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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2/Items

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2.

Acro Boost

The Acro Boost looks significantly different in the Pre-Alpha and Milestone 2. Instead of being a blue lightning bolt with three lines wrapped around it, it is a tan circular icon with a drawing of a person with their legs spread out and little explosion-like shapes comign from their legs and head. Interestingly, the art for the prototype Acro Boost appeared in both the Mplayer demo and the final game.

An earlier version of the Acro Boost's model without a texture appears twice as acro.mdl and skin.mdl. It appears to be the same model, but with the bottom facing up and vice versa.

This item gives an increase to the Acro stat for 60 seconds, though the specific amount is not specified. The final's Acro Boost maxes the player's Acro stat for 30 seconds.

Prototype Final
Dai1997acro.png Daifinalacro.png
Older Acro Boost model Used model
Dai1997oldacro.png Dai1997acro.png


The Antidote gets rid of poison if the player is affected by it. However, there is no poison in the prototype, so it is useless.

What is possibly a model of the Antidote can be found in E2M3; as it looks somewhat similar to the final's.

The "use Antidote" sound is exactly the same between the prototype and the final versions, making it one of the few things in the prototype that got into the final unchanged.

Prototype Final
Simple but practical It's like decorating a bottle of cold medicine from Wal-Mart with jewels and engravings.

Attack Boost

The Attack Boost, like all of the Boost items, looks completely different in this prototype. It is a tan hand holding a gun and firing it while complete cartridges are ejected from the gun. The image is inside a circular shape. Like the other prototype Boost icons, the art for it can be found in the Mplayer demo and the final game.

It gives the player an increase in attack speed for 60 seconds. The final's boosts the player's attack speed to the max for 30 seconds.

Prototype Final
Dai1997attack.png Daifinalattack.png


A backpack from Quake is dropped whenever the player is killed, but its colors depend on the map the player is killed in; in E1M3 it is a dark blue, while in E2M3 the backpack is a grey color.

The prototype Backpack is viewable in a standard Quake model viewer. When viewed, it looks exactly like the Quake Backpack. This suggests that the Milestone 2 and Pre-Alpha Daikatana engine is able to load "Quake" models, but it has a few issues with textures from those models, either because of a changed pallet or because the engine can't read Quake .mdl files with perfect accuracy.

Black Adamant Armor

This armor gives the wearer 250 armor points and absorbs all fire damage. This armor appears in the final's episode 3, but has been downgraded as it gives the player 250 armor points and absorbs only 50% of fire attacks.

It can be found in E3DM1. Its model is the same as the armor model from Quake, but with a corrupted texture.

Black Chest

The item's description is scrambled in items.dll, but from what can be pieced together, the Black Chest would have a 50% chance of exploding when the player opened it, but is otherwise the same as the Wooden Chest listed below. This exists in the final game, but only has a 20% chance of exploding.


The Chainmail armor actually looks like it is made out of chainmail in this prototype. It consists of thin body armor with shoulder pads and has armor for the arms as well. The final design is completely different; it looks like a solid piece of armor, is yellow, has no arm protection, and has a skull in the center of it.

The Chainmail's behavior is exactly the same as the final's; it gives the player 125 armor points and absorbs 1\3 of each attack.

An earlier texture for the Chainmail, dated .bmp texture for this item exists in the \data\skins folder. It looks much more primitive than the Chainmail armor model used in this prototype, to the point where it looks like a t-shirt with a chain overlay on it.

Prototype Final
Dai1997chainmail.png Daichainmailfinal.png
Earlier texture Final
myfirstmetaltexture.psd You can tell this game was directed by a metalhead because of the large amounts of inappropriate skulls everywhere.

Chromatic Armor

The prototype Chromatic Armor gives the player 200 armor points, absorbs 50% of each attack and reflects laser-based attacks, but every time a laser attack is reflected "you take ¼ of the damage". What "you" means is unknown; it could mean the player's health or the armor itself. The final version exists in Episode 1, but has been changed quite a bit; it gives the player 100 armor points, absorbs 50% of each attack and absorbs 90% of an Ion Blaster projectile's damage.



A model for an object called "earwax" can be found in the game's files. When loaded, it looks like a green bottle with brownish string visible. What it was supposed to do is unknown.

Ebonite Armor

The prototype Ebonite Armor absorbs 60% of an attack, but no armor points given are listed. A scrambled list of attributes, "½ of rocket" and "SPECIAL: Tazerhook cannot grab" are found right in front of the Ebonite Armor's listing, but the listings are too scrambled to 100% confirm that the prototype Ebonite Armor has those attributes.

The final's Ebonite appears in Episode 4, absorbs 60% of an attack, but it gives out 200 armor points instead of the unknown amount the prototype one has.



There are two models for the Envirosuit in Milestone 2 and the Pre-Alpha. Both models are technically the same, but have the suit's texture placed very, very slightly different. One model is called "enviro.mdl" and was last modified during July 1997, while the second is called "envirosuit.mdl" and was last modified on August 1997.

The prototype Envirosuit gives the player 60 seconds of free air underwater and protects the player from environmental hazards, such as poisonous gas. It is exactly the same as the final's.

Prototype Final
John Romero's Hazmat Suit Simulation. Even the Quake 1 Biosuit was less blocky that this turd.

Gold Armor

The Gold Armor appears in E3DM1, despite being meant for Episode 2. It uses the armor model from Quake, but with a corrupted texture.

It behaves the same as it does in the final.


The Goldensoul increases the player's health, but the amount is unknown because there is no HUD to show the player's health. In the final, it gives the player 100 health points, up to a 200 max.

A "fade" sound that is unused in the game hints that the Goldensoul's power was designed to shut down after a certain amount of time.

It can be found in E2M3 in the pre-alpha.

Prototype Final
Wow, it's actually colored gold! Props to the Borg for texturing this model!

Health Field

The Health Field is one of the few prototype items not seen in the final version. According to what can be pieced together in items.dll, the Health Field would give the player and people within an unspecified range either, 10, 25 or 40 health. This would be pretty useful for healing yourself and your buddies at the same time in single player mode.

Health Kit 10

The Health Kit 10 gives the player 10-15 health when used.

Health Kit 20

The Health Kit 20 gives the player 20-25 health when used.

Ice Boots

The Ice Boots allow the player to walk on ice without slipping and sliding around like in your average ice-themed video game section. This item cannot be picked up in the game, but a model exists for it in the game's files.

This item appears in the final version's model files, but cannot actually be used in-game.

Prototype Final
Furry and dirty. Call me crazy, but I think there may be a texture error on this model.

Jet Boots

The Jet Boots did not appear in the final version. The description in items.dll states that the Jet Boots give the player 60 seconds of flying time, but it is impossible to pick this item up. It appears in E1M3.

Kelvar Armor

The prototype Kelvar Armor is the exact same as the final Kevlar; it gives the player 100 armor points and absorbs 40% of each attack.


The Megashield is much different in the prototype; instead of giving the player 400 armor points, the Megashield makes the player completely invulnerable for 30 seconds. Right before the Megashield runs out, the message "Green Elf needs food badly." appears in the console; a reference to Gauntlet.

It also looks different as well; it is a shield, but it has spikes on it and appears to be made out of wood and metal, while the final's has no spikes, a large skull on it and appears to be made solely out of metal.

The Megashield uses significantly different sounds when compared to the final's, but some of the old Megashield sounds were reused for the Save Gem.

This item can be picked up in E2M3 in both Milestone 2 and the Pre-Alpha, and in all Episode 4 levels in Milestone 2.

Prototype Final
I bet touching one of those spikes is like touching one of those plants with the barbs on their seeds that hurt like a bitch if they manage to puncture your skin. Romero loves his skulls, doesn't he?
Prototype Megashield "pickup" sound Final Save Gem "pickup" sound


The Oxylung is an item that does not appear in the final version. It gives the player 60 seconds of air while underwater, but there are no underwater segments in E1M3, the map it appears in, making it impossible to see if this actually works in the prototype. However, it does eventually run out when picked up, so at least its timer is working.

Plasteel Armor

The prototype Plasteel Armor gives the player 100 armor points and absorbs 1\3 of each attack. The Plasteel Armor received quite the buff in the final version, as the final's gives the player 200 armor points and absorbs 75% of each attack.

It can be found in E1M3.

Prototype Final
Puke green looks great on anything! Somewhere out there is a Gundam that's pissed that someone stole its armor.


The Potion looks a lot more primitive than it does in the final game. Instead of being a silver flask with a lion on it, the Potion is a green bottle with no designs on it.

Items.dll claims that the Potion gives the player 25 health, but in-game, it gives 10 health. The health value listed in items.dll is the same as the final's Potion.

Prototype Final
Dai1997healthpotion.png Daifinalpotion.png

Power Boost

In this prototype, the Power Boost is a tan giant fist pointing upwards with an explosion graphic coming from the top of the fist. The fist is inside a circle.

The prototype Power Boost upgrades the player's Power rating for an unspecified amount for 60 seconds, while the final's boosts the player's Power rating to its max for 30 seconds.

Prototype Final
Dai1997power.png Daifinalpower.png

Silver Armor

The prototype Silver Armor absorbs ½ of each attack, but the amount of armor points it gives is not specified. In the final, the Silver Armor gives the player 200 armor points in addition to absorbing ½ of an attack.

Speed Boost

The prototype Speed Boost graphic is a tan and cartoony graphic of a man running to the right. A huge cloud and action lines indicating movement can be seen to his left.

The prototype's Speed Boost enhances the player's speed stat by an unknown amount for 60 seconds, while the final's maxes the player's speed stat for 30 seconds.

Prototype Final
Dai1997speed.png Daifinalspeed.png

Vita Boost

The 1997 version of the Vita Boost is a tan and opened vitamin with globes coming out of it.

The prototype's Vita Boost enhances the player's vitality stat by an unknown amount for 60 seconds, while the final's maxes the player's vitality stat for 30 seconds.

Prototype Final
Dai1997vitality.png Daifinalvitality.png

Wooden Chest

The prototyped Wooden Chest doesn't have the metal rounded shapes on its side, has a flat top, and a very visible bottom.

The wooden chest gives the player either an antidote, potion, wisp ammo (ammo for the Wyndrax's Wisp weapon, which appears in the prototype) or nightmare ammo (doesn't correspond with any of the weapons in the prototype, but does fit Nharre's Nightmare).

Prototype Final
Dai1997chest.png Daifinalchest.png


The Wraithorb has two models in Milestone 2 and the Pre-Alpha. The first model is called "wraithorb.mdl" and was last modifed on August 1997. It is an orb with fire-like textures surrounding it. On opposite sides of the orb is a large skull surrounded by three smaller skulls with the Wraithorb's fire texture in their mouth and eyesockets.

The second Wraithorb model is called "wraith.mdl" and was last modified during June 1997. This model is also an orb, but has a texture of a skull with smoke surrounding it placed on the orb. However, the texture is placed pretty badly, as only the upper half has the skull on it. The bottom half is black. The texture for this Wraithorb model can be viewed with any program that can view .bmps.

The prototype Wraithorb makes the player invisible for 60 seconds, while the final's gives the player 30 seconds. However, it is impossible to pick it up in the prototype, so it is unknown if the invisibility is like Quake's (completely invisible) or like the final's Wraithorb (you become semi-transparent, then go full transparent when you stand still).

Its "wait" sound is the same between the prototype and final versions. The prototype pickup sound is similar to the final's, but the final sound has some sort of strange distortion sound the prototype one doesn't.

Prototype Final
Dai1997wraithorb.png Daiwraithorbfinal.png
Older model Final
Dai1997wrathorbold.png Daiwraithorbfinal.png
Older model texture Final
Don't look at me like that! Everybody knows that demons hide their invisibility powers in transparent beach balls.
Prototype Pickup sound Final Pickup sound

Quake 1 Items

Models for the Quad Damage and Pentagram of Protection can be found in the game's files and opened up in a Quake 1 model viewer just fine, but there doesn't seem to be any code for them listed in items.dll. It's likely that they were temporary models for items until a real model was made.

Health Kit

This item can be picked up in E1M3. It gives 10 health when picked up.

Health Field Cannister(sic)


Like the Health Kit, the Health Field Cannister(sic) can be found in E1M3. It restores 25 health when obtained.