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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4/Pre-release images

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This is a sub-page of Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4.

Many pre-release screenshots and mockups can be found within the game's "TEST" folder, most of them had differences with the final game.

Texture Name Image Description
TEST_BUNSHIN00 Wangan Midnight MT4-TEST BUNSHIN00.png A very early screenshot of the rival select for the Online Ghost Battle mode, all elements were taken from WMMT3.
B021_1 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 1.png Early time of day select.
B021_2 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 2.png Early tuning screen.
B021_3 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 3.png Early mockup screenshot of a start of a Time Attack gameplay.
B021_4 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 4.png Early mockup screenshot showing the base race UI.
B021_5_1 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 5 1.png Early mockup screenshot showing a Story Mode gameplay.
B021_5_2 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 5 2.png Early mockup screenshot showing the end of a Story Mode gameplay.
B021_5_3 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 5 3.png Early mockup screenshot showing a Venue Crown Ghost Battle gameplay.
B021_5_5 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 5 5.png Early mockup screenshot showing a Time Attack gameplay.
B021_5_6 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 5 6.png Early mockup screenshot showing the end of a Time Attack gameplay.
B021_5_7 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 5 7.png Early mockup screenshot showing a Local Versus gameplay. Venue ghost crown was shown for unknown reasons.
B021_8 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 8.png Mockup screenshot for going the wrong way.
B021_8_1 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 8 1.png Mockup screenshot showing the retire counter.
B021_9 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 9.png Early rank-up screen.
B021_10_1 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 10 1.png Early single title acquire screen.
B021_10_2 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 10 2.png Early double title acquire screen.
B021_10_3 Wangan Midnight MT4-B021 10 3.png Early triple title acquire screen.
B021_11 B021 11.png Early title change screen.
B021_12 B021 12.png Early title update screen.
B021_13 B021 13.png Early special title acquire screen.
B021_14 B021 14.png Early special title change screen.
B021_15 B021 15.png Early special title update screen.
B051_15 B051 15.png Early mode select. Has missing text for its description, ghost mode icon still uses WMMT3's design.
B071_2_1 Wangan Midnight MT4-B071 2 1.png Early Japan Challenge prefecture select.
B071_2_2 Wangan Midnight MT4-B071 2 2.png Early Japan Challenge rival select.
B081_1 B081 1.png Early Time Attack mode course select.
B081_5_A0 B081 5 A0.png Early Time Attack result screen showing the player getting top 10 in national best times.
B081_5_A1 B081 5 A1.png Early Time Attack result screen showing the player getting their personal best.
B081_5_A2 B081 5 A2.png Early Time Attack result screen.
B081_5_B0 B081 5 B0.png Early Time Attack result screen (Long course) showing the player getting top 10 in national best times.
B081_5_B1 B081 5 B1.png Early Time Attack result screen (Long course) showing the player getting their personal best.
B081_5_B2 B081 5 B2.png Early Time Attack result screen for long courses.
B091_2 B091 2.png Early Versus Mode course select.
B091_3 B091 3.png Early Versus Mode course select while waiting for the rest of the players to select their course.
B091_5 B091 5.png Early Versus Mode time of day select.
B091_8 B091 8.png Early Versus Mode VS stars screen.
B091_9 Wangan Midnight MT4-B091 9.png Early "Please Wait" Screen.
B111_1_1 Wangan Midnight MT4-B111 1 1.png Early mileage screen. Interesting to note is that the bottom message says the card needs to be renewed on next play, which suggests that the game still uses the magnetic cards for save data, instead of a cloud based saving.
B111_2_1 Wangan Midnight MT4-B111 2 1.png Early continue screen which looks similar to the final build.
B111_3 Wangan Midnight MT4-B111 3.png Card Eject screen which isn't present on the final build since it no longer uses magnetic cards.
B111_5 Wangan Midnight MT4-B111 5.png Early game over screen.
ITEM_EXH ITEM EXH.png Story mode tune-up screen 1.
ITEM_MONO ITEM MONO.png Story mode tune-up screen 2.
ITEM_TOW ITEM TOW.png Story mode tune-up screen 3.
MENU_STORY_TUNING02 MENU STORY TUNING02.png Story mode tune-up screen with a different shading on Tomminaga.
MENU_STORY_TUNING03 Wangan Midnight MT4-MENU STORY TUNING03.png Story mode tune-up screen back again with another shading.
MENU_STORY_TUNING04 Wangan Midnight MT4-MENU STORY TUNING04.png Story mode tune-up screen showing two Tominaga(s) with different shading.
RACE_CHARATEST RACE CHARATEST.png A screenshot of a C1 section with glitchy lighting, seems to be in a story mode race but with Time Attack HUD. The HUD seems to be an even earlier version than the ones shown above. Interestingly these HUD designs can be seen on promotional artwork of the cabs but with the Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) screenshot in B021_5̠.