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Bugs:Croc 2

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This page details bugs of Croc 2.

Enter Unused Attraction Level

It is possible to reach one of the unused demo levels - "Bride of the Dungeon of Defright" - by using a glitch in the PlayStation version.

To access, start a new game and enter the initials. When it asks you to save, press and together. If successful, the game will save, but take you back to the main menu.

Select Load Game, and the save file should be there, albeit without the usual icon. Select it, and you start in the level.

Since this is the attract mode version of the level, it is not possible to complete it.

Access Clockwork Gobbo Area

In "Save 30 Gobbo Babies!" locate the key and open the cage on a green ledge. After grabbing the Gobbo baby, walk into the corner of the nearby walls and leap backwards into it. Eventually, Croc will go through the wall, and wind up on the clockwork gobbo track.

An additional bug that can occur is that Croc will instead fall through the floor instead. When this happens and Croc returns to save the baby, he will not be able to pick the baby up yet will make the motion for it. You will not be able to complete this level until you leave.