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Xenoblade Chronicles/Unused Models

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This is a sub-page of Xenoblade Chronicles.

To do:
  • Many pieces of armour have unused texturing on the inside. This doesn't apply to any head or arm armour. (Excluding Mechon Fiora, as her parts are supposed to be interchangeable). Find a way of taking a clear picture of Reyn's, Shulk's, Dunban's, and Sharla's Mechon armour shoulder and leg connectors (just shoulder connectors in the case of Dunban)?
  • Add transparency to these GIFs.
  • There's gotta be a better way to format this than galleries, everything's so tiny!

Reference Models

Reference Model Secrets: Overview

All the main characters have models of them stripped down to underwear with weird materials on them, likely used for reference. Mecha-Fiora's and Riki's reference models are simply the default outfits for the characters, while Melia's is mostly so with only a few parts altered and removed. Fiora's reference model is using her prototype model, and thus is listed in a separate section directly below this one. Mecha-Fiora's reference model has robotic joints, which were altered in the final to look more organic. Also, Sharla has two reference models for some reason: One in full Eryth armour, and one mostly-naked like the others.

To understand why the reference models are unique, first you have to understand that party members in Xenoblade Chronicles are split into seven models: head, torso, arms, legs, feet, high-detail face (for cutscenes), and weapon. (Riki has head, body, wing, and holster parts instead.) These models are stored in individual files and pieced together in-game according to the assigned equipment. The reference models, on the other hand, are single fully-assembled pieces that cannot be broken up and used in the mix-and-match armour system. This is more akin to the three guest characters, who have their whole body as the "head" piece and null models for the other pieces. The reference models could theoretically function in-game if modded to replace one of the character's armour pieces, but they would clip with whatever models make up the rest of the body (unless they are also nulled).

Shulk, Reyn, and Dunban are also "naked" under their clothing. They have no visible parts, but are also fully textured, much like a Barbie doll. They are in the section below.

(Source: Iggy, Robotortoise)

Reference Model Secrets: Shulk


Some folks may be relieved that Shulk's "True Monado" was left out of this model. Personally, I'm just disappointed. Some folks may be relieved that Shulk's "True Monado" was left out of this model. Personally, I'm just disappointed. Some folks may be relieved that Shulk's "True Monado" was left out of this model. Personally, I'm just disappointed. Some folks may be relieved that Shulk's "True Monado" was left out of this model. Personally, I'm just disappointed.

Some reference models have hidden secrets. Shulk, Reyn, and Dunban's reference models hide a fully "naked" (in the Barbie sense, i.e. no privates) version of that character underneath the reference materials. The reference material has been removed for visibility.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Reference Model Secrets: Reyn


He looks like he's built like Zanza the Giant.He looks like he's built like Zanza the Giant.He looks like he's built like Zanza the Giant.He looks like he's built like Zanza the Giant.

Reyn's reference model has a fully "naked" (in the Barbie sense, i.e. no privates) version of Reyn. The reference material has been removed for visibility. The transparent hair is part of the model, and is intentional.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Reference Model Secrets: Dunban


The time (for nudity) is now! The time (for nudity) is now! The time (for nudity) is now! The time (for nudity) is now!

Dunban's reference model hides a fully "naked" (in the Barbie sense, i.e. no privates) Dunban underneath. The reference material has been removed for visibility.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Reference Model Secrets: Sharla


The time (for nudity) is now! The time (for nudity) is now! The time (for nudity) is now!

Sharla's reference model isn't "naked" underneath like Shulk, Dunban, and Reyn are, but her legs 'are' covered up a bit by the reference material. The reference material has been removed so the extra leg geometry can be seen.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Reference Model Secrets: Homs Fiora


"Sometimes, you just gotta get wild." "Sometimes, you just gotta get wild."

It's Fiora in white underwear, and with....twin ponytails? This special hairstyle can be seen in early trailers of Xenoblade.

(Source: Robotortoise)



Well, he certainly LOOKS like a boss.

This big guy is stored as 1082134574.brres. He's called "boss", and doesn't have any animations. While he's mechanical, he doesn't really seem to fit with the Mechon...

(Source: Afti)


This monster, based on the name, is an Orc. He's huge, and is duplicated in the files. He has no animations. His files are 1081086094.brres and 1081086078.brres.

(Source: Squigly Contiello)

Plain Bunnia


1075843614.brres is a variant of the Bunnia enemy wielding no weapon.

(Source: Iggy)

Crab Enemy

1080037390.brres contains this enemy which appears to be a reference model for the game's crab enemies.

(Source: Iggy)

Mechon Carrying a Cylinder


A model containing elements of M32 and M35 units carrying an untextured cylinder can be found at 1074798606.brres.

(Source: Iggy)

Alternate Ghost Sani Telethia


1082150926.brres contains a textureless spirit Sani Telethia with a different feather shape.

(Source: Kayya, Iggy)

Ghost Mass-Produced Face


A spirit version of the Mass-Produced Face can be found at 1075127326.brres. This model is listed on the enemy table for two unused enemies.

(Source: Iggy)

Ghost Offensive/DIARY



At 1074855950.brres is a spirit version of the Offensive/DIARY units that appear in Central Factory. Its textures are stored as one file rather than three like the used Offensive/DIARY unit.

(Source: Iggy)


Textureless Ether Rifle


Found at 251990030.brres is an Ether Rifle without any textures, most likely scrapped very early in development.

(Source: Kayya)

Grey Junk Sword


At 251744542.brres is a grey variant of Shulk's Junk Sword.

(Source: Kayya)

Meyneth's True Monado

Xenoblade Meyneth Monado Weapon.png

While Meyneth's True Monado is used in-game in the cutscene, this variant is stored in the character archive, (where all character weapons are stored) rather than the object archive (which is where all cutscene-exclusive objects are stored). The model is the same as the one used in the cutscene, but the object is named "wp1109" instead of "oj160013" heavily implying this was going to be an actual weapon at one point, rather than being only used in a cutscene. However, "wp1109" isn't listed in the weapon table, meaning this was scrapped as a weapon rather early on.

(Source: Robotortoise)


Melia's Swimwear Top


Melia's swimming top has her stomach modelled out and textured, but it goes unseen in-game because her top covers it. The swimsuit piece was significantly shorter in prerelease material, so perhaps it was visible then.

(Source: Iggy)

Swimming Cap

1618018334.brres (pc071001)

♪ Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! ♪

This is a swimming cap for Melia. It's clearly based on the concept art for her swimwear armour, but ingame the outfit simply leaves her head uncovered. It has no textures that match the swimsuit's alternate colours.

(Source: Toomai, Xenoblade: The Secret File, Xeno Underground (concept art scan))

Mechon Fiora Wearing 'Face Nemesis' helmet



This is a head model of Mechon Fiora wearing her Nemesis helmet. This goes unused as the game layers a separate model of her helmet on top of her head model for cutscenes.

(Source: Iggy)

Mechon Fiora's Connectors

Many of Fiora's Mechonis "armour" (her interchangeable body parts) have connectors to each other, textured and modeled. You can't see them normally because it's not possible to view armour on its own. Additionally, reference model Mechon Fiora's Ether boosters have different connectors to her final Ether boosters.

(Source: Afti, Iggy)

Mechon Armour Connectors

Most of the armour in the Mechon set have fully modelled out and textured connectors to each other, which are impossible to see normally.

(Source: Iggy)

Mechon Mumkhar's Connectors


Half of Mumkhar's leg connectors go unseen ingame.

(Source: Iggy)

Alternate Defense Force Dunban Arms

An alternate variant of Dunban's Defense Force arm armour without the left arm covered can be found at 1614876734.brres. This was likely intended to be used as the appearance of the Corporal Gauntlets that Dunban wears during the Battle of Sword Valley. This alternate variant can be seen in the final game, as Dunban is equipped with it in the photo on his nightstand.

Alternate Final
Xenoblade-DunbanMilitaryArms-alt.png Xenoblade-DunbanMilitaryArms.png
(Source: Iggy)


Meyneth's 'NPC' Face

Without her body or hair, her face looks like a mask!

All cutscenes use a separate face model with more bones and movable eyeballs. Lady Meyneth has a normal 'NPC' face model even though she doesn't appear outside of cutscenes. She also has blinking textures for this face.

(Source: Robotortoise for the rip, Iggy for the discovery)


Located at 10.brres in work.pkb is a knight character named Lambert. He appears to be a testing character. The texture for his face is larger than usual, at 256X256 rather than the 128X128 textures most characters have. He lacks blinking textures. His model is named "pc2". In Xenoblade, "PC" stands for playable character, i.e., a party member. Characters such as Dickson and Mumkhar are named "PC" as well, even though they're not "playable". work.pkb, and as such, Lambert can only be found in the Japanese version of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Many files in both regional variants of Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii also mention Lambert by name if one examines them in a hex editor. It is unknown why this is.

Reyn is character "pc2" (player character 2) in the release version of Xenoblade. It is unknown if Lambert had any connection to Reyn, or was just a testing character.

All of Lambert's animations can be seen in the below video. His animations are located in work.pkb/9.brres.

(Source: Robotortoise, Iggy)

Bald Young Shulk with Brown Eyes

To do:
Compare this Shulk's textures to the regular Young Shulk and upload the comparison.

Now it's wig time!

This odd model, 103813150.brres, is using the same body model as Young Shulk. Except he is balding and has a different face texture, with no blinking textures.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Female Nopon

A cream Nopon in a green dress with a dark green flower is stored at 134299918.brres.

Xenoblade-Noponfemale.png Xenoblade-Noponfemale-sideA.png Xenoblade-Noponfemale-back.png

(Source: Iggy)

High Entia Man

An unused elderly High Entia man carrying a rapier and shield can be found at 100765822.brres.

Xenoblade-ElderlyEntia-Front.png Xenoblade-ElderlyEntia-SideA.png Xenoblade-ElderlyEntia-SideB.png Xenoblade-ElderlyEntia-Back.png

(Source: Iggy)

Meyneth's Legs and Underwear

Meyneth looks pretty toned for being a few thousand years old! ....She must work out.

While not unused per se, a burst of light and some clever camerawork covers up Meyneth's skirt in her cutscene, rendering the underwear and legs hidden. Her underwear and legs can be seen in the Model Viewer in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Shulk's Mother's Visage

To do:
Show Shulk's Mom blinking, or at least her blinking texture. The back of her hair also has texturing, see if we can remove the snow outfit hood.

Her face looks sad, like she knows what her fate is...

Shulk's mother is seen walking with Shulk in the "14 years ago" flashback cutscene, but her face is never shown. If you move the camera during that scene, it's revealed that Shulk's mother was a redhead! She only has one "animation" which is just a single frame of her T-pose. That makes sense, considering all animation data for cutscenes is located inside the .rev file, not inside the .brres (model) file.

Her arms seem to be in a T-pose, as well.

She also has a texture for blinking.

(Source: Kayya)

Cutscene Objects

Ending Cutscene Chest


I wonder if the chest made with real Igna Hide, or if it's composed of faux Flamii?

While this storage chest is used in the ending cutscene, it is never opened. When one examines the model, however, it's revealed that not only does the chest have a movement bone and is separated into pieces to open properly, but it actually has sandwiches inside.

(Source: Robotortoise)

Misc. Objects

Placeholder Billboard



It's a billboard with the kanji for temporary (仮) written on it.

(Source: Iggy)