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AirStrike 3D II

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Title Screen

AirStrike 3D II

Also known as: AirStrike II
Developer: DivoGames
Publisher: DivoGames
Platform: Windows
Released in US: April 2004

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.

AirStrike 3D II makes many improvements over the first installment, such as adding a story, named characters, and unlockable helicopters that have different stats.

Unused Level

Inside the game's pak1.apk archive is a level not listed in the game and the only one without an entry in levels.txt which is located in the same archive, its filename being level_konion.hsc. Given that it has no enemies, powerups, buildings, or endpoints, it was most likely used as a test level or a template.

Since it doesn't have a level entry, it's unknown which texture bank it's supposed to use, although none of the existing ones look out of place when loaded on this level.