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Armada 2526

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Title Screen

Armada 2526

Developer: Nitronium Games
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: June 10, 2010

TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Armada 2526 is a 4X space expansion game, where twelve different alien races have to determine which one of them is the most influential through the usual method of eliminating the opposition.

Unused Text

WeaponTypes.xml contains a quick description for each weapon. However, the most you can see about a weapon is its name as found in the ship descriptions.

Some consecutive entries share the same text, and three of them have a "TO DO." as part of their description. Of these, Sun Beam lacks a period in its description.

Weapon names Description
TestBeams Test For Beam Weapons
Test Projectile Test For Projectile Weapons
Test Tracking Projectile Test For Tracking Projectile.
Comm Laser In times of need the ship's powerful communication laser can be put to use as a makeshift weapon
Small Energy Beam, Energy Beam, Super Energy Beam, Mega Energy Beam, Cannon Beam Energy from the ship's engine is stored then discharged in a brief concentrated burst
Ground Attack Beam General purpose energy beam tuned to be especially effective against ground targets
Planet Pounder, Super Planet Pounder Powerful energy beam specially designed to penetrate atmosphere and destroy ground targets
Orbital Laser, Orbital Mega Laser Energy from the station's power plant is stored then discharged in a brief concentrated burst
Pulse Cannon Energy from the ship's engine is stored and released in a rapid stream of pulses. Since the pulses are brief, only a modest amount of energy storage is needed making this a lightweight weapon. Designed for small craft, further weight reduction is achieved by having only a limited mechanism for targeting, as the whole craft can be used as a targeting mechanism.
Laser, Heavy Laser Powerful pulsed laser
Tracking Missile, GA Missile TO DO.
Long Range Missile Stand off weapon that targets concentrations of enemy ships across wide areas of the battlefield
Light Ground Missile, Heavy Ground Missile, Long Range Ground Missile Tracking missile launched from a silo on the planet's surface
Bio Attack Spray A spray of plague germs, viruses, and nanobots
Squid Attack A mass of destructive biological material ejected at high velocity
Sun Beam TO DO