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Alphabet Park Adventure

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Title Screen

Alphabet Park Adventure

Also known as: Avventura nel parco dell'alfabeto (IT), Alfabet Pretpark (NL), Abenteuer im ABC Park (DE), ABC Land Aventure (FR), ABC Adventure (PT), Aventuras en el Parque Alfabeto (ES)
Developer: VTech
Publisher: VTech
Platform: V.Smile
Released in US: 2004

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Revisional Differences

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At one point, VTech decided to release a new revision of this game in the US. The older revision is known as "Red Haired Girl Version" and the new revision is known as the "Blond Haired Girl Version", due to the characters used.

  • The narrator's voice has been replaced with a younger sounding voice.
  • Sing Along is added to the main menu.
  • The 2 generic kids (the red haired girl and the boy with the egg-shaped head) were replaced by Jack (normal looking boy) and Ashley (the blond haired girl).
  • The grandpa is no longer on the main menu.
Red Haired Girl Version Blond Haired Girl Version
Alphabet-Park-Adventure-Red-Hair-Version.jpg Alphabet-Park-Adventure-Blonde-Hair-Version.jpg
  • Ring counter has 3 digits in the revised version.
  • There's a minigame after you beat the Fun Fair level in the blond haired girl version.
  • The minigames in the Learning Zone have been changed with the trace the letters and the Grouping game.
  • The jumping is less delayed in the blond haired girl version.

Level Changes

Toy Shop

  • The music was changed to that of the title screen in the blond haired girl version.
  • In the blond-haired girl version, the player can actually fall through the train tracks unlike in the red-haired girl version.
Red Haired Girl Version Blond Haired Girl Version
Alphabet-Park-Adventure-Standing on Tracks.jpg Alphabet Park Adventure Blond Haired Girl Train.jpg


  • Voice is more ominous and masculine in the blond-haired girl version.

Jungle Ride

  • In the blond haired girl version, after completing the "go through the water lane that begins with this letter" part, the word for that correct illustration appears on the screen.


  • In the original version, The egg-headed boy has 2 actions, one is looking with the magnifying glass, the other one has him shown playing with a yo-yo. (some level's)

The red haired girl was playing with a teddy bear and looking at herself in the mirror.

Egg-Headed Boy Red Haired Girl
This Yo-Yo is mine.png Hugging the Teddy Bear.png