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Welcome to TCRF!

Hello! Welcome to TCRF! As one of the few resident Japanese translators here, I'm happy to see another person who can do some translations, since I've been far too busy lately to do the amount of translations I used to be able to.

Please consider joining our IRC channel if you'd like to chat with us. Please also feel free to ask either myself, or GlitterBerri if you have any questions about a Japanese translation, or the wiki itself.

My Japanese ability definitely improved a lot by doing translations for the wiki. Doing translations like this a really good way to hone one's skills, so please feel free to tackle anything you think you can do. Aim high!  :)

Bast (talk) 05:38, 3 March 2017 (EST)

Thanks very much! Hopefully I see some benefits from translating, but regardless it's just a fun thing to do! Just checked and saw your corrections on the Ni no Kuni page, thanks for that! Those were some informative changes, and I just saw another instance of 用 being translated as "For" on the OoT3D page, which is definitely a nice succinct way to say it. I love learning stuff like that!