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Wario Land: Shake It!/Unused Enemies

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This is a sub-page of Wario Land: Shake It!.

en_00a (Evil Candy Corn)

These colorful guys are early versions of the common Bandinero enemies seen throughout this game. They slightly resemble onis due to the little wiggly horns on their heads. One interesting difference can be seen in the winged animation. In the final game, Bandineros fly by inflating like balloons, not using wings. Also, the outlines are part of each frame, instead of being separate graphics. Compared to the rest of the graphics in the game, these appear to be pre-rendered cel-shaded models instead of hand-drawn animations.

BRRES Model Files

Also included with the normal graphics is a set of brres models with additional sprites. Originally, these first 6 images show animations would have had 3D animated stars floating around the unconscious sprites. The final sprites show shaking animation and what also looks like an unused slam ability after shaking.

en_06a (Slime)

This is probably the most impressive cut enemy in the game. It has a ton of lively animations, all full of liquidy goodness. It would have been able to ooze in from either the floor or ceiling, fling itself, and change its shape into a block or spike ball.

en_07a (Screen Chargin' Wildebeest)

All of the files for this early enemy are stored in a single giant brres file. It would fit right in with the Africa-themed stages. It has animations for charging in from the background and running down cliff walls. Apparently, Wario could trip it up with his shake move. The design was reused for the Stuffed Wildebeest treasure.

Alternate Wildebeest Palette

Found in the general object folder as en_07a_00, this version has a more vivid palette. The smoke effects are the same as the other version, and the standing frame uses the other palette.

en_10a (Platform Weenie)

While technically not an enemy, this thing, found in the general objects folder, would have likely assisted Wario along certain rail sections.

en_18a (Oyster)

This was clearly an enemy for one of the Subwarine stages. It only has a very few animations, so it is difficult to imagine how it may have looked in action. Two of the "animations" are single frames of some kind of effect.

en_23a (Cactito Bandito)

This somewhat-stereotypical mustachioed cactus would very have likely appeared in one of the desert levels. It has animations for burying underground (leaving the sombrero behind) and disguising itself as a potted cactus. It lacks, however, animations for two important functions: moving and attacking. Unless it got around by flailing and rolling, this guy would have just been a spiky obstacle.

en_26a (Buccanero Stack)

These guys win the prize for biggest enemy. These three Buccaneros would have stacked on top of each other in what surely must be a flawless battle strategy. Not only could Wario have toppled them with a shake move, but it appears the captain could have been isolated. On the ground, the captain would have assaulted Wario with a spinning attack. This enemy group comes right after Buccanero (the pirate enemy) in order, so it is very likely they were meant to appear aboard the Sweet Stuff, perhaps as a sort of mini-boss. Like with the early Bandinero, the outlines are part of each frame and not separate. Compared to the rest of the animations in the game, these have a low frame count and huge canvas sizes. There is also a fair amount of redundant graphics in the files, such as three identical spinning animations.

A very similar concept was used for the second boss battle in Donkey Kong Country Returns.