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Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim (Windows)/Unused Maps

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This is a sub-page of Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim (Windows).

A number of unused rooms are present in Ys VI. Most (if not all) of these appear to have been used for testing purposes.

As a forewarning, some maps lack proper boundaries, and since the game isn't able to handle pushing you back into bounds, Adol can get stuck on the edges of these areas. This would not be fixed until Ys Origin.


The same access methods described on Ys Origin's page also apply here.

A good choice for the Scene List method is to replace Port Rimorge's string: s_35\s_3500\

S_90 Series

Many of these maps are NPC or enemy test rooms.


Ys6 room s 9000.png

Internal Name: NPC Test Main

Contains major NPCs.

  • Speaking to a character will display their face portrait.
  • Speaking to Camara will give the screen a sepia tint.
  • Geis will switch between his normal and combat sprites when spoken to.
  • The left cube goes to S_9011, the right cube leads to S_9001, and the southeast cubes will transport you to one of the three rooms in S_9012.


Ys6 room s 9001.png

Internal Name: NPC Test Sub

Contains NPCs from Redhan Village.

  • The left cube goes to S_9000, and the right cube leads to S_9002,


Ys6 room s 9002.png

Internal Name: NPC Test Special

Contains NPCs from Port Rimorge.

  • The left cube goes to S_9001, and the right cube leads to S_9003,


Ys6 room s 9003.png

Internal Name: Enemy Test Woods

Contains enemies from the eastern part of Quatera Woods.

  • The left cube goes to S_9002, and the right cube leads to S_9004,
Ys6-S 9003.png


Ys6 room s 9004.png

Internal Name: Enemy Shrine

Contains enemies from Mythos Path.

  • The left cube goes to S_9003, and the right cube leads to S_9005,
Ys6-S 9004.png


Ys6 room s 9005.png

Internal Name: Enemy Plains

Contains enemies from Canaan Plains.

  • The left cube goes to S_9004, and the right cube leads to S_9006,
Ys6-S 9005.png


Ys6 room s 9006.png

Internal Name: Enemy Grana

Contains enemies from Grana-Vallis Mountain.

  • The left cube goes to S_9005, and the right cube leads to S_9007,
Ys6-S 9006.png


Ys6 room s 9007.png

Internal Name: Enemy Ruins

Contains enemies from the Ruins of Lost Time.

  • The left cube goes to S_9006, and the right cube leads to S_9008,
Ys6-S 9007.png


Ys6 room s 9008.png

Internal Name: Enemy Limewater

Contains enemies from Livewater Cave.

  • The left cube goes to S_9007, and the right cube leads to S_9009,


Ys6 room s 9009.png

Internal Name: Enemy Ravine

Contains enemies from the western part of Quatera Woods.

  • The left cube goes to S_9008, and the right cube leads to S_9010,


Ys6 room s 9010.png

Internal Name: Enemy Alma's Grave

Contains enemies from the Ruined City of Kishgal.

  • The left cube goes to S_9008, and the right cube leads to S_9011,


Ys6 room s 9011.png

Internal Name: Object Test

Contains a large number of objects seen throughout the game.

  • The blue cube will lead to S_9010, and the red cube goes to S_9000.
  • The caution sign and block are unused objects.
  • Quite a few objects lack collision.
  • Some of the gates can be opened by pressing the attack button in front of them.
  • The treasure chests contain healing items or Sylphen Boots.
  • Approaching the waterfall on the north side of the map will zoom out the camera.


Ys6 room s 9012.png

Internal Name: El Gash Romn

Normally accessed through the southeast cubes in S_9000.

  • There are three separate rooms featuring Ernst, Geis and Romn soldiers.
  • Geis is a copy from his counterpart in S_9000, and the other NPCs cannot be spoken to.
  • Stepping on the cube will return you to S_9000.


Ys6 room s 9040.png

Internal name: Footstep Test

Each tile represents a different type of terrain, playing their respective sound effects when stepped on.


Ys6 room s 9050.png

Internal name: Animal Land

This room has a few objects and a bunch of pikkards. Depending on how you enter this map, you may end up stuck in the left pool of water with no way to jump out.

Ys6-S 9050.png


Ys6 room s 9100.png

Internal name: ???

Be careful when entering this map, as Majunun is placed here and can easily wipe you out. If you can bypass it, you'll enter a room where you can find the unused character, Kiiro.

  • Leaving the map through the southern exit will take you to Majunun's boss fight location.
  • Kiiro is incorrectly referred to as "Bikini Olha."
  • Speaking to Kiiro will yield a long string of messages, detailed below.

...Who are you?

Wh-What are you doing in my house?
What are you planning to do to me?!


Please, stop!

Th-This is all a bit too sudden...

...Hmm? Hmm?

La la... La la la... La la la...

You're kind of a stiff, aren't you?

What kind of a man does nothing when
there's a super sexy girl acting all
bashful and flustered in front of him?

Don't you have anything to say?!

Go on, say something!

You're kind of boring.

But I have the biggest heart of any girl
in the world, so I'll forgive you.

How big, you ask?

As big as a kitty-cat's forehead!

...Except those're kinda tiny, huh?

Oh, dear!

You really aren't any fun, are you?

Oh, well, I'll let you off this time.

After all, the fact that you're here
means you must be really strong.

And by really strong, I mean REALLY strong.

How strong, you ask?

As strong as a newly born fawn!

...Except those're kinda weak, huh?

Well, I think that's enough of that.

Let me give you a reward for coming all
the way here.

I'll answer one of the following questions
for you.

Choose wisely, swordsman!

1) Why is Olha the strongest character?
2) Why is Geis actually the protagonist?
3) Why is Ur actually a pretty girl?

Come on, pick one!

What, you don't know how to pick?

Just say which number you want! Honestly...

You can't do anything without me, can you?

Perhaps that's supposed to tickle my
maternal instincts...

Tee hee hee... I wonder how many girls'
hearts you've broken acting like that.

Don't worry, I'm used to it.

Come over here, now.

I'm starting to feel really stupid.

Well, you kept me entertained for a
while, at least. You can go now.




Ys6 room s battle0.png

This map appears to have been used to test the distances Adol could jump. Although this map has iterations in The Oath in Felghana and Ys Origin, this is the only game it is fully explorable in without modification.

Approaching the trees will tint the screen blue and angle the camera.


Ys6 room s battle1.png

This map normally loads up the incorrect model, which is the boss room for Orjugan (S_5599).

To fix this map to use its own model, replace data\map\s_55\s_5599\s_5599.ymo with data\map\s_battle1\s_battle1.ymo in its SOB file.

  • Each section has the same arrangement of enemies in it.
  • Passing through the corridors will either zoom in or zoom out the camera.
  • It's possible to walk up the southern walls, though you will get stuck on the edge of the map if you tread too far.



Was this some Falcom employee's hidden waifu room? The world may never know.

A room that, bizarrely, features Sakura from the Ukagaka software. This map also exists in The Oath in Felghana and Ys Origin, though Sakura was replaced with a generic texture in the latter.

  • Sakura's texture bounces back and forth.
  • Approaching the light will zoom out the camera.
  • Several platforms are out of bounds and cannot be accessed without glitches.


Resembles the first Quatera Woods map (leading to the ruins) without trees.
To do:
Find a way to load this map in-game. It has references to files that appear to have had filename changes at some point, preventing it from loading.


Ys6 room s hidden2.png

Another room featuring Sakura from the Ukagaka software with different lighting and objects. Most objects are missing collision, or are out of bounds.

S_TEST Series


To do:
Identify the character used for the texture.
Unnecessary parts ♥

A placeholder room with a fog effect. Nothing else to see here.

Ys6-S TEST0.png


Ys6 room s test1.png

An earlier version of the Zemeth Sanctum (S_6600). Most of the map is untextured. (Incorrectly shown when viewing the model in Noesis.)

Apart from lacking detail, the overall layout appears to be the same as its final iteration.

S_TEST2 - 5

Ys6-S TEST2.png

Each of these maps are empty and have the same model as S_TEST0, likely left as placeholders.