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Betfair Tournament of Europe

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Title Screen

Betfair Tournament of Europe

Developer: 4T2
Publisher: Betfair
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released in EU: 2004

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Betfair Tournament of Europe is an advergame made to promote Euro Cup 2004. The only place where you can play it online now is on 4T2's portfolio site.

Unused Text

this is where the title goes

Just a placeholder text string.

Rob Fell

The name of Rob Fell, 4T2 co-founder, appears before the next two messages, both likely written by him.

4T2 Multimedia Ltd 2004 - www.4T2.co.uk

Just your average copyright string.

Nice rip RipperBoy!  This code isn't opensource **yet**, so respect the copyright or it may never be.  
If you want to work together and make the ultimate game then contact us via http://www.4T2.co.uk

This rant appears after the copyright string.

4T2 Multimedia 2004

This text string is repeated throughout the .SWF.