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Proto:Croc 2/US Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Croc 2.

The demo's date is listed internally as March 4, 1999. The final game is listed as July 1, 1999.

General Differences


  • The title screen lacks music and is completely different to the final, showing a group of Caveman Gobbos hopping around a fire.
  • Level title does not display underneath when loading level.
  • "Croc" and "2" have had their colors switched in the demo.
Crystal Counter
  • When all 100 Crystals on a level are obtained, a singular Crystal shows up on the screen, and is shown on the pause menu as well.
  • No binoculars are given to the player, and viewing is made easier.
  • Start with 5 hearts instead of 3 in the final.
  • Crystals hop around a little before settling in order. No sparkle stream behind them.
  • Different pause screen menu.
  • It's a little easier to get out of bounds. The final version makes it incredibly difficult.

Main Level

  • Upon entering, the camera flies in from the side instead of appearing behind him.
  • No door or arrow sign behind Croc.
  • Smash Box is on the right after crossing the bridge instead of the left.
  • No Heart at the top of the cave exit.
  • Darker text box.
  • With the exception of his first line, mostly different text spoken by Gobbo:
Demo Euro Demo Final
I'll find the key, Gobbo! Ok! I save you Gobbo! Ok! Croc help Gobbo!
Thank you! You finished demo of Croc 2! There are many more adventures to come in big version of game! Thank you Croc! You'll have many more adventures in the big version of Croc 2! Thank you! Use the door Croc came through to return to Village.
  • When saved, Gobbo just vanishes on the spot, instead of disappearing into Croc's backpack.

Mini Cave

  • Camera shows Croc from the side, instead of just behind him.
  • Cracked platforms are the same color as the Smash Boxes, as opposed to the more green texture in the final.

Main Level (cont.)

  • Camera shows Croc exiting from the front. In the final, it shows him exiting from behind.
  • Gong is absent, a Pirate Dantini is here instead.
  • Gong is found just before the bridge. A Gobbo explains how to use it.
Hit Gong with tail and you will return here if you get hurt!
  • Second Gong is absent.
  • There is no Clockwork Gobbo platform between bridges.

Clockwork Gobbo Area (Unused)

Surprisingly, this has already been made, despite the lack of a platform for it.

It was completely remade for the final, and has the most changes.

Demo Final
Croc2-USDemo-CGA.png Croc2-CGA.png

For starters, the path and length were both changed. In the demo, it's shorter and turns right. In the final, it turns left, and is long enough that you can't see the prizes from the start. The prizes at the end of the trail are a Heart and a Heart Pot. In the final, there's only a Heart.

Demo Final
Croc2-USDemo-CGA2.png Croc2-CGA2.png

The overall size has been changed, and although the bridge is longer, the area itself is smaller in the final. In the demo, there's a dirt path on the road, which has been removed in the final (no one will be walking along the ground anyway, since Clockwork Gobbos disappear when they fall from a platform).

The area is enclosed by a bush in the demo, but in the final, it's part wall, part bush.

Demo Final
Croc2-USDemo-CGAFull.png Croc2-CGAFull.png

Second Cave

  • Camera shows Croc entering from overhead instead of behind him.
  • No Gong.
  • Camera is at a weird angle when falling with the balloon.
  • Gummi Saver is already present. In the final game, it must be purchased first.
  • The Heart is a Heart Pot.

Bonus Area


  • Smash Box is on the second pedestal. In the final, there isn't one.
  • There's another Smash Box on the final pedestal, too. Again, this is absent in the final version.

Unused Menus

The Main Menu Options

Several menus still exist, but most of them do not work properly. To access them, change the value at 009BA608 to one of the following:

  • 2 - Language Select
  • 6 - Main Menu Options
  • 7 - "Enter Initials" (New save)
  • 9 - Continue
  • 11 - Game Over, sometimes crashes the demo
  • 14 - Level Select

To get the Main Menu options working, force the value to 6 during gameplay, and press X. The game will reload the menu on the title screen instead, allowing the options to be used. The menu is heavily bugged, with random textures showing up all over the place and one of them flashing constantly. Some options, such as Dialogue Volume, will not allow you to return.

Early Icons

Swap Meet Pete


Also found in the final, but equally unused here. Seems to be used as a default speech icon.

Early Croc


An early version of Croc's speaking icon loads in the VRAM, but only if Croc's main icon hasn't been loaded yet.

Jigsaw Piece

Although not obtainable through normal means in this level, the Jigsaw can be added to your items. The icon has a different color, and has been redesigned for the final.

Demo Final
Croc2Demo-Jigsaw.png Croc2-Jigsaw.png

The spinning animation for it is also hidden in the files.


Unused Song

There are several songs in the demo. Two are used, and most of the others are used in the final. But one song goes completely unused, even in the final game.

Given the industrial sound effects, it is possible that this was the song for the removed level since one song title is known as "KWaterMine".

Note that the high-pitched noise in the background is not an error, and is part of the original recording.

Early French (& Spanish) Translation

Although this demo was released in the US only, a very primitive French menu translation can be used by selecting it from the main menu.

The translation mostly adds 'Le' and 'La' to (some) of the options, such as La Options, Le Choose Language, Centre La Vision, Restore Le Default, etc. Some of them are more adventurous, such as 'Le Pressier Startier' (which, meaning aside, isn't used anyway, since this game requires the X button to start).

Interestingly, if you set the language as French, when playing the game, Croc and the trapped Gobbo will speak in Spanish (albeit with typos). Selecting Spanish will also allow them to speak Spanish as expected, but their words will be jumbled and display different phrases to that of the French option. Also of interest is that the Gobbo will tell Croc how to return to the village in Spanish, by using the door. But in this demo, there is no door.

Demo Final
Socorro! Dantinis had cerrado mi amigo en una juala! ¡AYUDA! Dantinis cerrar jaula y esconder llave en cueva!
Han Encuentro tu amigo, gobbo! ¡Vale! Croc ayudar Gobbo!
N/A Si salvas mi amigo ceras mi amigo tambien!
Croc puede utilizar la puerta en la pared para retornar al pueblo ¡Gracias! Usa la puerta por la que Croc Venir para volver al Pueblo


Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: There seems to be a very good possibility that this .DAT file contains other levels, including one that has been removed completely from the final game. Find out how to open the file.

A large file, almost twice the size of the demo itself can be found in the main directory, containing various mentions of other levels. The game uses CROCII.DAT in the CROC2 folder for all level assets.

Judging by the coding, some of the levels include:

  • Save the Bird from the Thief
  • Find 5 Treasure Chests
  • Cannon Boat Keith
  • Soveena the Squid
  • Lava Lamp Larry
  • Village Masher

Removed Underwater Level

Scattered in the DUMMY.DAT are mentions of an underwater level that was seen in an early preview video and screenshots, but completely removed in the final. This is the only build that mentions them.

Barrel Water
Bobbing Barrel
Underwater Big Blocking Barrel
Underwater Exploding Box
Underwater Pushable Cannon
Underwater Sea Monster
Water Explode Model

In addition to this, a strange song name, KWaterMine also exists. Since the original entrance bears a resemblance to a mine, it's very likely that this is the working title.

Removed Enemies


Mentions of an unused enemy seen in early screenshots are also present. This would place them in the level, Save the Bird from the Thief.

Half Coconut
Coconut Monkey

Drill Mouse

Code for a mouse enemy that has also been spotted on a couple of early screenshots.

Drill Bit Doormouse
Drill Bit Doormouse Platform

Mine Cart Dantini

Not found in the final game is this coding for a mine cart Dantini. On the cover of the game, there is a Dantini which could be what this enemy was intended to be.

Mine Cart Dantini
Actual Cart Dantini

Removed Mechanics

Code for a raft not present in the final (Croc uses a Boat instead, although early screenshots show Croc using a raft).

Croc On Raft
Raft Collision Routine
Raft For Croc
Raft For Dantini
BUMP 1 = 
BUMP 2 = 
Raft crystal

Other Unused Text

At 01DA5E40 (and several other locations) CameraLewis is part of the level coding, although it does not exist in the final version. It could be a reference to Lewis Gordon, one of the programmers.

Changing 009BA61C to anything else will cause a "No Memory Card" message to pop up on the screen.

Unused Textures

Most of the textures from Caveman Village are stored in the title screen RAM, but go unused.