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Atomic Punk (Arcade)/Stage Differences

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This is a sub-page of Atomic Punk (Arcade).

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A lot of the stages were modified for the game's western release. In particular, a new enemy (actually repurposed from the final boss), who will be called Robo-Bomber, was added.

Special thanks to Ragey for the level maps!

(Source: Ragey)

World 1


Japan International
Atomic1 1J.png Atomic1 1U.png
  • The soft blocks at the far left and right sides of the stage were moved forward. Save for the middle one which was removed. Poor middle block.


Japan International
Atomic1 2J.png Atomic1 2U.png
  • The two soft blocks at the far sides of the stage were moved forward, thus closing in the stage a lot better. This stage also marks the introduction of Robo-Bomber (the green bomber). It certainly won't be the last we see of him.


Japan International
Atomic1 3J.png Atomic1 3U.png
  • The four corners of the stage had its soft blocks removed in the International version.


Japan International
Atomic1 4J.png Atomic1 4U.png
  • A few soft blocks were rearranged and a Robo-Bomber was added.


Japan International
Atomic1 5J.png Atomic1 5U.png
  • Two of the clown baby(?) enemies were closed in with soft blocks. And Robo-Bomber.


Japan International
Atomic1 6J.png Atomic1 6U.png
  • Some skates were added, likely to accommodate for the increase from two to four players.

World 2

2-1 & 2-2

The layouts remain the same, but Robo-Bomber has been added in.


Japan International
Atomj2-3.PNG Atomu2-3.PNG
  • The first major change. International's 2-3 is Japan's 2-5. The Japanese layout for 2-3 is never seen in the International version. Robo-Bomber approves.


Japan International
Atomj2-4.PNG Atomu2-4.PNG
  • Japan's 2-4 is International's 2-5. A new, harder layout was made for International, complete with Robo-Bomber.


Japan International
Atomj2-5.PNG Atomu2-5.PNG
  • International's 2-5 is Japan's 2-4. The Japanese layout for this level was used for International's 2-3. Also, everybody loves Robo-Bomber.


Japan International
Atomj2-6.PNG Atomu2-6.PNG
  • The power-ups were rearranged in International.

World 3

3-1, 3-2, 3-3 & 3-5

The layouts remain the same, but Robo-Bomber has been added in.


Japan International
Atomj3-4.PNG Atomu3-4.PNG
  • Here's an interesting one; 3-4 was redone for the International version. More enemy varieties and a Robo-Bomber are included.


Japan International
Atomj3-6.PNG Atomu3-6.PNG
  • Some extra power ups to accommodate for increase in players.

World 4


Japan International
Atomj4-1.PNG Atomu4-1.PNG
  • The Japanese and International versions have their own exclusive layouts.

4-2 & 4-5,

The layouts remain the same, but Robo-Bomber has been added in.


Japan International
Atomj4-3.PNG Atomu4-3.PNG
  • International's 4-3 is Japan's 4-4. Japan's 4-3 is never seen in the International version. Robo-Bomber says good riddance.


Japan International
Atomj4-4.PNG Atomu4-4.PNG
  • Japan's 4-4 is International's 4-3. International uses its own exclusive layout.


Japan International
Atomj4-6.PNG Atomu4-6.PNG
  • Some skates were added.

World 5


The layouts remain the same, but Robo-Bomber has been added in.


Japan International
Atomj5-2.PNG Atomu5-2.PNG
  • International's 5-2 is Japan's 5-3. Japan's 5-2 is unique to that version of the game. Robo-Bomber is always watching.


Japan International
Atomj5-3.PNG Atomu5-3.PNG
  • Japan's 5-2 is International's 5-3 while International's 5-3 is Japan's 5-4, albeit with both of the marble enemies having to sacrifice their life for Robo-Bomber's sake.


Japan International
Atomj5-4.PNG Atomu5-4.PNG
  • Japan's 5-4 is International's 5-3. International uses a new, cramped layout, complete with Robo-Bomber.


Japan International
Atomj5-5.PNG Atomu5-5.PNG
  • One less marble enemy, one more Robo-Bomber.


Japan International
Atomj5-6.PNG Atomu5-6.PNG
  • Two speed ups were added to the far side of the arena.
  • The power ups in the center were taught the concept of personal space. Also the bomb ups and speed ups decided to celebrate Opposites Day by swapping their positions.
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