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User:ZeroTheEro/Proto:Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom/Stage Differences

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In the earliest version of the demo, Cirno uses Freeze Sign "Freeze Actress" as her Hard and Lunatic midboss spellcard. However, it is replaced by Frost Sign "Frost Columns" by v.0.05 of the demo until the final release.

The cyan bullets Letty fires during her Cold Sign "Lingering Cold" spellcard were green in the early demos. This change is possibly to make her bullets match her theme. It is completely absent from the Trial Plus demo.

Trial Plus Final
Th07triallettylingeringcold.png Th07retaillettylingeringcold.png


Chen does not fire circle bullet rings to complement her triangle volleys on her midboss non-spell and boss non-spell attacks in the later demos.

Trial Plus Final
Th07trialchennonspell.png Th07retailchennonspell.png


Puppeteer Sign "Marionette Parrar" was Alice's midboss card on Easy and Normal difficulties during her second encounter in the earliest demo, before replaced by Puppeteer Sign "Manipulate Puppet". By the last demo before final version, she does not have any midboss cards for Easy and Normal difficulties, she only has Puppeteer Sign "Maiden's Bunraku" for Hard and Lunatic difficulties.

Instead of the brief non-spell pattern before Alice's Scarlet Sign "Red Haired Dutch Dolls" spellcard, the non-spell of the said card in the early demos last longer with a different pattern, and the spellcard's patterns are much more denser and has a shorter life than the final's full bar.