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Adventures of Lolo 3

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Title Screen

Adventures of Lolo 3

Also known as: Adventures of Lolo 2 (JP)
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publishers: HAL Laboratory (JP/EU), HAL America (US)
Platform: NES
Released in JP: December 26, 1990
Released in US: September 1991
Released in EU: May 27, 1992

SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

DCIcon.png This game has a Data Crystal page

Adventures of Lolo 3 is a puzzling NES game by HAL Laboratory.

Hidden Passwords

These passwords were found buried in the Lolo 3 ROM. They unlock a few interesting Easter eggs.

NOTE: The vowels in the U.S. version's password screen were replaced with symbols. Use the following key when entering the passwords:

  • A = AL3A.gif
  • E = Al3smile.gif
  • I = Al3q.gif
  • O = Al3x.gif
  • U = Al3star.gif

The vowels are present in the Japanese version, but you must replace "LOLO3" in the sound tests with "LOLO2," since their series is numbered differently. Also, make sure you select "END" after entering each password.

Character Tests

  • LOLOLOOKPLEASEAl3heart.gifAl3heart.gif
  • LALALOOKPLEASEAl3heart.gifAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifSNAKEYAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifLEAPERAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifSKALWGAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifROCKYAl3plus.gifAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifMEDUSAAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifGOLAl3plus.gifGOLMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifALMARKAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifCAPOXXAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif

Sound Tests

  • Music Test: xx00LOLO3BGMTEST (where xx is a number between 00 and 23)
  • Sound Effect Test: xx00LOLO3FGMTEST (where xx is a number between 00 and 48)

Regional Differences

Opening Screens

Japan/Europe US
New Ghostbusters II (Europe)-HAL.png Adventures of Lolo 3U-HAI.png

The Japanese and European versions share the same plain HAL logo as New Ghostbusters II, while the American version's HAI logo is just like the previous Lolo game's but with a new font and darker background color.

Japan US Europe
Adventures of Lolo 2J-Title.png Adventures of Lolo 3-Title.png Adventures of Lolo 3Europe-Title.png

On the title screen, the European version's copyright uses a different uppercase I than the American version, and the American version uses a different comma from the others. In modifying the Roman numeral, the American version leaves a sliver of its red color between the U and R in front of the sky by mistake. The European version corrects this, but it also removes the shadow "ADVENTURES" casts on the numeral, even as "LOLO" still casts a shadow, and it erases one cloud and moves another, seemingly to avoid crowding some white words. The original cloud arrangement still appears in the cutscene that immediately follows!

Japan US/Europe
Adventures of Lolo 2J-PasswordLalas.png Adventures of Lolo 3-01.png

The password screens' graphics were totally redone, adding the word "PASSWORD" and generally resembling the previous game's password screen more, except the background has been simplified to a single repeating tile that doesn't look much like brickwork anymore. The replacement of vowels with new symbols seems unnecessary in this case as the game was already coded to never generate passwords containing vowels, X, 0, or 1.

(Source: kingshriek's password system FAQ)

If the Japanese password font looks familiar, that's because the international versions use an unmodified copy of that graphic bank for dialogue with Grandpa, while the Japanese version uses a differently-altered copy containing its hiragana. It also places the blinking cursor at the ends of text boxes on the right side while the other versions have it centered, likely owing to the Japanese text sometimes needing to print on the very bottom of the word balloon as upper lines are reserved for diacritics.


While all versions work the same in terms of what levels and bosses must be completed to unlock the next level, the Japanese version contains a completely different set of 100 mandatory puzzle rooms from the other two. Levels 5-2, 14-2, 14-3, 14-4, 14-5, 15-4, 17-2, 17-7, 17-8, and 17-9 of the international versions have been identified as being based on puzzles from the previous Japanese Adventures of Lolo title, modified to varying degrees.

(Source: MSX Eggerland)

Of the 10 tutorial rooms, only 8 are identical across all three versions. The international versions skip the Japanese version's 8th room, presenting its 9th room as their 8th, then use a modified version of its 10th room as their 9th:

Tree 2-5 (Japan) Tree 2-4 (US/Europe)
Adventures of Lolo 2J-Tutorial10.png Adventures of Lolo 3-Tutorial9.png

Apparently devised as a sort of "final exam" room, the international version's removals mean the player is no longer required to perform a quick turn after daringly pushing an egg into a river across from a Medusa, nor is it necessary to block a pair of side-by-side Medusas with a single obstacle. These were both concepts introduced in the original 8th room. The international tutorial ends with a new puzzle about efficiently fleeing a Skull down a narrow path, which adds a third use of the hammer item to the tutorials when there is now only one hammer used in the entire main game!

The status bar's labels were also changed, abbreviating with all consonants rather than the first three letters, widening the V, rounding off the P and W, and "floors" are now known as "room numbers." Oddly the Japanese version uses a slightly different E in "LEV" for the tutorials than for the rest of the game.


All the bosses had their hit points halved for the international versions of Adventures of Lolo III, making them less of an endurance test than in the Japanese Adventures of Lolo II. Inanimate targets take the same number of shots to destroy in all versions. (Giant Gol's flames can only be destroyed with a shot midflight. Once they land, they expire on a timer, uninfluenced by Magic Shots.)

Hit Points
Japan US/Europe
Giant Snakey 50 25
Giant Alma 32 16
Giant Rocky 40 20
Giant Leeper 40 20
Giant Skull 40 20
Giant Gol 40 20
Giant Medusa 60 30
Giant Don Medusa 40 20
King Egger 1 Infinite Infinite
King Egger 2, phase 1 20 10
King Egger 2, stunned 10 10
King Egger 2, phase 2 30 10
Regular boss eggs 5 5
King Egger's egg 10 10
Destructible projectiles 1 1
Final exit 10 10

Of possible interest is that the unwinnable King Egger fight writes an unchanging value of 10 to the usual HP memory location in all versions.


A side effect of the European version's slight tempo correction for PAL framerate is that the ending scene music finishes well before the sun stops setting. Where the NTSC versions have the music cut out for just the one second it takes Lolo and Lala to scoot together before "THE END" appears, the PAL version leaves players in silence for nearly fourteen seconds.