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Wetrix (Windows)

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Title Screen


Developer: Zed Two
Publisher: Ocean
Platform: Windows
Released in US: January 1999
Released in EU: February 16, 2001

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Wetrix is a puzzle game where you have to place some water and prevent it from leaking past the stage's boundaries.

Unused Graphics

Wetrix pc missionimpossible.png

Inside the file for the sprite graphics is this Mission: Impossible logo, for some reason.

Wetrix pc multiplayer dots.png
Wetrix pc multiplayer sprays.png
Wetrix pc multiplayer flags.png

Graphics for the multiplayer LAN mode, which would've supported up to 7 players at once. It's unclear exactly how these were supposed to be used.

Wetrix pc out.png

This likely would've been used for the multiplayer LAN mode when one of the players lost.

Wetrix pc rubberducky.png

A warning message for...rubber duckies?

Unused Sounds

These files suggest that rubber duckies previously worked similar to the ice cubes, which fall on top of lakes and freezes them. When falling, ice cubes have a voice clip saying "Ice Cube Warning", and if you manage to make one fall on top of dry land you gain an "dry ice bonus", which adds to your score. In the final game though, a rubber duck is achieved by creating a lake that is deep enough, working as a score multiplier.

Note that these audio files, unlike the rest, weren't translated to any other languages and are labeled "SP000" instead of "Sp000".

Unused Messages

    "press space to start",     	// 6
    "i started the game",       	// 8
    "game started by server",        	// 9
    "ready to begin - press fire",      // 13
    "waiting for server to begin play", // 14
    "netmatch",                       	// 37
	"multi-player modes",		// 69
	"multi-player network",		// 72
	"network game setup",		// 73
	"start new game",		// 74
	"join existing game",		// 75
	"choose directplay provider",	// 84
	"player 1 name here",  		// 91
	"player 2 name here",		// 92
	"player 3 name here",		// 93
	"player 4 name here",		// 94
	"player 5 name here",		// 95
	"player 6 name here",		// 96
	"player 7 name here",		// 97
	"left the game",		// 98
	"was knocked out by",		// 99
	"has joined the game",		// 100
	"flags",			// 101
	"of",				// 102
	"is the winner",		// 103
	"waiting for other players...",	// 104
	"waiting for server...",	// 105
	"game on...",			// 106
	"game over...",			// 107
	"launched water attack on",	// 108
	"launched ice attack on",	// 109
	"launched quake attack on",	// 110
	"launched bomb attack on",	// 111
    	"received updated player data", // 112

Messages related to the unimplemented multiplayer LAN mode.

To do:
Are there any other remaining things related to this mode?
	"0123456789abcdef",				// 64

Seems to be a placeholder message.