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Title Screen


Developer: Ronimo Games
Publisher: Ronimo Games
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 1, 2012

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

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Awesomenauts is a 2D MOBA where two teams of 3 face off against each other.

The game has been receiving updates since its release that added new content, game modes, characters, bugfixes, and balance tweaks. Currently there are 33 characters (known as Awesomenauts) that each feature their own character theme, ranging from all different kinds of races: A dynamite-throwing cowboy, a gangster frog that shoots water, an exploding robot, a wizard worm, a flame-throwing crocodile...

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Create a prerelease article. There is lots of beta-only content and concept art, especially the artbook. See here for more info: [[1]]

Unused Music


This music plays at the beginning of a match, but usually only the first 35 seconds can be heard. Outside of pausing in an offline bot match, it cannot ever be heard.

Revisional Differences

See the offical Awesomenauts wiki for the complete patch notes.

Graphical Changes

Old New
Penny Splash Art Awesomenauts Old Penny Splash.png Awesomenauts New Penny Splash.png
Before Patch 3.4 Patch 3.4
Raelynn Splash Art Awesomenauts Old Raelynn Splash (before 3.4).png Awesomenauts New Raelynn Splash (since 3.4).png
Before Patch 3.4 Patch 3.4
Penny Scoreboard Icon Awesomenauts Old Penny Scoreboard Icon (before 3.4).png Awesomenauts New Penny Scoreboard Icon (since 3.4).png
Raelynn Scoreboard Icon Awesomenauts Old Raelynn Scoreboard Icon (before 3.4).png Awesomenauts New Raelynn Scoreboard Icon (since 3.4).png
Yoolip Scoreboard Icon Awesomenauts Old Yoolip Scoreboard Icon (before 3.4).png Awesomenauts New Yoolip Scoreboard Icon (since 3.4).png
Clunk Minimap Icon Awesomenauts Old Clunk Minimap Icon (before 3.4).png Awesomenauts New Clunk Minimap Icon (since 3.4).png
Before Patch 3.0 Patch 3.0
Lonestar Minimap Icon Awesomenauts Old Lonestar Minimap Icon (before 3.0).png Awesomenauts New Lonestar Minimap Icon (since 3.0).png

Ted's Titanium Skin

The Titanium Ted skin was inspired by the StarCraft II version of Jim Raynor, but to avoid copyright issues with Blizzard Entertainment the skin was soon altered. Ronimo Games offered full refunds to anyone who purchased the skin prior to its changes.

Patch 2.0 Patch 2.0.2(?) Patch 2.0.3(?)
Awesomenauts Old Titanium Ted.jpg Awesomenauts Interim Titanium Ted.jpg Awesomenauts Final Titanium Ted.jpg
Old New
Titanium Ted
Splash Art
Awesomenauts Old Titanium Ted Splash.jpg Awesomenauts New Titanium Ted Splash.png


Patch 2.10 changed some things about the Sorona map.

Before Patch 2.10 Awesomenauts Old Sorona.jpg
Patch 2.10 Awesomenauts New Sorona.png