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Yume Nikki/Unused ChipSet Graphics

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This is a sub-page of Yume Nikki.

These unused graphics are found in the ChipSet folder, which consists of tiles intended for building up maps. ChipSet images ultimately end up being assigned to tilesets in RPG Maker.

Unused Tiles

Madotsuki's Room


Yn MadotsukiRoomAutoTile.png

An autotile that is never used.



A rounded cushion that stands out from the other square cushions.

Floor and Wall

Yn-MadotsukiRoomUnusedFloorTiles.png Yn-MadotsukiRoomUnusedWallTiles.png

Pairs of floor and wall tiles with different edges.

(Source: mike309)


YumeNikki-cracked-window.png Yn windowReflection.png

The balcony's ChipSet has tiles for a cracked window and a window reflection.

Barracks Settlement

Yn-BarracksSettlementJellyStalk.png Yn-BarracksSettlementSmallJellyStalk.png

Two types of jelly stalks are never used.

Dotted Tiles

Unused Used

These tiles have a similar pattern to the floor tiles used in Hell, possibly making them in-progress versions of the tiles.

FC World

Yn-fc.PNG Yn-fctrees.PNG

These tiles look like they could be used in the FC Field area, but they're not. There is also a tree that is never used.

Yn-FCGoblinTile1.png Yn-FCGoblinTile2.png

There are also some additional tiles for the FC Goblin room, suggesting that the room could have had a different layout at some point.

The Infinite Road


An outline of half of one of the Floyag NPCs is present in the Infinite Road's ChipSet.


This manhole has part of the road surrounding it, but there aren't any manholes placed on the road.



Some kind of hole that is never used in the Mall.

(Source: mike309)

This autotile is a recolor of what's used in Madotsuki's room, but is never seen in the Mall.



These stairs were likely intended for going to Mars' underground area, meaning that the Midget effect would not have been required for entering.


A small tile with an opening in the center.

(Source: mike309)


In the tileset for Mars' underground, there are tiles for doors that are meant to be placed on the walls. It's possible they would have led to deeper locations that were never added to the game.

Yn-MarsUndergroundLight1.png Yn-MarsUndergroundLight2.png

These tiles have red light creeping out from between them. They're intended to be placed on top of the walls, or between them, but never get used.

(Source: Chie495)

Neon Tile Path Pyramids

Yn-NeonPyramids.png Yn-SmallNeonPyramid.png

In the tileset for Neon World, additional types of the pyramids used in the Neon Tile Path can be found. One of them is simply a smaller pyramid, but the others are glowing and in different colors. The latter was probably intended for when the Neon effect is used.

Neon World

Yn-NeonWorldFace1.png Yn-NeonWorldFace2.png

Two types of face patterns go unused in Neon World.


These tiles are likely placeholders. Similar tiles can be found in Puddle World's ChipSet as well.

Number World


A streetlight-like object found in Number World's ChipSet. Possibly related to the streetlights in Lamp World, which connects to Number World.

Lamp World


Additional sprites of the eye present in Lamp World in v0.09 exist, but are never used. Presumably, they would have been used to watch Madotsuki, similar to the Isee NPCs found in Dense Woods B and one of the shacks in the Barracks Settlement.

Pink Sea


A version of the water with the sparkles separated from it.


An unused variant of the autotile for the Pink Sea. Attempting to draw it on the map has messy results.

(Source: mike309)

Puddle World


Inside the Puddle World's ChipSet, this torii really, really stands out.

Yn-PuddleWorldTiles1.png Yn-PuddleWorldTiles2.png Yn-PuddleWorldTiles3.png Yn-PuddleWorldTiles4.png

These tiles are likely placeholders. The circular tiles can be used to (kind of) make your own custom puddles.

Sewers Graffiti

Yn SewersGraffiti.png

Tiles for some graffiti in the Sewers exist, but are never used.

Sky Garden

Yn-SkyGardenGateNoLight.png Yn-SkyGardenGateNarrow.png Yn-GhostWorldGateNarrow.png

Alternate versions of the entrances used for the Crossover Garden accessed from the Sky Garden and Ghost World exist. One of them is simply lacking the light, but the other two have narrower openings.


This bush is not placed anywhere in the Sky Garden.

(Source: mike309)

Stairway to the Sky

Yn-StairwaytoSkyBlock1.png Yn-StairwaytoSkyBlock2.png Yn-StairwaytoSkyBlock3.png

These are earlier, less detailed versions of the blocks found in the Stairway to the Sky.

(Source: mike309)

Static Maze

Yn-PurpleStaticMazeGate.png Yn-PurpleStaticMazeGateSingle.png

In the ChipSet for the Static Maze, a purple version of the gate can be found, along with a singular piece of the gate. It's possible that this was the original replacement for the generic pink gate used to enter the Static Maze in older versions.

Table & Confetti


In Forest World's ChipSet, a table with a cup can be found.


In Forest World, Shield-Folk World, and Graffiti World's ChipSet, there are tiles containing confetti that are never used.

Teleport Maze


A fully-built platform with an indented tile. Each platform on this map is pieced together instead, rendering this type of platform unused.

The Underground World


Some tiles that look like cords appear in the general-purpose tileset for Dark World, Candle World, the Staircase of Hands, and the first part of the Underground World.

Some similar, untangled cords are connected to a device in the second part of the Underground World, where the Poop Hair effect is found.

The Staircase of Hands


There are some stairs that face the opposite direction, and also platforms that the stairs can connect into. Perhaps this area was going to be more fleshed out?

White Desert

Yn-WhiteDesertDots.png Yn-WhiteDesertEye.png Yn-WhiteDesertPlants.png Yn-WhiteDesertTiles.png

Several tiles from the White Desert go unused, including some dots, an eye, and a tiny plant-like object. An inverted version of some of the tiles present in White Desert B also exist.

Windmill World


Some tiles that resemble tatami, a type of Japanese flooring. This might explain why the map is internally named 座敷洞 (Tatami Den).

The Witch's Island


A tree that, for whatever reason, lacks branches.

Leftovers from Older Versions

These graphics have been found to be used in older versions of the game, but are unused in v0.10.

FC World

Static Maze Light

Yn006 LadderLight.png

The light at the bottom of the ladder in the Static Maze from v0.04 and v0.06 still exists in v0.10, but is unused. It is drawn differently from the light used in v0.10.


Yn006 FCTree.png

The tree that was used outside FC House up to v0.09 still exists in FC World's ChipSet.

Lamp World Eye

Yn009 LampWorldEyeSprite.png

The eye tile that could be stepped on in Lamp World in v0.09 after getting caught by a Toriningen still remains in v0.10.

Pink Gate


A gate found in earlier versions of the game to link worlds. It remains in several ChipSets.

Sky Garden Lamp Posts

Yn009 SkyGardenLight.png

The version of the lamp posts used in the Sky Garden in v0.09 still exist in v0.10.