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Apple Chess

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Title Screen

Apple Chess

Also known as: Level 1
Developer: Subor
Platforms: Unlicensed NES, VT03

Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Apple Chess is a variant of Othello/Reversi, with a distinct lack of both apples and chess. Also has no connection to Apple.

Revisional Differences

Subor Waixing (VT02) Waixing (VT03)
Apple-chess-title.png Apple-chess-title-wxn-vt02.png Apple-chess-title-wxn-vt03.png
Apple-chess-main.png Apple-chess-main-wxn-vt02.png Apple-chess-main-wxn-vt03.png

A few variants of Apple Chess were produced by Waixing, seemingly long after the original Subor version, including a VT03 release. The Waixing variants add background music.

Subor Waixing (VT03)
Apple-chess-mario.png Apple-chess-mario-wxn-vt03.png

The original version of the game features a bizarre, half-naked graphic of Mario on the game over screen. In the VT03 version, he was given more hair (which is now colored bright blue for some ungodly reason). Mario was blacked out in most re-releases of the game, including the only known release of Waixing's VT02 version.