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Ao Oni

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Title Screen

Ao Oni

Developer: noprops
Publisher: noprops
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: 2004 (First version)

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MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Ao Oni is a Japanese horror puzzle game made in the RPG Maker XP engine.


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Prerelease Info
Takuro's such a mean bully. *sobbing*
"So stupid... There is no way monsters can exist." -Hiroshi
First official English release!

Version Differences

The last major update of the game generally simplified most of the details of the game. Version 6.03 (the first public Version 6 build) was released on 12 of July of 2010. The last minor update (Version 6.23) was released on 25 of March of 2012.

Version 6.03

  • The dialogue portraits have new art made by noprops, the game's creator.
  • The Mansion has been reduced from 5 floors to 3 floors again.
    • The entire Mansion in general has been rearranged and condensed.
  • This version ends at the end of the Basement.
    • The game still has the next maps (The Annex, its basement, and the Shed) and sprites left over from Version 5.2, but they're unaccessible, although functional.
  • All of the japanese puzzles were removed to avoid confusion and difficulty with English players.
  • A new feature for renaming the main character, and along with this, Cheat Codes.
    • Only HIROSI and TIMER are present.

Version 6.2

  • The game is now complete.
  • Mika's and Takuro's portraits have been updated.
  • The Shed location has been removed.
    • The new location "Old Building", has been added and works as a replacement for the Shed.
  • A new chasing Oni enemy called Fuwatti / Blockman has been added.
  • Various sprites of the game have been improved or changed.
    • The Onis no longer have a pixelated body.
    • The Basement's jail puzzle had its weird drawings replaced with a hint on how to solve the puzzle.
  • There is only one ending now.
  • The BLOCKMAN, SOUTHPARK, GODMODE and JMU cheat codes are introduced.

Cheat Codes

Everytime you finish the game, Hiroshi will reveal one of these codes to you. To use them in game, you must rename Hiroshi to any of the following cheat codes:

  • BLOCKMAN - All of the normal Oni chases will be replaced with the Blockman enemy. The scripted chases will remain unaltered. The probability of a chase happening is higher and there are new encounter methods, like Blockman popping up behind a bookshelf.
  • SOUTHPARK - Provides a different game mode with a new story with South Park details like swearing and sprites resembling South Park's art style.
  • GODMODE - The player becomes immune to the Oni, except for scripted chases or special deaths.
  • HIROSI - The dialogue portraits get replaced with the portraits from the older versions of the game.
  • TIMER - Whenever the player is chased by the Oni, a timer will show up, indicating the time remaining for the chase to end.
  • JMU - JMU is the name of the English translator of Ao Oni. Using this code will make him appear resting in the kitchen's sofa. This also includes an easter egg, if you bring the Oni into the kitchen when he's chasing you and the chase ends in that room, the next time you visit the kitchen JMU will turn into an Oni and inmediately begin a chase.

Unused Graphics

The Hunchback Oni has sprites for walking down despite never doing so in the game, rendering these sprites unused.

The Deformed Oni isn't unused, but you can only see half of his body in the game. This is the full sprite.

Ao nawakui.png
Leftover from Version 1.1, still unused.

AooniTobiraakete3.pngAooniTobiraakete3 mika.png
The first image is a sprite from Version 1.1 used in a special closet death scene. The second image is curiously an updated version that features Mika Oni, a character from Version 6.23. The game has code for showing these sprites in the closet scene but it's unknown if it's actually possible to get this in-game.