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Proto:Spyro: A Hero's Tail/Preview Build (August 3rd, 2004)

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Spyro: A Hero's Tail.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

A preview build was released as part of Project Deluge on Hidden Palace.

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Dragon Village
Differences in the starting world.
Crocovile Swamp
Changes to the swamp.


Proto Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoTitle.png SpyroAHT-PS2Title.png

The title screen displays build information at the bottom. Spyro also remains serious, instead of having a smile here and there. The box around the 'Start' option is also missing, and the background has changed. After reaching this point, the screen rushes into the demo video shortly after.

Proto Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoLoad.png SpyroAHT-Load.png

The prototype uses an earlier logo on the loading screens, and the radar is missing.

General Differences

  • The map screen has several differences:
Proto Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoMap.png SpyroAHT-Map.png

The options are displayed on the bottom left of the screen instead of the corners, and the collectibles are at the top left of the map instead of on their own bar at the top. There are no green borders and the map is larger. The arrow is smaller and there are three lines following Spyro's (smaller) marker that were removed in the final. Lastly, the bottom of the map includes an extra location ID.

  • Dragon Eggs and Light Gems have a different sound effect when collected:
Protoype Final
  • 'Restart Point Set!' displays whenever Spyro reaches a save point:
  • The fire bombs were remade for the final. In the prototype, they resemble generic red crystals:
Prototype Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoFireBomb.png SpyroAHT-FireBomb.png
  • The chest lid is thrown back in the prototype, but only mildly open in the final:
Prototype Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoChestOpen.png SpyroAHT-ChestOpen.png
  • Spyro can't move while he receives locked chest items in the final, but he can in the preview prototype.
  • Pink eggs have a different texture:
Prototype Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoEgg.png SpyroAHT-Egg.png
  • Hunter's texture was greatly improved for the final, with sharper details:
Prototype Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoHunter.png SpyroAHT-Hunter.png
  • When an explanation screen appears, the preview build shows the name of the last character to speak on top of the speech box. The final removes this.
  • In the final, only the flame breath is said to work on fireworks. The preview also includes electric breath:



Many cutscenes have rendering issues, or different lighting compared to the final.

Proto Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoCutscene1.png SpyroAHT-Cutscene1.png

Gnasty Gnorc's area is missing from the prototype cutscene. He enters a void instead.

Proto Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoCutscene2.png SpyroAHT-Cutscene2.png

This cutscene uses a much brighter blue, despite Red cursing the land. Red also possesses a much less detailed pendant and strap.

Proto Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoProf.png SpyroAHT-Prof.png

There's an extra pipe near the Professor, which was removed in the final.

Moneybags' Shop

Items are unnamed in the prototype, and several items have a different description:

Prototype Final
KeyChain for Sparx Lockpick so you can carry 3 Lockpicks. Keychain - Allows you to carry up to 3 Lock-Picks for Sparx.
Restores you to full health Butterfly Jar - Restores Sparx to full health.
Powerup that doubles the value of all Gems. Double Value Gems - Power-Up that doubles the value of all Gems.
Increases the range of the Horndrive shockwave. Shockwave - Increases the range of the Horn Drive to give it a large concussive shockwave.
Teleport to a previously activated restart pad. Teleport Pass - Allows you to teleport to a previously activated Remote Shop Pad.
Ammo for ice breath secondary fire - press R1 to use. Ice Missile - Ammo for Freeze Breath secondary fire - press R1 to use.
Magazine for flame breath secondary fire so you can carry 5 more. Fire Bomb Magazine - Magazine for the Flame Breath secondary fire so you can carry 5 more.
  • The Shockwave costs 5,000 Gems in the prototype, but 10,000 Gems in the final.
  • The Extra Health Unit costs just 500 Gems in the prototype, but 5,000 Gems in the final.
Proto Final
SpyroAHT-ProtoMoneybags.png SpyroAHT-Moneybags.png

The items are less faded in the prototype, lacking the green tint, and the purple glow highlighting the selected item. The boxes for Buy & Exit are smaller, and all have a grey tint instead of green. The price text is a little larger.