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Agony (2018)

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Title Screen


Developer: Madmind Studio
Publisher: PlayWay
Platforms: Windows
Released internationally: May 29, 2018, October 30, 2018 (UNRATED edition)

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.

Agony is a dark fantasy survival horror game set in Hell. Consisting of demons, tortures, attractive succubi, and gore, even Satan himself would enjoy playing this game on live stream. Although the game met with general negative reception upon its release on May 29, 2018, its ultimately improved, uncensored +18 edition (titled Agony UNRATED) is released before Halloween.

Unused Enemies

To do:
The image of the unused "Harpy" demon's model is necessarily needed.

While a slightly heavyset-looking feminine demon never appeared in the basic M-rated version or its +18 edition, its model is found in the game files. Interestingly, this demon is later used in the concept gameplay video for the game's upcoming spin-off, albeit with slight amount of different distinctive features.