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WCW World Championship Wrestling

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Title Screen

WCW World Championship Wrestling

Also known as: Super Star Pro Wrestling (JP)
Developer: Nichibutsu
Publishers: Pony Canyon (JP), FCI (US)
Platform: NES
Released in JP: December 9, 1989
Released in US: April 1990

RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Originally a run-of-the-mill puroresu game (without a promotion license) in Japan, WCW World Championship Wrestling was the promotion's very first video game and their only one prior to leaving the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in 1993.

Regional Differences

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Japanese title screen.

To fit the American version's tie-in with WCW, all wrestlers were updated accordingly. The Road Warriors (aka the Legion of Doom) were in both games, but only Animal used the exact character slot. In addition, as WCW did not have their own super-giant wrestler at the time (The Giant, better known in WWE as Big Show, didn't debut until 1995), the final boss, based on André the Giant, was given his Giant Machine mask and called simply "WCW Master". (André did appear in a WCW event at Clash of Champions XX, but it was two years after this game was released and even then he didn't actually wrestle in said show.)

Japan US
A. Inochi (Antonio Inoki) Lex Luger
G. Abbo (Giant Baba) Ric Flair
J. Tsuruma (Jumbo Tsuruta) Mike Rotunda
G. Genryu (Genichiro Tenryu) Kevin Sullivan
R. Chashu (Riki Choshu) Sting
A. Maida (Akira Maeda) Rick Steiner
B. Brocky (Bruiser Brody) Ricky Steamboat
S. Harrison (Stan Hansen) Road Warrior Hawk
A. Walker (Road Warrior Animal) Road Warrior Animal
H. Wally (Road Warrior Hawk) Michael P.S. Hayes
B. Vatter (Big Van Vader) "Dr. Death" Steve Williams
A. Buchan (Abdullah the Butcher) Eddie Gilbert
A. Aiant (André the Giant) WCW Master

Note that the move sets were not changed in the US version, so almost none of the WCW wrestlers have their proper move sets with the exceptions of Animal and Sting (the latter due to using the slot of Riki Choshu, the inventor of the Scorpion Deathlock).