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WWF Attitude (PlayStation)/Unused Audio/Unused Match Commentary

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This is a sub-page of WWF Attitude (PlayStation)/Unused Audio.

Bundled amongst the three or so hours of recorded lines, there are clips that don't reach the ears of the player. For some, this is because the feature was cut during development. For others, who knows.

Note that for every line that features a gender, an equivalent exists for the other gender. All lines by Shane McMahon unless stated.

Corner Groggy

These are unused because there is no specific commentary for being whipped to, or pummeled in, the corner.

Audio Phrase
Dazed in the corner
Gotta get out of there
In the corner
In the corner with nowhere to go
Into the corner
Out in the corner
Slumps in the corner
Stuck in the corner

Covering / Pinning

As above, there is no specific commentary for pinning a felled opponent, only for rolling up a standing one.

Audio Phrase
Flat on the back
Going for the cover (two takes)
He goes for the cover
Hooks the leg
... is looking up at those lights
It's over right here King
Over for the cover
She hooks the leg
The cover!
The cover by...
The leg's hooked
There's the cover!


Putting the hurting on people to make them quit, you best believe there's quotes for that!

Audio Phrase
Do you give?
Goes for the submission
High leverage submission hold there
I can hear him tapping King
Painful submission hold there
Say Uncle
She goes for the submission King
Submission hold by...
Tries for the submission here
Will she tap out?

Move Impact

Occasionally after high impact moves you'll get a taunt from the person who dealt the damage. but rarely anything from commentary. It's on the disc though.

Audio Phrase
Very smooth high impact move there
Brutal maneuver there
Lots of leverage there
Oh King, he got decapitated
This is a slugfest king
What a move right there
Right onto the hard concrete floor
Up, close and personal with the concrete
What a move right there

Move / Taunt Names

One obvious omission from commentary compared to Warzone, is the play by play calling of the moves. It isn't due to the lack of audio, the names of most wrestler's finisher and trademarks exist. The Rock gets special treatment with seven separate variations, conclusively proving Vince likes him more than Stone Cold.

Wrestler Audio Move/Taunt
BA Billy Gunn
Ass Kisser
Blood Bath
Gothic DDT
Big Bossman
Bossman Slam
Bronco Buster
Paul Bearer
Buffet Buster
Chyna Downstairs
Clothesline From Hell
Sgt. Slaughter
Cobra Clutch
Slaughter Cannon
Road Dogg
Crazy Legs Knee Drop
Stretch Armstrong
Juke and Jive
Curtain Call
Shattered Dreams
Mark Henry
Death From Above
D'Lo Brown
D'Lo Leaf
Lo Down
Sky High
Downward Spiral
Electric Chair Facebuster
Dr Death
Dr Bomb
Kick of Death
Too Sexy
Brian Christopher
Full Nelson Leg Sweep
Tennesse Jam
Triple H
High Knee
Ho! Train
Pimp Drop
Kurrgan Shuffle
Mick Foley/Mankind/
Cactus Jack/Dude Love
Mandible Claw
Mr Socko
Sockable Claw
Double Arm DDT
Marc Mero
Jerry Lawler
Memphis Piledriver
Taka Michinoku
Michinoku Driver
Val Venis
Money Shot
Porn Pretzel
Venis Envy
Mosh Pit
Stage Dive
Flying Butt Bump
'Banger Body Splash
New Jersey Naptime
Three Point Charge
The Rock
People's Elbow
People's Kick
Corporate Elbow
Corporate Kick
Rock Bottom
Layin' The Smackdown
The People's Kick
Steve Blackman
Pump Kick
Shawn Michaels
Rocker Dropper
Sweet Chin Music
Sable Bomb
Ken Shamrock
Ankle Lock Submission
Owen Hart
Inverted Piledriver
Al Snow
Skylight Press
Snow Plow
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Stunner
Vertical Body Press
Tombstone Piledriver
Jeff Jarrett
Don't Piss Me Off
Spinning Heel Kick
Power To The Nation
Big Right Hand
Working on the railroad
Working on the railroad (singing)

Removed Jobber Names

The game was to initially contain a band of jobbers for season mode. As they were removed, most names and designs were subsumed into the Create A Wrestler mode. Some nicknames, however, were left out altogether.

Audio Name
Bubba (King only)
The Chin (King)
The Chin Chinny Chin
El Giganto
Trailer Trash

Tag Team Saves

Breaking up a pinning combination or submission attempt in a tag team match doesn't elicit any specific commentary, but it is there on the disc.

Audio Phrase
And it's broken up
Big time save
... breaks it up
Great tag team strategy King
Just in time
... made the save
... makes the save
That's what friends are for
That's what you call a good tag team King
... was just able to make the save there
... with the save
... with the save big time

Royal Rumble Eliminations / Tossed Out The Ring

There are a few quotes for being thrown over the top rope by a grapple move, but none for being pickup up and dumped. Maybe these were they. Also comments about being thrown through the ropes, something you can't do in game.

Audio Phrase
Going, going, gone
Going outdoors
Head first, over the top rope
He goes over the top
...just dumped him outside
Nice toss out
... sails over the top rope
She got dumped
There's a toss out
Head first through the ropes
... tossed that piece of trash
... tosses her over the top
... tosses him out effortlessly
Tossed through the ropes
The whip to the outside
Up and over
Up and over the ropes
Up, up and away (first one is used, second isn't)

Post Throw Out

This section includes phrases regarding the eventual dumping ground of thrown out characters. Note that the first is the only commentary line in the game that doesn't have a similar line for the opposite sex.

Audio Phrase
I was hoping she would land in our lap, King
I can't believe she threw her that far, King
He's gonna be in a world of hurt now
That's what happens when you get thrown outside, King

Royal Rumble Win

Another case where no specific commentary is heard for the occasion despite it being there for both commentators in all their 14KHz monaural glory.

Audio Phrase
... beats 'em all
... has won it
... is the last one standing
... takes it

Cage Matches

There's some cage specific commentary uttered during matches, but there's plenty more that's not.

Climbing the Cage

Climbing the cage at any time elicits the same commentary whether you can climb out and win or not. One of these should be played instead when you're in such an advantageous position.

Audio Phrase
Uh oh, she can win this match if she can make it to the top
He's going for the win
This could be it right here
... with an attempt to get over the top
... can win it right here
... with a chance to win it here
... goes for the win
... is going for the climbout

And one of these should be played if you fail, or get thrown into it.

Audio Phrase
That steel cage is unforgiving
Oh, coming down the hard way
Couldn't make it over the top
Down to the mat!
Coming down on the wrong side (of town)
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
Takes a long drop
... isn't gonna let her out that easy


There's even explicit speech for actually getting out, from both commentators.

Audio Phrase
Good thing he got out of there
He escapes
She gets out
She made it
He made it over
She makes it out
He's outta there
Over the top for the win

End of the Match

At the end of the match you usually end up with silence from the commentators. They just can't bring themselves to bring a close to preceedings.

Audio Phrase
He gets it
He takes the match
That's all she wrote
The fat lady's signing now
And that's it, end of story
300px Game over
And the match is over
It's all over
Get ready for the dirt nap
This match is over
Fuggedaboud, this one's over
Turn out the lights
What a match


The basic rules of Pro Wrestling define four ways to win a match, this game says to hell with the rules and only implements three. You can never be disqualified, so at least these have a reason for not being heard.

Audio Phrase
... gets disqualified
... wins by disqualification
There's a disqualification

Count Outs

Audio Phrase
... couldn't make it in in time
... wins by a countout
... won by a countout
There's the countout

Aerial Move Reaction

These people were jumping off of things onto concrete long before Youtube existed, but you don't hear them talking about it. That's why it's here.


Audio Phrase
Off the apron
Clear the runway!
Coming from upstairs!
Coming off the top of the cage
Da plane! Da plane!
(This is an impression of Tattoo from Fantasy Island)
From the top of the cage
From WAY upstairs!
It's the halo jump
Look out below
Off the cage
Top of the cage


Audio Phrase
Oops, that didn't pay (King)
Who was piloting that plane King?
Ooh, that plane didn't have a pilot (King)
Ooh, suck that one up (King)
He got out of the way just in time
Ouch, what a loser (King)

Fake Outs / Sneak Attacks

Underhanded heelish tactics make this a perfect time to shine for Attitude Era Jerry Lawler.

Audio Phrase
He lured him into that one!
She faked her out!
(That was a) Great fake!
Good defence there
He's such a sneak
He was lucky
He was playing possum
Oh, that's just not right, Shane
Nice defensive move
That came out of nowhere Shane
That was pure luck
Where'd that come from?
Very deceptive!
Very nice!
Bite her ear! (laughing)

Bite her ear!

She really suckered...
She sure fooled...
That really surprised...
... wasn't expected that
... can't believe it
... didn't see that coming
... fell for it


If you leave the game to its own devices during a match you either get beat up, or for a multiplayer match, nothing. You probably should have got this commentary instead, courtesy of the King.

Audio Phrase
Somebody didn't take their vitamins today
Do something, anything!
I got into this show for free Shane, and it still wasn't worth it
I wonder if they heard the bell
I'll tell you something Shane, if I were in there most of them would be dead by now
Catching up on a little lost sleep are we?
Maybe they're all just stupid
Move, move, move
This must be a new kind of submission tactic, Shane
There not doing anything, what idiots
I'd rather watch two old women slap each other
What's going on? When did we start pausing for commercials?
They're wrestling impaired
They don't know which end is up Shane
Let's see, elect... election... electricute... oh here it is, of or relating to a measurement of brain activity

(This is in relation to the King's "Electroencephalographically challenged" line)

Y'know Shane, most of these fans haven't eaten in a long time. There's no telling what they'll do
Uh oh, it looks like Mom caught him playing video games before homework again
Bad news Shane. I think we're running out of air in here!
Hey! I don't think you realize that while you may be taking a break, we're still working hard in here.
Uh, maybe someone out there got stuck in the bathroom


Clips that don't fit into any of the other categories.

Audio Phrase
That's it, break it off
Going for the ride
How hideous
Man, they are going crazy
She coldcocked her
She's getting her lovely buttocks handed to her
Shut up you little twit (King)
Woo! Get pumped up
Studley! (King)