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Title Screen


Also known as: Typhoon (EU)
Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Platform: Arcade (Custom)
Released in JP: December 1987[1]
Released in US: January 1988[1]
Released in EU: 1988

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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Version differences and unused text(?).

A-Jax, known as Typhoon in Europe, is an interesting shoot em up by Konami that switches between 2D overhead stages and 3D behind-the-back stages. The music and graphics are also pretty good.

Unused Music

These unused tracks were first issued on the album Music from Super Contra & A-Jax (K30X-7702), but there the tracks only loop once. Versions that loop twice were released on the Konami Shooting Collection box set (LC-2039~2048).

Title Track Notes
Interestingly enough, this track would later be used in a completely different game, F-1 Spirit, a top-down racing game for the MSX.

Unused Graphics


Some unused filler tiles、including the name "A-Jax" written in katakana (エージャックス).

(Source: Ferrox)

Regional Differences

Title Screen

AJax-title.png Typhoon-title.png

When the game was released in Europe, the title was changed to Typhoon.

Stage Order

The European release changes the level order for 3 stages, starting the game with the first 3D stage and moving the first 2D stage to after the second 2D stage.

Stage order
Stage number A-Jax Typhoon
Stage 1 2D Stage 1 3D Stage 1
Stage 2 3D Stage 1 2D Stage 2
Stage 3 2D Stage 2 2D Stage 1
Stage 4 2D Stage 3 2D Stage 3
Stage 5 3D Stage 2 3D Stage 2
Stage 6 2D Stage 4 2D Stage 4
Stage 7 2D Stage 5 2D Stage 5
Stage 8 3D Stage 3 3D Stage 3


For the first 3D stage, the overseas release uses a different track called "A-JAX" which isn't used in the Japanese release. However, the track "DIVE BOMBER" for the first 3D stage in the Japanese version does end up getting used for the final 3D stage in the overseas version. In return, the track "THE FINAL ZONE" is only used in the Japanese version for the final stage and isn't used in the overseas version.

3D Stage 1 BGM
Japan Overseas

3D Stage 3 BGM
Japan Overseas