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User:West/Bugs:Shin Megami Tensei (SNES)

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This page details bugs of West.

There is a 1.0 and a 1.1 bugfix version of SMT1 [and I'm using 1.0 as a benchmark here. Someday I need to go through and see which of these bugs work in 1.1. Also realize this is about the raw Japanese game; the fan-translation has its own set of bugs and other crap that shouldn't be added here.].

Magnetite Overflow / Unlimited Money

There seems to be a bug in the cap amount for Magnetite. If you gather 99999 MAG (the maximum amount), then earn any more magnetite, a strange overflow will occur, and the MAG will still go over 100,000, but it will do strange things with your money.

What happens is that the game tries to simply write your current MAG as 99999 when you get any more than that, but it writes 1869F (99999) to the wrong memory addresses 7E0405, 7E0406 and 7E0407, when the correct addresses for Magnetite are 7E0409, 7E040A, and 7E040B. The incorrect addresses are the standard addresses that store money, so in most circumstances your money will reset to 99999. As a side note, the money modifier is absurdly huge (four bytes are reserved instead of three, which means the maximum true amount of money you could ever hold is 4,294,967,295 when the maximum capped amount is 999,999).

[I still need to find out what causes the overflow to give you a ridiculous amount of money if it wasn't just something screwing up on my end. Seems it should be writing to 7E0408 for but in tests at the beginning of the game it just gives me 99999 yen when it was overflowing previously. might be the emulator I'm using, I don't know. need to test this later in the game when I can get over 255 MAG.]

Yen Conversion Bug

Your money is supposed to convert over to useless pre-war Yen (represented as items) at a certain event after you reach Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo, but if you have too many items, the game cannot convert your Yen into more pre-war money, and will simply stop deducting it from your total instead of dumping it to 0. This gives you the remaining yen as Macca. This is more effective than reselling the Yen items to the crazy old man in Shinjuku, especially if you plan ahead and fill most of your inventory with junk equipment and the like.

Chaos Hero Skip in Ikebukuro


Shop Item "Black Market" Bug