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Asheron's Call 2

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Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings

Developer: Turbine Entertainment Software
Publishers: Microsoft Game Studios (2002-03), Turbine Entertainment Software (2003-05), Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (2012-17)
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 22, 2002

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.

Unused Images

All images can be found in the highres.dat archive.

Enter my fist, into your face Wasn't this a clown in the 1950s? ...was his name-o? (all onscreen enemies die) Tannen -Emeril Lagasse Uh...do I even want to know what made this sound?

Various comic book-style fight sound graphics.

Hey, why are you frowny? We're on TCRF! Because "frowny" is what I am. And also because this page sucks.

A smiling and frowning face.

I left my right ear in San Bernadino~

Just an ear.

I will push you AWAY from the stairs.

Screenshots from the music video for The Terrible Secret of Space by The Laziest Men On Mars.

Development Images

Images used during the development of the levels and engine.

AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile000484.Texture.png AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile000475.Texture.png

AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile001266.Texture.png AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile001286.Texture.png AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile001298.Texture.png AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile001277.Texture.png

AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile003921.Texture.png AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile003901.Texture.png AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile003863.Texture.png

AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile002483.Texture.png

AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile003364.Texture.png

AsheronsCall2 UnnamedFile000758.Texture.png