyne: Extraction Base Floor Doors

If you make it to the upper floors within a short amount of time (under 1:00), an extra guard will be on the next floor carrying a "Cassandra's Office Key Card". Playing on Special Agent might make obtaining this easier. When you receive this card, normally you can then open Cassandra's Office to get a grenade. However, for some strange reason, this key card also opens all the doors on the ground floor, including a room used for storage of the outro actors (who are invincible) and the front doors. If you've viewed the Cassandra cutscene on the top floor, she will also be in the storage room. If you walk a certain distance outside (past the road texture for the most part), you will fall "out of the background" (the background being the level geometry) and die. You can also push Dr. Carroll out of the level and he will also die. Strangely, there are two ammunition boxes with a rocket each in the actor storage room. Presumably either entering here was intentional and a joke, or this room was intended to be entered but unfinished.


Guards can prematurely open the door leading into the basement, but you cannot finish the map until all objectives are finished (the shock trooper guard that drops the door key is missing and doesn't spawn until the other objectives are done), and there's nothing interesting you can do down here to break the map nor objectives, making this effectively pointless (but a sequence break nonetheless).

Area 51: Investigation

This involves dragging a guard over to the first hangar near the end of the level and having him open the locked door on the lower level. Inside is the opening area to Rescue, but a lack of lifts mean you won't be able to access the later parts of the map. The Jonathan actor from the end cutscene is stored here; you can shoot his Magnum to disarm him and take it. The exit door can then be opened by another guard following you; if you've completed the rest of the level, Jonathan will fire nothing to kill the guard in the outro [might be a nested bug].

Area 51: Rescue

Another guard-openable door, this time the hidden door near the cryo labs. [todo]

Area 51: Escape

At the end of the level if you decide to escape instead of Jonathan (by standing on the ramp to the hangar door consoles), you can have a guard unlock and access the neighboring Lab to the one that you started the mission in. Inside are various props used during the mission and cutscenes; for example, the healed version of Elvis will be stored in here until you revive him during the mission. The Elvis hoverbed will be relocated here, conversely, after he is revived, and you can take it with you outside the premises and into the outro. There is also a hovercrate here, unusual since this prop does not appear during the mission on any difficulty.

Odds and Ends I'm Not Sure Count As Bugs

  • If an Air Base guard manages to survive the dataDyne guards that spawn during the insurrection, he will still turn on you and attempt to fight you, but doesn't seem to count as a "neutral" party anymore. This seems more a causality of their scripted nature to become angry and hostile when you draw a gun/gunfire before the takeover.
  • If you cloak for awhile after encountering the NSA guys (the "You shouldn't have come here, girl!" and "Secure the perimeter!" guys) in Air Base before you put down the Suitcase, they will become friendly to you until the suitcase/takeover event.
    • You don't even need to cloak. You can simply run from both of them as far away as the game allows you (without failing the mission I guess) and they'll still turn friendly as soon as they see you again even though they were still chasing you.
  • Occasionally when reloading a Mauler on its "charge-up shot" mode and then pausing after, an extraneous, unmodulated version of the charge-up sound will play.
  • During a prolonged occasion in dataDyne: Investigation which involved shooting out all the lights in the level, one of the alarm-spawned guards inexplicably became friendly (with blue reticule). I didn't have the Psychosis Gun Cheat, and I hadn't otherwise disarmed nor damaged him. This occurred at the end of the level after I had alerted and ignored a bunch of guards. I recall this happening several times when I'd alerted all the guards on the entire map back when I played on an actual console, might be an AI Bug or "Feature" to clear out excessive amounts of guards.
  • Air Force One mission strangeness:
    • If you pop into the presidential suite for only a split-second, sometimes the president will call for security and you'll fail the mission instead of going through his usual "Who are you, young lady?".
    • This level has all sorts of strangeness when playing on Counter-operative. Because the Cyclones are obtained using the "pull a gun" AI routine, a counter-operative will spawn with no weapon and the first half of the mission is quite silly.
    • The galley staff are flat-out killable without failing the mission for some reason.
    • If a Counter-operative is still an Air Force One guard when the takeover event begins, the fellow Air Force One guards will turn on him, which probably makes sense from a gameplay perspective, but not from a plot perspective.
  • In Solo, having Invincibility + Jo Shield cheats makes your shield invulnerable as well. In cooperative/counter-operative with the same cheat combination, the Player 1 Shield acts very strangely, randomly ignoring damage and taking full damage on other hits. Even if the shield runs out, the character will still be invulnerable.
  • Simulant AI freeze: I've noticed this happen sometimes in some game modes like "Pop A Cap" or "Hold The Briefcase" if you and your allies have a particularly good staging area. The opponent Simulants will just stop moving, period. This might actually be deliberate.