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Yakuza Kiwami 2/Judgment Leftovers

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This is a sub-page of Yakuza Kiwami 2.

Judgment is the detective spin-off featuring Takayuki Yagami, and was developed alongside Yakuza Kiwami 2.

As a result, there is a significant amount of leftover data from development; including UI, movesets, dummy code and even an early model of Yagami himself!

Almost all of these files are suffixed with the codename "judge", which makes it fairly obvious that these are indeed intended for Judgment.

To do:
More of the unused models, UI aspects and other scripts. This is a work in progress.

Unused Character Models

Takayuki Yagami

YakuzaKiwami2 JudgeEyesConceptArt.png
Yakuza kiwami 2 early yagami render.png

Included in the UI archive (ui.par) is what appears to be concept art for the main character, Takayuki Yagami.

The model itself was discovered in a press version of the game, accidentally uploaded to Steam, and already split into two models for gameplay: c_am_yagami_face and c_am_yagami_judge. This model is not present in the final release of the game.

While this model shares some similarities with the final model; in particular the leather jacket and chain wallet, it is a sculpted face model. In the final game, it is a face scan of the actor & singer, Takuya Kimura.

The final game also uses a unique armature which has extra bones for the chain and leather jacket -- this model reuses the default male one from Kiwami 2.


Included in the motion.par (animations) of the game are early versions of Yagami's Tiger and Crane movesets and general movement animations, such as walking, running, and even minigame/vignette specific animations such as giving thanks before a meal. All of these are prefixed with "YAG".


A basic head model used for women characters that are not face scanned. This model is the basis for characters such as Mafuyu Fujii, and later characters in the series such as Seong-Hui & Saeko Mukoda.


As above, a basic head model used for male characters that are not face scanned.


Battle UI

Early versions of the UI used in Judgment; which did away with a specific gauge for Heat, changing it for a hexagonal icon around the selected style icon.

'Verification' Test

YakuzaKiwami2 JEBetaLeftoverUI 01.png
YakuzaKiwami2 JEBetaLeftoverUI 02.png

A grisly scene of a dead woman, originally taken from Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. 'Verification' here seems to suggest this was used as a placeholder for the investigation mechanic.

Skill Upgrade UI

YK2 SkillJudge.png

A version of the skill upgrades, which is extremely close to the final release, done in a sketchbook style.

Multiple skill icons in the same art style as the final release, featuring Takayuki Yagami's early design.

Unlocked Locked
YK2-first skill 01 a.png YK2-first skill 01 b.png
YK2-first skill 02 a.png YK2-first skill 02 b.png
YK2-first skill 03 01 a.png YK2-first skill 03 01 b.png
YK2-first skill 03 02 a.png YK2-first skill 03 02 b.png
YK2-first skill 03 03 a.png YK2-first skill 03 03 b.png
YK2-first skill 04 a.png YK2-first skill 04 b.png
YK2-first skill 05 a.png YK2-first skill 05 b.png

Tailing UI

YK2 TailingUIJudge.png

UI used for tracking & tailing a suspect.

Drone UI

UI to do with the drone camera mechanic.

Database Files

All of these can be found in the retail PC copy of Yakuza Kiwami 2, in db.par.


One of the more intact database files. This assigns model IDs and voice banks to characters in the game. This appears to line up to the final version of Judgment, though younger versions of Saori Shirosaki and Mafuyu Fujii appear to be referenced; neither of which have unique models for that in Judgment.


This is used for determining how a character model appears in the game world, by setting model flags as well as pointing to which model to use. It appears most model references also line up with their final game version.


Determines the sound banks used for items and NPCs. While this is not exclusive to Judgment, various NPCs from that game are listed here. These go wholly unused, both in the compiled database list in character_character_data_judge, and in so far as no sound data exists for them even if they were cross-referenced.