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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Title Screen

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Developer: Monolith Soft
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: July 29, 2022

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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A lot, including:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes the path of a grandiose finale to a subseries of a third-party saga, as story tells a boy and his two childhood friends and fellow servicemen decide to cooperate to find safety. Through this journey, they uncover the mystery behind this perpetual war and the nature of their world.

PC Shader

Within the folder containing shader files, there exists a lib_pc.bin, a leftover when the game was developed on the PC.

(Source: Chlore)

Unused Party members

To do:
Find a way to get them working in game.

Unused party member data exists for Joran and Nimue, both of these characters were never playable in the game.

(Source: Villainpon)

Unused Textures

Ending Cutscene Leftovers

The movie file mv07560100 is the ending's prerendered cutscene showing Poppi and Rex's family photo. Files in the game's chr/nx/tex/(h/m) have textures for Poppi and Rex's photograph. However, there is no model data such as Winsmt or Wimdo for Poppi in the game's files. If Poppi's new textures are transferred from the game to her mesh from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the textures line up alongside UVs of that game. The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 model is missing textures such as a belt buckle color but its normal map still exists.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Xenoblade Chronicles 3
BL000601 Poppi.png

There are slight differences as seen above.

(Source: Wulf, Pencil)

Unused Models

Hero outfits debugging

To do:
Get all of these. (ch09xxxxxx)

There are several models that have many hero outfits applied to them with no textures. These being ch09001110 for Noah, ch09001210 for Mio, ch09001310 for Eunie, ch09001410 for Taion, ch09001510 for Lanz, ch09001610 for Sena. For example, ch09001110 has Miyabi-Isurd-Riku-Lanz-Sena-Taion-Segiri outfits.

(Source: Wulf, Pencil)

Unused Na'el Model

In Wave 4 DLC, There are unused models, Firstly being the face(ch41122011) with no morphkeys but has textures. The Hair (ch41122012) and Body (ch41122013) have only basic colors for textures. The game uses ch43003210 has the character of Na'el when she is in the party.

(Source: Wulf)

Unused Graphics

To do:
There's a lot more unused graphics here. Including old map segment artifacts and unused thumbnails for the battle drills when the final ones dont have thumbnails

icon_chara_battle_0 icons

XB3 Icon chara battle 0 placeholdericon.png

In icon_chara_battle_0 (which contains the battle icons for the party members), there exist 12 blank icons and two icons of a black silhouette of Noah that was used as a placeholder, most likely used by Joran and Nimue.

(Source: Connor)

icon_job_2_0 icons

XB3 icon job 2 0 UnusedWeapon1.pngXB3 icon job 2 0 UnusedWeapon2.png

There are two unused icons in icon_job_2_0 (which contains the weapon icons for the party members). The first is clearly Joran's weapon. The second is a sword with flower/plant details - it might be a beta version of Nia's, but based on its placement it's more likely to be for Nimue, who is never seen with a weapon and has the whole saffronia tree thing going on. Equivament icons are missing from icon_job_2_c_0 (the same symbols but role-based red/blue/green instead of white).

These icons were removed from the sheet in a later version, replaced with blank space.

(Source: Sir Teatei Moonlight)

Chain attack order icons

XC3 strm order thumb019 0.pngXC3 strm order thumb033 0.pngXC3 strm order thumb034 0.png

Like the other stuff above, Joran (ヨラン) and Nimue (ナミ) also have dummy chain attack order images, which curiously use a silhouette of Noah with his Lucky Seven arm active (unlike Noah's actual pose). So does Mwamba, who dies before chain attacks are unlocked.

(Source: Sir Teatei Moonlight)

Incomplete colony icons

XC3 colony 0 icons.png

A sheet of unfinished colony icons. The visual style is inconsistent, and four have no art at all (just placeholders of their names).

Unused character icons

XB3 strm ch thumb001 0.png XB3 strm ch thumb002 0.png XB3 strm ch thumb003 0.png XB3 strm ch thumb004 0.png XB3 strm ch thumb005 0.png XB3 strm ch thumb006 0.png XB3 strm ch thumb007 0.png XB3 strm ch thumb008 0.png XB3 strm ch thumb009 0.png

A set of 9 unused icons labeled strm_ch_thumb001_0 to strm_ch_thumb009_0. The latter three have the Japanese text "タレント", or "talent".

Debug screenshots

To do:
Any differences to the final?

Screenshots of a debug build of a earlier revision of the game.

Early Final
XB3 debug screenshot.png
Early Final
XB3 debug screenshot 2.png
Early Final
XB3 debug screenshot 3.png

The color of the glow of the Agnus weapons are blue light instead of yellow, Mio's weapon model is completely different compared to final, and the Ouroboros symbols aren't on the weapons

(Source: Turk645)
(Source: Alexsey)

Rest spot floor layout debugging

To do:
Get all of these. (oj09xxxxxx)
Texture Model
XB3 Unused Menu 1.png XC3 oj09301010.png

There are several models that have "floor plans" for various things to be happening at rest spots.

(Source: Alexsey, Sir Teatei Moonlight)

Discussion thumbnail debug text

Books are full of information.

Camp discussion images have a lot of dead space outside what's ever visible in-game. This one of a book contains what's obviously debug text.

Rev.282080 (m/me 23758/23662) PC DEV [1280 x 720] FC[ 4624] VAM[ 61.80] CPU[ 11.09(

(Source: Sir Teatei Moonlight)

Dummy event thumbnail


Like previous games, this dummy image is used to pad out event theater entries. There's 20 copies of it.

(Source: Sir Teatei Moonlight)

Beta Ethel

"Blackcoat" Ethel

There are 21 "strm_hero_pic" images, and they're all this concept art of Ethel. It's dated 2019-06-21, a bit less than a year before the previous game (XC1DE) came out.

(Source: Sir Teatei Moonlight)

Leaked Masha

there's definitely like a dozen vtubers with this exact design

In the Ino update (DLC2), a couple icons for Masha (DLC3) were leaked. The image above is the full art, while the other icons (e.g. an NPC icon) are shrunk/cropped versions of the same. Masha's design seems essentially unchanged from the final.

(Source: Sir Teatei Moonlight)

Test Map

To do:
Explain and upload a video of this map.
XB3 UnusedMap.png

In 2.0.0, a test map has been added with objects returning from Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition along with new ones.

(Source: Turk645)

Revisional Differences

Version 1.1.0

To do:
Look at all the files that changed between 1.0.0 and 1.1.0. List here: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/941116739717046332/1016066630926729306/100to110.html

Released on launch day, alongside "Vol. 1: Adventure Support Pack" which adds in new costumes and a collection of items.

General Issues

  • Added function to receive Expansion Pass item(s).
    • Downloading the Expansion Pass will add an “Expansion Pass” option to the main menu, under which the item(s) can be received.
    • The main menu can be opened during gameplay by pressing the X Button.
  • Fixes introduced to ensure a better gameplay experience.

A rebootless update was released shortly after on August 5, 2022, fixing an issue for the Expansion Pass items. Bug Fixes

  • There was an error in the conditions under which Expansion Pass item(s) are added to the software. The Expansion Pass item(s) will be added when the software is updated, even if the Expansion Pass has not been downloaded.

(Source: Nintendo)

Version 1.1.1

To do:
Look at all the files that changed between 1.1.0 and 1.1.1. List here:

This update was released on September 7, 2022, fixing lots of bugs in general.

Bug Fixes

  • Altered Perilwing Ryuho’s behavior pattern; made it undefeatable if player is in area that cannot be reached in the main scenario’s intended progression.
  • Fixed a bug in Teach's Ascension quest, "Shadow of Enmity", where the first battle sometimes did not end.
  • Fixed an issue where the battle with the Mysterious Raider in the "Severed Connection" quest sometimes did not end.
  • Fixed a problem in which the requested items "Gogol Vuaga" and "Gogol Dalm" for some Collectopedia Cards were not available.
  • Fixed a problem in which various effects were not occurring correctly for dishes other than "Baked Spongy Spud", and "Sunny-Style Fish Pie".
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Talent Arts button to disappear and not be able to be pressed during certain procedures. If this problem has already occurred, it will be fixed by loading the saved data after updating the software.
  • Fixed a problem in which the text "Verkaufen" in the store menu was overlapping the adjacent text when Language Settings was set to German.
  • In addition, several other issues have been fixed to make the game more enjoyable to play.

Unlisted Changes

  • Fixes Taion's Strategos outfit that had a vertex that was poking into his head.
  • Updated Eunie's Swordfighter outfit class files to fix a bug.
(Source: Nintendo)

Version 1.2.0

To do:
Look at all the files that changed between 1.1.1 and 1.2.0.
  • N's sword was changed in this update.[1]
  • Find the cutscene number where the Dark Lucky 7 changed to Sword of The End

This update was released on October 14, 2022, alongside "Vol. 2: New Hero & Intense Enemy Battles" which adds in the new hero Ino and the return of Challenge Battle Mode from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

General Issues

  • Added function to receive the 2nd volume of the DLC.
  • The availability of ”Soyprimo Sauce” was previously restricted outside of the progress of a certain quest, so now the City Caravan shop located in the City will sell Soyprimo Sauce.
  • Increased the effect time bonus for Fusion Arts using the Flash Fencer’s “Acceleration” Art.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Collectopaedia items “Gogol Dalm” and “Gogol Olipple”, previously unavailable in Ver. 1.1.1, so that they can now be acquired.
  • Fixed an issue in which a character’s audio of falling in battle would play over the sound of them falling down before the screen faded to black.
  • In addition, several other issues have been fixed to make the game more enjoyable to play.
(Source: Nintendo)

Version 1.2.1

To do:
Look at all the files that changed between 1.2.0 and 1.2.1.

This update was released on October 21, 2022, fixing bugs in general though they are undocumented on the website.

General Issues

  • Several issues have been addressed to improve gameplay.
(Source: Nintendo)

Version 1.3.0

To do:
Look at all the files that changed between 1.2.1 and 1.3.0.

This update was released on February 16, 2023, alongside "Vol. 3: New Hero & More Tough Challenges" which adds in the new hero Masha and a roguelike mode called Archsage's Gauntlet in Challenge Battle Mode.

General Issues

  • Fixed an issue where some enemy models were placed where the name and enemy did not match.
    • Issues where some Testudos were called “Armadillo”, and some Armadillos were called “Velites”, respectively.
  • Fixed an issue where leveling from Class Rank 9 to 10 when clearing the final battle would not unlock Appearances that should be unlocked.
    • In the event that this has already occurred, downloading the update will fix the issue, unlocking the appearance.
  • Fixed an issue where completing Roald, Fla’ran, and Zooza Collectopedia entries would cause them to display the initial reward.
  • Fixed an issue in Challenge Battles where lowering the Effects volume in Audio Settings would still cause battle sounds and footsteps to sound comparatively loud.
  • Fixed an issue where sliding down a rope using a specific timing would cause party members to continuously be KO’d and resurrected.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing buttons using a specific timing during a loading screen would cause the Battle Menu to appear after launching the game.
  • Fixed an issue where successfully completing Mio’s Chain Order would not cause Attacker and Healer hate to decrease.
  • Fixed additional issues to improve the gameplay experience.
(Source: Nintendo)

Version 2.0.0

To do:
Look at all the files that changed between 1.3.0 and 2.0.0.

This update was released on April 25, 2023, alongside "Vol. 4: An All-New Original Story", which is also known as Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Future Redeemed.

General Issues

  • Fixed an issue where starting a NEW GAME after acquiring swimwear would make the player unable to receive the swimwear.
    • In the event that this issue is already affecting your game, updating the title will cause the swimwear to already be acquired.
  • Fixed an issue where a character’s status display in battle would remain the same as when interlinked.
(Source: Nintendo)

Version 2.1.0

To do:
Look at all the files that changed between 2.0.0 and 2.1.0.

This update was released on July 20, 2023.

Additional Functionality

  • Added amiibo functionality to the game for the Pyra and Mythra amiibo. By scanning one of the amiibo under System > amiibo on the menu screen, you will be able to use the following special clothing items:
    • Pyra amiibo
      • Aegis Sword: Pyra (limited to the Swordfighter class)
    • Mythra amiibo
      • Aegis Sword: Mythra (limited to the Swordfighter class)
  • A Nopon NPC, Miibomii, has appeared at Llyn Nyddwr Camp in the Fornis region. Meeting certain criteria while playing the game will also let you obtain the aforementioned Pyra and Mythra amiibo items from Miibomii.

Bug Fixes for Future Redeemed

  • Increased the percentage chance to re-acquire Battle Manuals, Tactics Manuals and Strategy Manuals.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to re-attempt the final battle after experiencing a party wipe.
  • Fixed an issue where some players were unable to complete the Chapter 2 quest task "Pursue Glimmer, who's thought to have headed north-west".
(Source: Nintendo)

Version 2.1.1

To do:
Look at all the files that changed between 2.1.0 and 2.1.1.

This update was released on September 13, 2023.

  • Fixed an issue where not having the Expansion Pass would cause the Special Hero BGM, Audio environment in Audio Setting, as well as Notifications to not display.
  • Fixed an issue with Staying Power’s Art Follow-Up, where activating Fusion Arts would cause the Follow-Up Attack damage to be dealt to the character using Fusion Arts and allies.
(Source: Nintendo)