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A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Objects/Level Objects

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This is a sub-page of A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Unused Objects.



A class used in the Beta; underwater fish that swim around, acting as strictly background detail. At the top of its class file, it states that it was deprecated because you can’t swim underwater anymore. Works perfectly if reinstated into the game, and the navigation points used by the fish in Mafia Town’s ocean are still placed in-game. Each fish generated by it is assigned a random material from an array of available materials, however, one material that can be found in the Modding Tools for the fish is not present in the array, giving an unused fish type.

Hat_AnimatedDecal and Hat_AnimatedDecal_Snatcher

The class files used for Snatcher’s 2D appearance in the Alpha and Beta builds on the scrapped 3rd floor of Vanessa’s Manor. No longer in the current final game or the Modding Tools.


AHatIntime PlatformAirmobile(Object).png

A static mesh of the Airmobile that can be stood on. Has long since been removed from the final game and the Modding Tools.


AHatIntime RainbowBalloon(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
The rainbow balloons that could be found floating around Mafia Town in the Beta. They use a unique, scrolling material on its model, which would later see use for the birthday beach balls added in the 5th anniversary update for the game. Popping it spawns a Hat_Collectible_LevelTablet, which has also been scrapped and deprecated. This class file still exists in the Modding Tools.

Hat_Beehive, Hat_Beehive_Hard, Hat_Beehive_VeryHard, and Hat_Bees

AHatIntime Bees(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
Beehives, an unused mechanic intended for Subcon Forest. These can be seen in prerelease footage from a Dev Stream on February 27, 2016. The model and materials used by the object are otherwise unused. Smacking the beehive with an attack will cause it to swap models, using a version of the beehive model that isn’t designed to hook onto a ceiling. A particle-based Actor, ‘Hat_Bees’, will then begin to pursue the player, damaging them if they make contact. If the player can attack the beehive enough times, it’ll break, and the bees will dissipate. Beehives can be made hold an item inside, which will be released upon the beehive being destroyed. The item will be visible in the hole in the hive as well. Beehives come in three difficulties, each one a different color. Yellow is normal, red is hard, and purple is very hard. The bees released will also match the color of the hive.

Hat_Bench_Minecart and Hat_Bench_SciencePod

Two unused types of benches, one that can move on a set path, and one intended for Murder on the Owl Express. Neither class is not deprecated, for some reason. Once Hat Kid sits in the minecart, it’ll begin moving along its assigned path, and when it reaches the end, it’ll fling her up in the air and explode.

Hat_Bonfire_Purple and Hat_SubconPainting_Purple

AHatIntime PurplePaintingAndBonfire(Object).png
The purple bonfire and paintings seen in prerelease footage and screenshots. Both use a unique and otherwise unused HUD icon for the paintings. They behave exactly the same as the other bonfires and paintings.


AHatIntime SpeakerRobot(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
Bot Class: "Hat_Bot_SpaceshipSpeakerRobot"

A scrapped character that never appeared in any prerelease footage or screenshots. Its entire coding was commented-out, so it must be un-commented-out and re-inserted using the Modding Tools to have it function. It tries to find nav points placed in the level within a short radius, and will drive over to one, drive in circles for a few seconds, then move to another point, if one exists. Bouncing on top of it will cause the speaker hidden in its body to pop out. Bouncing on it again will hide the speaker. The character makes no noise and cannot harm Hat Kid. Given its name, its behavior, and its appearance, it may have been some kind of early version of Rumbi, Hat Kid’s rumba in the final game.

Hat_BreakableCrate_Base and Hat_BreakableCrate

An unused crate object that can only be broken by enemies. It has commented-out coding to spawn a single Health Pon when broken. There are no particles or sound when it breaks, instead abruptly popping out of existence. It has long since been removed from the final game and Modding Tools.


A strange object apparently intended for Sand ‘n Sails, according to the folder its placed in in the Modding Tools. The object itself is a variant of the giant faucet handles in Mafia Town, the ones used during Heating Up Mafia Town. It was set to use placeholder models from Team Fortress 2, but the model assignment was commented-out. Aside from that, it has no unique coding to itself.


The strange Aperture logo Actor that used in Mafia Town when the game first released, which would react to having its picture taken by the player's camera. At some point, the Actor was removed from the level, the class file was deprecated, and its coding was wiped. It's still present in the Modding Tools, though.

Hat_CarryChain and Hat_CarryChain_Plug

The physics-based plugs that can be seen in the Alpha version of Mafia Town. ALL physics-based objects were dummied-out natively for the final game, which means this Actor no longer works the way it should. It can still be picked up and carried around, but the physics-based cord it had does not spawn. It has long since been removed from both the final game and Modding Tools.


AHatIntime CarryableBirdEgg(Object).png
A large bird egg that can be picked up and carried around. It was intended to be used in Pumping Pumpkin Factory, as shown in Habboi’s developer playthrough of the level.


AHatIntime CarryablePumpkin(Object).png
A pumpkin that can be picked up and carried around. Most likely intended for Pumping Pumpkin Factory.


AHatIntime CarryableTrafficCone(Object).png
A simple traffic cone that can be picked up and carried around. The model it uses is from Dead Bird Studio, so maybe it was meant to be used there.


A small barrel that Hat Kid can pick up. Probably meant for Mafia Town. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


A green Pon that behaves no differently than a normal green Pon. It appears more green than the normal variant, however, much like all green Pons did in the Beta.


AHatIntime EXPBit(Object).gif
A Pon that looks like Rift Pons do in the final game. This is a very old leftover, stemming from when the game would have more RPG-like systems, such as experience points. This Pon would presumably have given the player experience points. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


Not unused in the game, but not used in normal gameplay. Used in the remnants of Moon Stars in the initial release. It's an egg creature that emits a blue beam to let the player know where it is, and bounces around when free. In the Beta, these used a shiny star model instead. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


AHatIntime SpeedBoost(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
An item which uses a unique model: a 3D stylized arrow. The model's material has a flashing effect that makes a wave of yellow move over the whole model. Collecting it makes fire appear at Hat Kid's feet, locks her into her 'running away from Vanessa' animation, and makes her move faster. This was used in the Beta during Train Rush. The speed Hat Kid can run while under the effects of this item matches the speed of the Sprint Hat. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


AHatIntime CollectibleStar(Object).png
A shiny 3D star. Uses objective Actors to guide the player to it. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.

Hat_CommunityStamp_Base and Hat_CommunityStamp

Leftovers from an early online interaction system. Basically, players could take pictures of their journey through the game and leave polaroids that displayed their picture around the levels in the game. According to its coding, the player would also be greeted with a message upon interacting with one. The coding for this system was wiped for the final game, but could still be found in the Speedrun builds. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.

Hat_CoopRespawn_Base and Hat_CoopRespawn

Purple crystals that would handle the respawning of a player in Co-op mode. Used in the Beta during the secret levels after falling into a bottomless pit. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


A unique Actor that appears to heavily modify the lighting in the current level. Has a few chunks of commented-out coding that reference Point Light Actors. Seems to target Skeletal Meshes prominently, adjusting the 'Ambient' and 'Light' variables in the materials being used on them. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


A test Actor meant to see how randomly spawning enemies and Pon trails in Sand 'n Sails would feel. Jonas mentioned this in an interview with Beta 64, and said it never 'quite felt right'. It spawns Shock Squids and Pons trails towards nearby Sand Island Points endlessly, eventually lagging and crashing the game if allowed to function for an extended period of time. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


A navigation node Actor intended for the Beta's version of Murder on the Owl Express. Was to be used when making all suspects line up to be interrogated. Each suspect would move to one of these points.


A door that was used in the Twilight Dungeon from Sand 'n Sails. It is a static model, and does not animate when the player enters it. It does, however, use a unique function that makes it turn blue when the player enters it.


An early version of the purple vaults that Hat Kid uses in Purple Rifts to move between floors. Does not play a sound when the player has enough Rift Pons to enter it and does not open the HUD to show how far the player has progressed into the Purple Rift. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


AHatIntime DwellerJumpPad(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
An Actor that uses a unique model of the water pump tornadoes. Jumping on it plays the same sound that plays when jumping on a mushroom. It bounces the player up a certain distance.

Snatcher Boss Dweller Fruit

Class: "Hat_DwellerFruit_SnatcherFake"

The fake cherry that Snatcher would drop in one of his scrapped attacks for his boss fight, only to have it be a trap fruit that blows up in the player's face. If the player picks it up, they cannot drop it, meaning that the explosion would be unavoidable. However, the amount of damage the fruit is set to do is 0, meaning that it was just a harmless prank. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


A large, red balloon with a flame icon on it that doesn't appear anywhere else. It acts like a flamethrower. This was meant for some of the original ways the player would access Mafia HQ in versions of the game after the Alpha builds but before the Beta builds.

Hat_FloorFlipSercet_Base and Hat_FloorFlipSecret

AHatIntime FloorPanel(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
Oddly, these Actors were never deprecated, unlike most other unused Actors here. These are faithful recreations of the secret floor panels from the first two Paper Mario games. If Hat Kid uses the Ice Hat next to it, it'll flip up, and an item will pop out. These were eventually used as the base for the manholes in Nyakuza Metro. The 'Base' class file is no longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


A gravestone that acts like a Forest Dweller, able to be absorbed into cherries to create cherry bombs. This was used in the Beta builds, in Subcon Caves (Well). No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


An Actor that was meant to be placed around Subcon Forest. It randomizes which enemy it spawns when the level loads. It could spawn Rough Patches, Shrombs, Light Plants, and Venus Traps, although Venus Traps are commented out from the enemy table in its code.

Hat_ForestTrap_Base, Hat_ForestTrap, and Hat_ForestTrap_Blank

AHatIntime ForestTrap(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
The spike arenas seen in prerelease footage of the game. The player would enter one of these and be forced to fight enemies. This Actor can spawn waves of enemies after all enemies previously spawned by it are defeated, meaning that these spike traps could've been enemy gauntlets.


A VERY old leftover Actor, stemming from the Calcite era of development. The player would open one of these in Limbo to pick a save file. All of its coding was wiped in the final game, and now it's no longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


The replay data that would be recorded during a Ghost Race in the Cosmo Prototype. Does not function anymore, despite most of its coding being intact.


The bad chocolate meant to be spewed by the Alpha version of the Toilet of Doom.


Bot class: "Hat_Bot_Guard"

Seems to be somewhat of an early version of the security guards used in Chapter 2. The guard can patrol a route, and if they see a player, it calls an interaction event. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


Scrapped hazard/attack for the Conductor/DJ Grooves boss fight. It's a studio light that goes flying upward, likely as a result of a Time Piece being broken. Otherwise, the context for this hazard is unknown. Uses a unique particle and sounds. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.

Hat_Hazard_GiantMurderKnife and Hat_Hazard_GiantMurderKnife_Platform

Only Hat_HazardGiantMurderKnife_Platform has any unique coding. Hat_HazardGiantMurderKnife just has default properties set up; it doesn't appear to do anything. Hat_HazardGiantMurderKnife_Platform is spawned hidden, and was meant to be activated by coding in the Conductor/DJ Grooves boss. It would then appear, and begin spinning faster and faster above them. That appears to be the extent of its coding. It's not coded to be destroyed or to harm the player in any way.

Hat_Hazard_GooPuddle and Hat_Hazard_GooPuddle_Wide

AHatIntime GooPuddle(Object).png
Two hazards meant for an older version of the final's Toilet of Doom fight. Essentially acid puddles that the player would have to avoid.


A version of the smackable tree meant for Sand 'n Sails. Applies the normally unused desert dance materials to the tree, but is expecting the Beta's model of the tree, which has more material slots than the final's. Thus, the tree appears incorrectly, but is otherwise fully functional.


The flying purple enemies meant for the Twilight Dungeon in Sand 'n Sails. Not classified as an enemy internally, and is thus invincible. Does not respect invincibility frames, so it can easily "one-shot" the player on contact. Can only be activated by toggling it in Kismet Programming. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


AHatIntime CloudPlatform(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
The platforms seen being used in the Alpha version of Train Rush, which were also present in the last update to the Alpha builds in Mafia Town, floating nearby Thor's workshop. Relies a bit on momentum to get a big jump off of one.


AHatIntime IslandTelescope(Object).gif
A version of the telescopes seen in Alpine Skyline that were meant for Sand 'n Sails. Has little programming, due to most of it being migrated to the telescopes used in Alpine Skyline. Has coding to make it bounce up and down, like the palm trees. Has long since been removed from both the final game and the Modding Tools.


A ball of bad chocolate that bounces up and down, damaging the player on contact. Meant for the Beta's version of the Toilet of Doom fight.

Hat_LightOrbStaticMesh and Hat_LightOrbStaticMesh_Movable

Versions of the Dweller meshes that only respond to Dweller Mask Components using Mode 2, a normally unused mode. These were used in the Twilight Dungeon in Sand 'n Sails.

Hat_MadCrowSpawnerEgg and Hat_MadCrowSpawnerEgg_Falling

An egg that starts off hidden, then appears when toggled in Kismet Programming. The falling variant turns into the former when it hits the ground. Meant to spawn enemies when it lands or when the player approaches it, but the landing coding doesn't work correctly, and its collision is set up incorrectly. Intended for Pumping Pumpkin Factory in Sand 'n Sails. Can be seen in Habboi's playthrough of the level.


An objective Actor meant for the scrapped Cocoa mission in Mafia Town/Mafia HQ.


Unused, deprecated, wiped class. Used in the Beta builds.


A wiped class file, used in prerelease builds. Has a comment at the top of the class file that says "No longer in use".


AHatIntime TiltingPlatform(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
The tilting metal platform from Train Rush in the Beta builds. Interestingly, the Actor was not deprecated, unlike most unused Actors and HUD here.


A lighting Actor that creates a flashing light effect around itself. Unknown context.


A VERY old leftover, from the Calcite era of development. Used by the doors that appeared in Limbo. Touching one sends the player to the Portal that it's linked to. Somewhat buggy. Sometimes fails to teleport the player, sometimes the player gets stuck in its collision. Items can be thrown through it, but more often than not it fails to teleport them properly, if at all.


The outlets that the plugs seen in the Alpha version of Mafia Town were meant to be plugged into.


AHatIntime Rainfall(Object).png
An odd Actor that attempts to imitate rain by the looks of it. Ultimately, rain is handled completely differently in the final game and does not rely on a single Actor. Touching it will give Hat Kid the 'Wet' status effect, and remove any mud off of her.


A version of the rolling barrels that uses an egg model instead. Intended for Sand 'n Sails.


The Actor that shows the large red location beam. Essentially the Sand 'n Sails version of the mountain system Alpine Skyline has going on in the final game. Sand Island Points have variables for telling the telescopes in the level how many Water Flasks are required to reach it, it has Hat_ChapterInfo data storage, and plenty of commented-out coding for storing Act IDs. Interestingly, it has a variable called "MountainName", which indicates this Actor saw use in Sand 'n Alps and/or very early versions of Alpine Skyline. This Actor has long since been removed from the game and the Modding Tools.

Hat_SandTravelObstacle_Base and Hat_SandTravelObstacle

AHatIntime ZiplineGoat(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
The scrapped ziplining Goats that can be seen in prerelease footage. Has no collision by default, and must be assigned a collision mesh to become dangerous to Hat Kid. Once was the tram on the zipwires in Sand 'n Alps, as evidenced by both its particles and sound when collided with; it makes a glass-shattering sound when hit and the particle that appears is also that of glass shards falling. Has a variable called "FlyByVoice", which is coded to play when the player passes by them but isn't set to anything in its default properties. Goats in Alpine Skyline don't speak in the final game, suggesting that this is where the unused "Hi" sound effect/voice clip found in the Modding Tools was meant to play! The Sunburnts/Nomads riding in the trams would've likely said this to the player while passing by.


An Actor meant for the islands in Sand 'n Sails. Very little coding is left in it, and it uses a placeholder machine model from Train Rush. Has a variable called "ShowOnMinimap", meaning that it was intended to appear on the unused Sand Travel Map HUD. No longer present in the game or the Modding Tools.


AHatIntime SandTravelSwitch(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
A floating flag with an arrow on it and a propeller on top. Uses a unique model. Used in the original version of changing directions while ziplining, where the player would have to smack into one of these to change direction instead of just leaning in the direction they want to go. When smacked into from the front, it flips around, pointing the opposite way. If smacked into from behind, however, it damages the player. When hitting it from the front, it opens the Zipline Switch HUD.

Sketchbook Actors and Components


"Hat_SketchbookActor", "Hat_SketchbookActor_Rock", and "Hat_SketchbookActor_Tree"

Actors related to the Subcon Map system. There are components and placeable Actors. Actors could be placed anywhere in the level, and then show up on the Subcon map.


"Hat_SketchbookComponent", "Hat_SketchbookComponent_Bonfire", "Hat_SketchbookComponent_Chest", "Hat_SketchbookComponent_Eyeball", "Hat_SketchbookComponent_House", "Hat_SketchbookComponent_Insignificant", "Hat_SketchbookComponent_Mushroom", "Hat_SketchbookComponent_Painting", and "Hat_SketchbookComponent_Sign"

Components were meant to be used in other Actors, and the Subcon Map HUD would scan the level for any Actors that had these components. As it turns out, several Actors in the initial release of the game still had their components set up and in use!
Bonfire - Was used by the bonfire actors.
Chest - Was used in the base chest class.
Eyeball - Was used by the eye blockades.
House - Was used by the shutters on the houses in Subcon Village.
Insignificant - Unknown. Not used by any actor.
Mushroom - Not used by any actor.
Painting - Was used by bonfire paintings.
Sign - Was used by smackable wooden signs.

None of the graphics for this map system were in any public build of the game or the Modding Tools, and were never shown off in any prerelease footage or screenshots. The Painting component, however, simply used the HUD icons for the bonfire paintings, which still exist in the game. None of these are in the game anymore, or the Modding Tools.


A weird pawn class that uses the model of one of the test tubes that were thrown by the scrapped Science Owl enemies. Has no unique coding outside of its default properties. No longer in the game or the Modding Tools.

Hat_SlidingPlatform and Hat_SlidingPlatform_FishRack

AHatIntime FishRack(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
Sliding platforms used in the freezer in Mafia HQ in the Beta builds. Strangely, this wasn't deprecated.

Hat_SnatcherTeleport_Base and Hat_SnatcherTeleport

AHatIntime SnatcherTeleporters(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
Scrapped fast travel teleport system for Subcon Forest. Was never deprecated, and works generally well. Can sometimes screw up the appearance of certain HUD, and wasn't fool-proofed to interact with some other game elements. Each teleporter is locked until Hat Kid lands on one for the first time. Unlocked teleporters are saved, and persist even if the player saves and quits the game. The teleporters can transport Hat Kid to any unlocked teleporters that they're linked to. Jumping on one and then jumping again will make Hat Kid jump into the teleporter. The player can then press left or right to swap between teleporters to travel to. Pressing up will travel to the currently selected teleporter, if it's unlocked. While inside a teleporter, purple lines link unlocked and linked teleporters.


Small, inflatable, bouncy castle. Works perfectly fine, bouncing Hat Kid up if she lands on it. Uses a unique model.


A spring board that turns red after a player bounces on it, and then quickly moves down, losing all collision afterwards. Can be toggled in Kismet to rise back up after sinking, allowing the player to use it again.

Hat_StarCore_Base and Hat_StarCore

Used in the Twilight Dungeon for Sand 'n Sails to illuminate pathways in the level.


An odd actor that is a duplicate of the Dweller bell but without the actual Dweller on it.


An Actor that will attempt to hide itself alongside any other Actors assigned to it if it detects that it is blocking the player's camera view. Unknown purpose.


AHatIntime SubconMapSignsAnimations(Object).gif
Opens the Subcon Map system upon approaching it. Has an alternate bounce animation that's disabled in its code. The hopping animation on the left is the one normally used by the sign, while the one on the right is the unused alternate animation. Uses an unique particle. Can be seen in a small amount of prerelease screenshots and footage.


AHatIntime TimePieceDisplayCage(Object).png
An Actor made for Dead Bird Station, before it became Dead Bird Studio. A wooden box with several padlocks on it, it was meant to hold Time Pieces. Has coding for moving to a state called "BreakGlass", indicating that something would've caused the glass of the case to shatter.

Hat_ToiletPlatform_Base and Hat_ToiletPlatform

Platforms used in the Beta's version of the Toilet of Doom fight. They would sink down as the Toilet of Doom stomped on them, then rise up with a chance of having a Dweller Mask icon on it, as well as changing to a red color. Hat Kid could then grab a cherry bomb, walk over the platform to absorb a Dweller, and throw the cherry at the Toilet of Doom to stun it.


An Actor that appears as a flat sprite, using the unused hookpoint sprite as its default appearance. It squishes up and down when visible. Was probably meant to be used to guide the player to certain areas of a level.


AHatIntime BoostRing(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
The boost ring from Alpha build's Balloon Race mission. It was re-coded to make the player boost while ziplining, but was never used in Alpine Skyline.


AHatIntime YardangRamp(Object).png
(This Actor is shown in the video at the top of the main page)
A yardang ramp that makes the Sandmobile boost if it drives off it. Was used in Sand 'n Sails. This Actor would also later trigger Sand Skating for the player upon walking off of it, spawning a Desert Travel Director in the process.