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3D Pool (Amiga)

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Title Screen

3D Pool

Developer: Aardvark Software
Publisher: Firebird Software
Platform: Amiga
Released internationally: 1989

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.

Developer Message

Loaded into memory at 10B9 by the game is this message from the programmer.

Maltese Joe plays 3D-Pool.  
Designed & Programmed by Orlando  (lucky geezer, eh?)  

...I know this should be a scrolling message, but, well, times are hard. 
Please don't pirate this game - my last three games bombed out and I'm 
on the breadline, paying off debts. 

"Millionaire whizz coder prangs Porsche" - HA! 

... no chance of that! I don't even own a pushbike, let alone a car. 
This is my first 16-bit game: if you rip it off, it'll be my last. 
For what it's worth though, I hope you really enjoy the game - I've been 
working on it for a year now, and I still love it.

Before I disappear, some quick 'thank you's.... 

Thanks to Colin Fuidge, and Joe 'Big Q' Bonar for all their support and 
encouragement during gestation (I s'pose)... 

Also, ta Gary Liddon for his 'specialist' knowledge (without him 
the world would be an emptier place). 

Generally, thanks to all at TelecomSoft (as was) - it's the end of an era, folks. 

Thanks to MicroProse - let's take it from here.   

Biggest thanks goes to a certain small furry animal. (((I'll see you later))) 

Many thanks to all the people who shelled out money 
for this - you're the people this is really for.

Stop reading this! go back and play the game!!

There is no cheat-mode!!