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Baseball Simulator 1.000

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Title Screen

Baseball Simulator 1.000

Also known as: Choujin: Ultra Baseball (JP)
Developer: Culture Brain
Publisher: Culture Brain
Platform: NES
Released in JP: October 27, 1989
Released in US: March 1990

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

Baseball Simulator 1.000 is a baseball game in which you can throw 120mph fastballs, turn a pitched ball into an iron cannonball, hit a ball that flies like a missile, and cause earthquakes with a successful hit.

Basically, Culture Brain had no idea what it means to "simulate".

Simple Memory Viewer/Editor

Baseball Simulator 1.000 (U) -!--1.png

Game Genie code LANNPONY (Japan) or LANNTONY (US) re-enable a simple one-byte memory viewer/editor cheat. To enable it, any time during game press A + B + Start. You can browse any address from the available address space and read/modify and write back data from RAM or ROM.

The first four numbers represent the address, the upper two-digit number represents the current data value, and the bottom two-digit number can be modified and written back by pressing A.

Press Select to return back to the game.

Debug Monitor

The Game Genie code LAXVANNY (Japan) or LAXVTNNY (US) re-enables the Debug Monitor cheat. To enable it, hold A + B + Select then press Reset. Press Start to select a menu item, and Select to return back to the menu. Press Select + Start to return back to the game.

Memory Display/Change

Baseball Simulator 1.000 (U) -!--5.png

The first two options are mostly the same, both allowing you to browse the cartridge data. The second option also allows you to edit desired values if possible. Press A to show hex data dump at current address.

CG Display

Baseball Simulator 1.000 (U) -!--6.png

The third option, allowing you to see all CG data as pictures. "BANK" value changes CHR bank, while "DATA" can be used as screen filler value. Press A to see graphics while in this mode.

CG Hex Display

Baseball Simulator 1.000 (U) -!--7.png

Same as the previous option, but here you can see all CG data as an onscreen hex dump.