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¡Qué pasa, NENG!

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Title Screen

¡Qué pasa, NENG!

Developer: Mere Mortals
Publisher: Phoenix Games
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in EU: December 11, 2006 (ES)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page

¡Que pasa, NENG! (What's up, NENG!) is a video game based on Neng de Castefa, a character created by the Spanish comedian Edu Soto, through which he parodies the urban tribe of the Bakalas. It features five minigames.

It had a predominantly negative reception in specialized media reviews such as the Spanish video game portal MeriStation, which awarded a score of 2 out of 10. Despite this, many copies were sold, resulting in the game being easy to find in second-hand stores.


Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

Unused Audio and Thumbnails

Present in BIGFILE.PKF are the game's sound clips in VAG format, as well as the original (and unused) WAV clip for each one with the same name.

There's also seven Thumbs.db files inside BIGFILE.PKF, some of which contain early versions of game textures.

Unused Textures

Fortune (La Fortuna Rueda)

In Fortune textures is an unused message telling the player to take a risk:
QuePasaNeng Risk.png

There's also two number sprites suggesting that roulette once had points instead of cars:
QuePasaNeng Wheel$wheel-1-1-1.png QuePasaNeng Wheel$wheel test 02.png

Xonix (La Guardia)

Two textures of an early board can be found in the unused Thumbs.db of this minigame with the sentence "GO NENG!!?" instead of the NENG photograph.

Early Final
QuePasaNeng Board.jpg QuePasaNeng Board1.jpg QuePasaNeng FinalBoard.png

FlyCatch (Spot Konstitu)

A blue version of the sight exists.

Unused Used
QuePasaNeng BallTexture1.png QuePasaNeng BallTexture.png

There's also two PNG versions of the used muse$new01.bmp called new01.png (with alpha layer) and muse$new01 copy.png (without alpha layer) and an early unused version of this bug textures.

Unused Bug Textures Used Bug Textures
QuePasaNeng Muse$01.png QuePasaNeng Muse$new01.png

MadDoctors (Ambulancia)

A unique and early disk can be found for this minigame Thumbs.db with the X key featuring what seems to be a CD instead of a vinyl:
QuePasaNeng Disk4$tablet4-2.BMP.jpg

Tetris (El Embalaje)

A 16×16 totally white texture named cube$white4test.BMP can be found in Tetris textures. Final cube textures are 32×32.

There's also an unused car$interior.png file which is a scaled-down 256×256 PNG copy of the used 512×512 car$interior.bmp.


What seems to be a default texture is present in many folders, and it's never used.
QuePasaNeng default.png

However, this texture is used for the save icon of Skateboard Madness: Xtreme Editon, another game by Phoenix Games.

An early texture of the "Press X to continue" message exists saying "Pulsa X Continuar" instead of the final's "Pulsa X Para Continuar":
QuePasaNeng Continue.png

There are textures with the untranslated English words "Yes" and No" in the MemCard texture folder:
QuePasaNeng Memcard-yes.png QuePasaNeng Memcard-no.png