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Valkyrie Profile

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Title Screen

Valkyrie Profile

Developer: tri-Ace
Publisher: Enix
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: December 22, 1999
Released in US: August 29, 2000

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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In your typical JRPGs, your mission is to stop the end of the world. In Valkyrie Profile, it's your duty to prepare for it.

Debug Room

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In typical PS1 JRPG fashion, this is a big, big menu that needs a lot of documenting.

With the Japanese version of the game, enter the GameShark codes D002B698 0104 + 801F61F4 0000. Just before you head into the game after continuing or starting a new game, press and hold Select and L1. If done correctly, the player will be in the debug room.

While it seems like a duplicate of Camille Village at first, you can find the main debug menu by first going to the center for an invisible ladder, then head to the left of said ladder.

(Source: Aryuze RV)

Debug Text

Throughout the game, the tty debug console displays "Field Start" on some scene transitions. This is not visible to the user.

Field Start

Regional Differences

Gameplay Changes

The North American version features numerous improvements over the original Japanese release.

  • You can now sort items in menu.
  • You can change the equipment of all of your Einherjar, unlike the Japanese version, where only the four members in your active party were applicable.
  • In the Japanese version, Lenneth's skills will all be unequipped when she changes weapons. Not only does this cause a hassle, but this adds fake difficulty to certain events where you're forced to change your weapons before engaging the fight. This was fixed in the English version by making it "remember" the skill set for each weapon.
  • There was a bug in the original version that had prevented enemies capable of casting Great Magic, making some later-game boss fights rather pushovers. This was fixed in the North American release so that the bosses are as hard as they're intended to be.

Graphical Changes

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  • The pentagram was removed in Lezard Valeth's teleportation spell.
  • Badrach's cigarette was edited out completely. This also alters his PWS. In the Japanese version, it involved him dropping ash from his cigarette around the enemy, then setting it on fire by throwing the stub. In the North American version, he drops gunpowder around the enemy instead, then ignites it with his gun.

Unused Items

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Section under construction. Also rip graphics.

Two of the Legendary Treasures, the Sylvan Bow and the Holy Spear Gungnir, were planned and coded at some point of the development of the game. They can only be accessed via GameShark codes.

  • Sylvan Bow - "A Bow once owned by a Light Elf King". Enables all three attacks; Attack Thrust=1 ; Hit Thrust = 50
  • Holy Spear "Gungnir" - "Missing number", No parameter.

Sound Test

To do:
I don't know how to type Japanese letters into my keyboard, yet alone translate them, and can only provide screenshots of the hidden tracks' names in the Japanese version. If anyone is interested in those just tell me where to upload them, as it doesn't feel right to dump them here.

As with Star Ocean and Tales of Phantasia on the SNES, Valkyrie Profile also features a sound test menu - however not all tracks can be played by it due to the menu wrapping from track 61 to track 1 again. The game only checks to wrap the index at specific ranges and specific inputs on the D-Pad, meaning that one can set the currently selected track index to a number beyond 61 through a cheat (100 should be enough), then deactivate said cheat again, and just use Left on the D-Pad to iterate reversely through the track list. Pressing Right once will wrap the index back to 0 (displayed as 1).

Alternatively, one can use the GameShark code 3005DD56 00xx in the Japanese version and 3005DEEA 00xx in the North American version to play any of the tracks by substituting xx for the hexadecimal index from the table below:

Title Hexadecimal index Decimal index Comment
To the last drop of my blood 0x3D 61
Jesting truth (a.k.a. "The nonsense of reality") 0x3E 62
"The first unison" 0x3F 63
Break down 0x40 64 Hardlocks the game immediately.
The never-ending cycle of reincarnation 0x41 65
The true nature of all 0x42 66 Game does not play any other tracks after this one has been selected, and hardlocks after trying to leave the menu.
To be happy 0x43 67 Game hardlocks after 13 seconds of playing silence.
Mission to deep space 0x44 68
The incarnation of the devil 0x45 69 Causes the spectrum analyzer to glitch out, and hardlocks the game after trying to leave the menu.
Mighty blow 0x46 70
The climax of the tower 0x47 71
Shiver 0x48 72 Hardlocks the game immediately.
Beast of prey 0x49 73
Wistful desire 0x4A 74
<Empty> 0x4B 74 Game hardlocks after 13 seconds of playing silence.

All tracks that have not been specifically marked as unplayable are played correctly. The behavior for each track appears to be the same for both versions - the way the spectrum analyzer glitches out at track 69 is slightly different in each version, but that's about it.

Interestingly enough, of the 61 visible tracks, 42 have been given fully Japanese names in the Japanese version, whereas of the 14 additional tracks, only three have been given Japanese names (index 62 "Jesting truth", 67 "To be happy", and 74 "Wistful desire"). There's also four name changes of tracks with English names from the Japanese to the North American version:

  • 0x11 / 17: "An inscription on a tombstone" => "Inscription on a tombstone"
  • 0x41 / 65: "The neverending cycle of reincarnation" => "The never-ending cycle of reincarnation"
  • 0x44 / 68: "Mission to the deep space" => "Mission to deep space"
  • 0x45 / 69: "The incarnation of devil" => "The incarnation of the devil"

What's interesting is that while there have been a couple of changes in the North American release on a code level, no one bothered to fix the sound test, especially since the first three hidden tracks play just fine.

The tests have been conducted with Mednafen on Linux.