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Monomi, Shirokuma and Kurokuma's Sprites

I noticed you added a To-Do mentioning: "Monomi, Shirokuma and Kurokuma's sprites are still in the game from when they were used as placeholders in the first trailer.". Do you have any idea where these are stored or any source to them being there. I'm curious as I am yet to see any signs of those sprites in the games files. --ElyosOfTheAbyss (talk) 01:25, 25 October 2017 (EDT)

I only put it there because Danganronpa Wiki said so. It could be wrong. Rjd1922 (talk) 22:28, 25 October 2017 (EDT)
I've been doing a bunch of digging through the game data, and so far I've found nothing to support the wiki's claim. However, there are still a couple interesting things related to Kurokuma and Shirokuma. The casino minigame "Outlaw Run" is actually called "Towa Run" in the game's files, and the sprites for Monokid and Monodam are named "Kurokuma" and "Shirokuma" respectively. Considering how the minigame still heavily references Danganronpa: Another Episode, I'm not sure why they decided to change Kurokuma and Shirokuma's sprites into the Monokubs. --Captain Swag (talk) 14:07, 27 October 2017 (EDT)
Hey again, I noticed you added the Monomi, Shirokuma, and Kurokuma sprites onto the Vita v3 page now. Could you provide proof that these exist and the location of them in the files? Thanks. --ElyosOfTheAbyss (talk) 09:24, 6 August 2018 (EDT)
When I added a "citation needed" tag to the Danganronpa Wiki page, I got a response on my message wall (see the second page) linking me to the now-removed Vita version asset dump that contained them. Rjd1922 (talk) 17:44, 6 August 2018 (EDT)

Sonic Advance

I'm curious if you played around in multiplayer for a bit, because I do recall some of the alleged unused tunes being used there. --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 01:10, 10 February 2016 (EST)

I haven't played the multiplayer and I gave away this game along with by GBA years ago. So sorry, I can't help with that. Rjd1922 (talk) 21:23, 11 February 2016 (EST)

File Uploads

Please remember to put the game title in each file name, and tag all of your files accordingly. -Ehm (talk) 17:18, 12 March 2017 (EDT)

Your recent uploads are still missing the game title in their file names. -Ehm (talk) 22:23, 18 March 2017 (EDT)


We prefer using not using macrons for Japanese long vowels, partially because it's easier to type when your keyboard any AltGr or equivalent modifier keys. --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 17:21, 1 June 2017 (EDT)

Plaftorm Titles

I noticed in your recent page moves that "other pages have name for console in region the game is released in". I wonder where this has been done on this particular wiki? Because games should have the North American console name in the title, if that console was released in North America. If the console wasn't, we then whatever its native name was. --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 20:28, 3 August 2017 (EDT)

I saw it with games like Pachi Com (Famicom) and Roger Rabbit (Famicom), which were only released in Japan on the Famicom, not on its International countepart, the NES. Rjd1922 (talk) 01:03, 4 August 2017 (EDT)
Just realized those are redirects, so you could revert them if you want. Rjd1922 (talk) 01:08, 4 August 2017 (EDT)
To be honest, we want all the games to be under the same platform name. Creating redirects is fine, but for the articles, always use NES and SNES both for the article title and the Bob. --From: divingkataetheweirdo (talk) 14:49, 14 October 2017 (EDT)


When using a template, if the text contains an equals sign, the wiki software assumes it's a named parameter, so to make it appear properly, you have to put 1= at the start of the text. MainMemory (talk) 18:11, 2 May 2018 (EDT)

Thank you! This has been bugging me for a while. Rjd1922 (talk) 18:14, 2 May 2018 (EDT)