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Xenoblade Chronicles/ma1602

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This is a sub-page of Xenoblade Chronicles.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

An early version of the Fallen Arm remains in the game's files. This map actually has its own name, that being Hidden Village at the Bottom of the Valley (谷底〜隠里). For the sake of simplicity, this article will refer to it with its internal name: ma1602. Strangely, the .dap and .lod files required to load the map only exist in the international versions while the map's name only exists in the Japanese version. The map itself appears to be unfinished, as it's possible to fall through the map in several places and some areas, such as the hill leading up to the Giant Mechon Debris, have abnormal collision. The Radiocarpea Coast and the area on Digit 2 where Zarkort, Bozatrox, and Theo can be found in the final are not present yet. Map objects, such as the Mechon corpses on Digit 5 Beach, have no collision. Much like the final Fallen Arm, rain can occur on this map. However, while the sky does darken and fog appears, no visible rain appears.

As is commonplace with the unused maps, no NPCs, enemies, or collectibles appear on the map. The Mechonis also is not present, while the Bionis is. Strangely, if this map is accessed after the events of Mechonis Core, the Bionis will not be present. Face Nemesis, Metal Face, and the Mechon corpses use their regular textures, and not the rusted ones they use on the final's Fallen Arm. However, Metal Face's and Face Nemesis' textures have subtle differences from the ones they use elsewhere. Several switch-activated mechanisms, such as the gate at the Rotating Bulkhead, and the climbing wall in the Power Pipe Ruins, continuously loop through their "open" animations, which makes climbing up the wall in the latter area virtually impossible.

It is internally placed between the final's Fallen Arm and Mechonis Field, this coupled with the fact its internal name goes up by 1 rather than 100, it is likely the Hidden Machina Village was intended to be a separate location from the Fallen Arm, and was likely merged with the Fallen Arm due to how small the village is compared to similar areas such as Frontier Village or Alcamoth.

Oddly enough, a screenshot of this map is used for the background of cutscenes taking place on the Fallen Arm in Project X Zone 2.

General Differences

  • The map used for ma1602 is the same one used for the final's Fallen Arm.
  • When viewed from above, the thumb structure between ma1602 and the final Fallen Arm is significantly different. A top-down view comparison of ma1601 and ma1602 can be seen here. Ignore the lack of foliage on the ma1602 render, it's a glitch with BRRESviewer.
  • Several of the trees and Mechon corpses on the lower area of the arm (such as the Digit 5 Beach) float in the air, probably because the coordinates for these decorations are from an even earlier version of the map and had not yet been recalibrated for this map.
  • The transition between the safe and hazardous areas of the sea is more harsh than it is in the final, and the hazardous areas do not deal damage.
  • A very small amount of climbing walls function properly, most of them either have glitchy collision or outright don't work.
  • Most of the platforms that use the grate texture in the final, use a texture that makes them resemble a slab of metal in ma1602.
(Source: Iggy)

Texture Differences

ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-sea1602.png Xenoblade-sea1601.png

The texture for the water is less saturated in the final.

(Source: Iggy)
ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-MachinaLight1602.png Xenoblade-MachinaLight1601.png

The lights in the Hidden Machina Village were redone.

(Source: Iggy)
ma1602 Final

The textures used by Metal Face on ma1602 are more vibrant, and better match his pilot's color scheme.

(Source: Iggy)
ma1602 Final

Face Nemesis' textures are also more vibrant. Some of the texturing on her main body was also altered.

(Source: Iggy)


A texture for a shop sign, evidenced by the kanji written in the center, 店, meaning shop. This is used in ma1602, but strangely enough it is on a sign outside one of the houses near the area where the Ether Light is in the final, implying the Machina Shop was originally further down the village than it is in the final. This texture does not exist within the texture bank for the final's Fallen Arm.

(Source: Iggy)

Wreckage Beach

Zakt Spring

ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-Zakt1602.png Xenoblade-Zakt1601.png

The faint glow on the crystals in the spring was removed in the final, likely because this effect also affects several rocks nearby.

(Source: Iggy)

Silver Wreckage


Face Nemesis' textures are glitchy, which is likely due to the map not having several of her textures in its texture bank.

(Source: Iggy)

Giant Mechon Debris

ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-DeadMechon1602.png Xenoblade-DeadMechon1601.png

The M104 at the Giant Mechon Debris site was changed to be upright.

(Source: Iggy)

Hidden Machina Village


The pipe that connects the Hidden Machina Village to the Digit 5 Beach is clipped through by several pieces of geometry, most predominantly at the Digit 5 Beach end of the pipe. The clipping geometry, except for a small piece halfway through the pipe, has no collision. The pipe itself is thinner than in the final, and has no "cap" at the Digit 5 Beach end.

(Source: Iggy)

Ether Light

The Ether Light was moved further down the village in the final.

(Source: Iggy)

Machina Shop


ma1602 is lacking the Mechon parts that rest on the boxes. There is a building in the Hidden Machina Village located near the Junks with a unique piece of geometry that it lacks in the final, which happens to be a sign using the aforementioned shop sign texture. This might have been the original location of the shop.

(Source: Iggy)


ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-Lights1602.png Xenoblade-Lights1601.png

As well as the geometry around the dock being changed, the lights were remodelled, and the light emitted from them was brightened. Also note the different model and smaller lights on the house in the background.

(Source: Iggy)

Mystery Island


This island, which is connected to the pipe going around the Hidden Machina Village, doesn't exist within the final map.

(Source: Iggy)


The entrance to the Junks is always open, and the door to the area where Miqol is remains shut and has no collision. On another note, there is a glitch that is fixed for the final's Hidden Machina Village in which it is possible to get stuck inside at the windows at the front of the ship by swimming too close to them.

(Source: Iggy)

Medical Bay

ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-MB1602.png Xenoblade-MB1601.png

The Medical Bay is in a primitive state, lacking lighting effects and details such as the wires on the floor.

(Source: Iggy)

Digit 5 Beach


ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-1602geo.png Xenoblade-1601geo.png

The geometry of Digit 5 Beach is vastly different between ma1602 and the final. The land mass was increased, a part of the beach was connected to the wall of the Hidden Machina Village. The small, hill-like area on the left was originally a small arena-like structure. The Mechon corpses used on the beach are the same ones scattered around Sword Valley in the prologue, rather than the unique rusted ones present in the final.

(Source: Iggy)


Black Wreckage

ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-1602BW.png Xenoblade-1601BW.png

Metal Face is using his first model, rather than his upgraded model that he uses from Prison Island onwards. The spire from Galahad Fortress is notably missing. He is also mostly submerged into the ground, which is likely due to his positioning not being calibrated correctly.

(Source: Iggy)


One of Metal Face's severed arms can also be found next to his corpse. The seam on the arm is open, exposing the wiring inside. In the final, while both of Metal Face's arms are cut off prior to his death, they cannot be found anywhere around the Fallen Arm. The camera must be manipulated by Dolphin's Free Look mode to see this.

(Source: Iggy)


ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-Bridge1602.png Xenoblade-Bridge1601.png

The moss around the top of the walls was removed, more support was added near the bottom, and the texturing on the bridge was changed from resembling wood to resembling gravel.

(Source: Iggy)

Ether Exhaust System

ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-EtherExhaust1602.png Xenoblade-EtherExhaust1601.png

There is an invisible wall which prevents you from accessing the Ether Exhaust System normally. However, it can still be accessed by moon jumping from Digit 5 Beach. The arena was made deeper in the final, the floor texture was changed. The ocean around the Ether Exhaust System connects to Inlet Beach in ma1602, which was sealed off in the final.

(Source: Iggy)

Mystery Beach


This circular area with a solitary floating palm tree was removed in the final.

(Source: Iggy)

Digit 2

Distant Fingertip

ma1602 ma1601
Xenoblade-Distant1602.png Xenoblade-Distant1601.png

The bridges leading to the Distant Fingertip have no fences, and are using a grass path texture, likely as a placeholder. The platform at the top of the fingertip, where the Tear of the Sky and Wicked Sallos are located, is not present in ma1602.

(Source: Iggy)