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I was recently blocked due to my editing apparently being nightmares and being said I act constantly Weird, I contacted an owner and told them the reason I am. But, I am currently reviewing my mistakes to find out if I really screwed up some edits. As Such, you could ask stuff, but I am blocked, so I can never fix my errors and turn things around, so anything about editing can be forgotten about. I was blocked infinitely as of March 20th, 2021. Here is a link to the block so you know what exactly happened: https://tcrf.net/Special:BlockList?wpTarget=GauntAthlete910&limit=50&wpFormIdentifier=blocklist Update: I have been just sitting around working on editing things, and I am pretty sure I finally understand my errors. Although I am still permanently banned, I wanted everyone to know I learned from before. I also doubt I will ever get a second chance anyway, considering how bad my errors in all my edits were. I also am now using Grammarly to prevent accidental mistakes.