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Adventures of Lolo 3

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Title Screen

Adventures of Lolo 3

Also known as: Adventures of Lolo 2 (JP)
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Publishers: HAL Laboratory (JP/EU), HAL America (US)
Platform: NES
Released in JP: December 26, 1990
Released in US: September 1991
Released in EU: May 27, 1992

SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Adventures of Lolo 3 is a puzzling NES game by HAL Laboratory.

Hidden Passwords

These passwords were found buried in the Lolo 3 ROM. They unlock a few interesting Easter eggs.

NOTE: The vowels in the U.S. version's password screen were replaced with symbols. Use the following key when entering the passwords:

  • A = AL3A.gif
  • E = Al3smile.gif
  • I = Al3q.gif
  • O = Al3x.gif
  • U = Al3star.gif

The vowels are present in the Japanese version, but you must replace "LOLO3" in the sound tests with "LOLO2," since their series is numbered differently. Also, make sure you select "END" after entering each password.

Character Tests

  • LOLOLOOKPLEASEAl3heart.gifAl3heart.gif
  • LALALOOKPLEASEAl3heart.gifAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifSNAKEYAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifLEAPERAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifSKALWGAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifROCKYAl3plus.gifAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifMEDUSAAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifGOLAl3plus.gifGOLMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifALMARKAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif
  • Al3heart.gifCAPOXXAl3plus.gifMONSTERAl3heart.gif

Sound Tests

  • Music Test: xx00LOLO3BGMTEST (where xx is a number between 00 and 23)
  • Sound Effect Test: xx00LOLO3FGMTEST (where xx is a number between 00 and 48)