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3D Brick Bustin' Madness

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Title Screen

3D Brick Bustin' Madness

Also known as: 3D Brick Busters
Developer: Webfoot Technologies
Publishers: Cosmi
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

A 3D Breakout clone.

Unused Graphics


3dbrickbustin BACKUP .png

GFX\BACKGROU\_BACKUP_.PCX in RESOURCE.DAT is one of the level backgrounds with the lead artist Dana Dominiak's signature in the bottom corner.


3dbrickbustin 1.png3dbrickbustin 2.png3dbrickbustin SMILE.png

GFX\BASE has three unused graphics. 1.PCX is the number 1, 2.PCX is a Native American's face, and SMILE.PCX is a smile.