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Zero Time Dilemma (Windows, PlayStation Vita)

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Title Screen

Zero Time Dilemma

Also known as: Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
Developer: Chime
Publishers: Spike Chunsoft (WW Windows/JP), Aksys Games (US/EU PSVita)
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation Vita
Released internationally: June 30, 2016 (Windows)
Released in JP: June 30, 2016 (Vita)
Released in US: June 28, 2016 (Vita)
Released in EU: June 30, 2016 (Vita)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

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Zero Time Dilemma is the last game of the Zero Escape trilogy which also consists of Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue's Last Reward. The premise is the same: 9 people are trapped inside a death game. In order to escape, they must make decisions that are morally ambiguous and usually fatal.

This article and its sub-pages casually reference major plot points, so be warned of spoilers.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.
Unused Dialogue
Not all text is allowed to live. Life is simply unfair.
Unused Audio
Screams, coughs, and laughter. Evil laughter.

Unused Music

To do:
For prerelease page: Official soundtrack CD has six tracks that were unused in the game, labelled as bonus tracks: Mind Blank, Morphogenetic Sorrow, Fragmented Folie, Sacrificial Demise -Alt-, Profound Divulgation -Alt-, Bogue Solace -Alt-

Present in bgm.cfsi is bgm067.ogg, an unused track that doesn't appear in the 3DS version. Alternately, bgm067.at9 is located in \USRDIR\usound\vita\bgm\ in the Vita release. Its on the official soundtrack CD, labelled as an unused track and named as "Fragmented Folie". It is possibly an unused track for the Quantum Computer Dome, the only room (aside from the Lounge and Decontamination Room) that does not contain a puzzle.

(Source: XMikexSonicX (YouTube))

Unused Graphics

Copyright and Flashback Placeholders

To do:
Check if the copyright warning is used in other platform's Japanese versions/modes.
File Image Translation
ZTD-copyright warning.png
In accordance with Article 113 Paragraph 1 of the Copyright Act,
it is illegal to distribute the game software through the Internet
without consent of the copyright holder.
Furthermore, according to the Copyright Act revision of January 2010,
it is illegal to knowingly download this content illegally from the Internet,
even if it is replicated for personal use.

Thank you everyone for your understanding and cooperation.

This is used in the Japanese 3DS version, but seemingly not in the other versions.

(also exists on 3DS)

Recollection - Flashback

event\flash\s23xc1 (also exists on 3DS)
ZTD-s23xc1 03 0.png

Super-speed flashback!
Show scene [s23xC1_20cnt Akane killing] while
playing brrrNNNnnnNNNnnNNN (chainsaw sounds) continuously



ZTD-Study Safe.png

Hidden text is written on the side of one of the safes in the study, saying "ゼロはデルテです" or "Zero is Delta".


Inside of 00000000.csfi\map\m170 is the sprite sheet that contains the doll images on the wall of the Study. It also contains a set of "dead" versions, which are seen in the cutscene afterwards once the X-passes are revealed. This leaves the Akane, Sean, Eric, and Mira images unused. Most of them are just higher-resolution versions of the ones used on the Status screen, but the one for Sean is unique to this sprite sheet and the one for Phi has its head tilted to the left.

(doll icons: Hiccup, Lord Thantus)


ZTD-050 g016 01.png

A luminol bloodstain in the shape of a person is unused. Based on its position in the game's files, the bloodstain would have been on the medical bed beside the lockers. The words "pls kill me" would have been on the wall above it.


ZTD-gab mugshot.png
The Gab mugshot used accidentally.

Gab has a mugshot at the bottom of the mugshot sheet, despite the fact that he is a dog and therefore does not speak. In the Steam version, this image is used in the Radical-6 fragment whenever Chris speaks. This is likely an oversight.

(Source: NutOfDeath)

ZTD-dummy fragment icon.png
Inside of 00000000.csfi\system\globalflow00.dds is a placeholder fragment icon. s18aA1 corresponds to the results of execution when characters wake up with the bomb collar on. It also exists in the 3DS version, but it isn't yet known in which file it resides.

Deleted Dialogue

Text entries that don't exist sometimes correspond to sounds such as laughter, sighing, pain, or crying. Audio entries that don't exist are usually duplicates of common dialogue, such as the announcer or Zero telling the teams they'll be put to sleep. In these cases, the lack of entries is an effort to save space and resources, but the content of these entries can be determined by cross-referencing audio and text.

However, some text and audio entries have been deleted completely, leaving no trace of the original dialogue. There are two such deleted entries.


This is when Mira kills off D-team. The deleted entry is most likely a gasp.

Msg ID Text
2413 What's wrong?!
2414 Sigma... Sigma, he...!
2416 There!
2417 Sigma! Sigma, please, hang on!
2418 Oh... It's you, Luna...

Outbreak / Circle of Fate (1)

The entries are likely for Control or Sigma and Diana talking to each other.

Msg ID Text
2771 I'm going to save you and Phi.
2772 Hey, can you hear me?!
2773 What's going on?!
2776 This is Control, I repeat, this is Control. Please come in! I'm asking you to respond!
2777 This is Diana...

Version Differences

Text Differences

A typo from the 3DS version during the Radical-6 fragment is corrected in the PC version.

Transmitted through liquids, it's highly contageous. Transmitted through liquids, it's highly contagious.