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Air Gallet

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Title Screen

Air Gallet

Also known as: Akuu Gallet (JP)
Developer: Gazelle
Publisher: Banpresto
Platform: Arcade (Cave 68000)
Released in JP: 1996
Released in US: 1996
Released in EU: 1996

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

(Air|Akuu) Garret [sic]: Blows your socks off.

To do:
There's a voice clip of the "Presented by Banpresto" narrator instead saying "Presented by Gazelle" and is located right at the end of the sounds. Is this used?

Unseen Graphics

Hidden Shown
Air Gallet-coca-cola.png Air Gallet-Intro billboard.png

Hidden in the attract cutscene is the evidence of what seems to be a failed sponsorship deal with Coca-Cola. In all regions, this is overlaid by a set of sprites that turns it into the final billboard. The kanji above the buildings is also changed to "HIGH", even in the Japanese set.

(Source: Dan (Random Hoo Haas))