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This page contains notes for the game Pikmin.

Windows Executable

To get the Windows debugging executable to run on your machine, follow these steps:

  1. Extract the entire Pikmin ISO onto a folder on your computer.
  2. Get a copy of MSVCRTD.DLL, very carefully search around the internet for one of the following versions:
    • 6.0.8168.8 (md5: 2760781da57e727ba519af0139b4b1bc)
    • 6.0.8797.0 (md5: 01c72cfcaaed3a7564e5b893b7712d28)
    • 6.0.9782.0 [SP6] (md5: 65f232ae50755a6fbf72dac2977a118f)
  3. Place MSVCRTD.DLL on the same folder as sysBootup.exe.
  4. Rename the "plugins" folder to "plugins2" and create a new empty folder named "plugins".
  5. Create a shortcut to sysBootup.exe, then edit its properties, and on the "Shortcut" tab of the properties, add " +output +plugins plugins2 +client PikiGame" (no quotes, leading space included) after everything on the "Destination" box.
  6. Run the shortcut.

(Instructions: LordNed)