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Title Screen


Developer: Athena
Publishers: Athena (JP) Natsume (US), Zoo Digital Publishing (EU)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: February 23, 1996
Released in US: August 4, 2003
Released in EU: February 2004

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Blockids is a 3D breakout game.

Debug Menu

Use the following code to display a debug menu.

Press Up or Down while holding Start to change debug menus. Note that only Controller 2 can control the menus.

8017EE78 01
801795D4 01
80179450 01
(Source: Original TCRF research)


Function Screenshot Description
#0 CARD Blockids Debug Menu 0.png Contains functions related to the game's memory card.
  • Up/Down: Change ID.
  • Square: Create highscore.
  • Triangle: Write highscore.
  • Circle: Read highscore.
  • L1+R1: Delete highscore.
  • L2+R2: Rename highscore.
#1 ITEM TEST Blockids Debug Menu 1.png Summons an item to the playfield.
  • Select: Choose item.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Summon item.
#2 CAMERA Blockids Debug Menu 2.png Changes the camera view.
  • Select: Choose item.
  • Up/Down: Change value.
#3 view twist Blockids Debug Menu 3.png Changes the camera skewing.
  • Up/Down: Change skewing.
#4 Debug Setting Blockids Debug Menu 4.png Changes the credit and stage parameters.
  • X (JP)/Triangle (US/EU): Increase credits.
  • Up'/Down: Change stage.
#5 mini screen Blockids Debug Menu 5.png Changes mini screen setting.
  • Select: Change item.
  • Up/Down: Change value.
  • Left/Right: Change value 2.
#6 ambient Blockids Debug Menu 6.png Changes the color of the playfield.
  • Up/Down: Increase/decrease red.
  • Left/Right: Increase/decrease green.
  • L1/L2: Increase/decrease blue.
#7 scroll Blockids Debug Menu 7.png Changes the rendering area.
  • Up/Down: Move up/down.
  • Left/Right: Move left/right.
#10 super Blockids Debug Menu 10.png Changes the focus zone of the camera.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Change mode.
#11 [bg](sprite) Blockids Debug Menu 11.png Changes the settings of the background sprites.
  • Select: Change item.
  • Up/Down: Change value.
  • Left/Right: Change value 2.
#12 light 0
#13 light 1
#14 light 2
Blockids Debug Menu 12.png Changes lighting parameters.
  • Left/Right: Increase vector value 1.
  • Up/Down: Increase vector value 2.
  • L1/L2: Increase vector value 3.
  • Triangle/Circle (US/EU): Change R value.
  • Square/X (US/EU): Change G value.
  • R1/R2: Change B value.
#15 vertical offset adjustment Blockids Debug Menu 15.png Adjusts the font character position.
  • Up/Down: Change character.
  • Triangle/Circle (US/EU): Change offsetting.
#17 reverb type Blockids Debug Menu 17.png Changes the reverb type.
  • Up/Down: Change type.
#18 reverb depth Blockids Debug Menu 18.png Changes the reverb depth.
  • Up/Down: Change depth on left side.
  • Triangle/Circle (US/EU): Change depth on right side.
#19 reverb feedback Blockids Debug Menu 19.png Changes the reverb feedback.
  • Up/Down: Increase/decrease feedback.
#20 reverb delay Blockids Debug Menu 20.png Changes the reverb delay.
  • Up/Down: Increase/decrease delay.
#21 Polygon ZOOM Blockids Debug Menu 21.png Polygon-related functions.
  • Up/Down: Change ID.
  • X: Double vertex values.
  • Triangle: Halve vertex values.
#22 controller Blockids Debug Menu 22.png An input check menu.
#24 Character Trans Blockids Debug Menu 24.png An animation viewer for the characters on-screen.
  • Up/Down: Change character ID.
  • X: Change character.
  • Triangle/Circle (US/EU): Change animation.
#25 Character Pattern Blockids Debug Menu 25.png An animation frame viewer.
  • X: Change character.
  • Triangle/Circle (US/EU): Next/previous frame.
#26 Character Position Blockids Debug Menu 26.png Changes the position of the characters on-screen.
  • X: Change character.
  • Left/Right: Move X position.
  • Up/Down: Move Y position.
#27 Print Width Blockids Debug Menu 27.png Changes the text spacing.
  • X: Enable/disable fixed text.
  • Up/Down: Change spacing.
#28 Print Color Blockids Debug Menu 28.png Displays text fonts/colors.
  • Up/Down: Change ID.
#29 Print Position Blockids Debug Menu 29.png Displays a graphic in a certain point.
  • Left/Right: Change X value.
  • Up/Down: Change Y value.
  • Hold Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Increase interval to 10.
  • X (JP)/Triangle (US/EU): Center graphic.
#30 BAR Position Blockids Debug Menu 30.png Changes the bar parameters.
  • Left/Right: Change X value.
  • Up/Down: Change Y value.
  • L1/L2: Change Z value.
#31 BAR Width Blockids Debug Menu 31.png Would seemingly change values relating to the bar's dimensions, but it doesn't seem to work anymore.
  • Select: Change parameter.
  • Up/Down: Change value.
#32 BAR Move Type Blockids Debug Menu 32.png Changes the bar's movement type.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Change type.
#33 BAR Speed Blockids Debug Menu 33.png Changes the bar's speed parameters.
  • Select: Change parameter.
  • Up/Down: Change value.
#34 BAR Fliction Type Blockids Debug Menu 34.png Changes the bar's friction.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Change type.
#35 BAR Semi Automatic Blockids Debug Menu 35.png Changes the bar's semi automatic movement.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Enable/disable.
#36 STAGE LOAD from Blockids Debug Menu 36.png Changes the game's loading source.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Change from Disc/Card.
#37 SOUND SET Blockids Debug Menu 37.png Changes the game's sound effects.
  • Up/Down: Change ID.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Load.
#38 SOUND BGM Blockids Debug Menu 38.png A SFX text menu. Strangely, the samples loop after finishing.
  • Up/Down: Change ID.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Play.
  • X (JP)/Triangle (US/EU): Stop.
#39 SOUND SE Blockids Debug Menu 39.png Another SFX text menu. Samples no longer loop.
  • Up/Down: Change ID.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Play.


Function Screenshot Description
#100 Blockids Debug Menu 100.png Unknown.
  • Square: Load values.
  • L1+L2+O (JP)/X (US/EU): Activate.
#101 COPY to PC Blockids Debug Menu 101.png Copies values from the card.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Activate.
#102 COPY from PC Blockids Debug Menu 102.png Copies values to the card.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Activate.
#226 Baloon Edit Blockids Debug Menu 226.png Places a sphere object in the playfield, whose properties can be edited.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Open Menu/Render.
  • X (JP)/Triangle (US/EU): Close Menu.
  • Up/Down: Increase/decrease length value.
  • Left/Right: Increase/decrease angle value.
  • L1/L2: Increase/decrease height value.
  • R1/R2: Increase/decrease scale value.
#227 LastBoss Blockids Debug Menu 227.png Summons a face boss. Defeating it automatically clears the stage.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Summon.
#228 Boss (ptn#0) Blockids Debug Menu 228.png Summons a dragon boss. Defeating it automatically clears the stage.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Summon.
#229 TASK dump Blockids Debug Menu 229.png Unknown.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Dump.
#230 TASK test Blockids Debug Menu 230.png A simple animation test.
  • X: Move right.
  • Triangle: Stop moving right.
  • O: Move down.
  • Square: Stop moving down.
#231 demonstrating Blockids Debug Menu 231.png An autoplay function.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Enable/disable autoplay.
#232 info Blockids Debug Menu 232.png Displays some parameters on the top right of the screen.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Enable/disable.
#234 printmes Blockids Debug Menu 234.png Presumably prints messages to the tty debug console.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Enable/disable printing.
#235 Block Lighting Blockids Debug Menu 235.png A block lighting function.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Enable/disable lighting.
#236 Block Color Blockids Debug Menu 236.png Makes all blocks the same color.
  • Up/Down: Change color.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Apply.
#237 Anim Pause Blockids Debug Menu 237.png Freezes the characters' animations.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Enable/disable animations.
#238 SPIN speed mode Blockids Debug Menu 238.png Unknown.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Change mode.
#239 Mix Blockids Debug Menu 239.png A mixer for the audio channels.
  • Select: Change parameter.
  • Up/Down: Change value.
#240 Blockids Debug Menu 240.png A font test.
#241 BG Blockids Debug Menu 241.png Changes the background image.
  • Up/Down: Change value.
#242 POLYGON transparency Blockids Debug Menu 242.png Changes the transparency of the ball.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Change/apply.
  • X (JP)/Triangle (US/EU): Disable.
#243 POLYGON division Blockids Debug Menu 243.png Something related to the textures in the blocks.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Change/apply.
  • X (JP)/Triangle (US/EU): Disable.
#244 screen Blockids Debug Menu 244.png Changes the brightness of the backgrounds.
  • Up/Down: Increase/decrease brightness.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Max brightness.
  • X (JP)/Triangle (US/EU): Min brightness.
#246 [exit] push yes to exits.== Blockids Debug Menu 246.png Doesn't work.
#247 [CD REMOTE] Blockids Debug Menu 247.png A test for the game's audio tracks.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Play.
  • X (JP)/Triangle (US/EU): Pause.
  • Square: Toggle looping.
  • Left/Right: Switch track.
  • Up/Down: Change volume.
#248 blockhit Blockids Debug Menu 248.png Changes the position of the ball hitbox.
  • Left/Right: Move X position.
  • Up/Down: Move Y position.
  • L1/L2: Move Z position.
#249 BLOCK DUMP Blockids Debug Menu 249.png Replaces the ball.
  • Up/Down: Change parameters.
  • X (JP)/Triangle (US/EU): Apply.
#250 End Line Blockids Debug Menu 250.png Unknown.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Enable/disable.
#251 ball rot sens Blockids Debug Menu 251.png Possibly "ball rotation sensitivity"?
  • Up/Down: Change sensitivity.
#252 ball limit Blockids Debug Menu 252.png Changes the playfield size.
  • Up/Down: Change limit 1 of X position.
  • Left/Right: Change limit 2 of X position.
  • Triangle/Circle: Change limit 1 of Y position.
  • Square/X: Change limit 2 of Y position.
#253 BALL SpeedUp! Blockids Debug Menu 253.png Changes the ball speedup parameters.
  • Select: Change parameter.
  • Up/Down: Change value.
#254 Corner Width Blockids Debug Menu 254.png Unknown.
  • Up/Down: Change value.
#255 [BALL] Blockids Debug Menu 255.png Changes the ball coordinates.
  • Left/Right: Change X position.
  • Up/Down: Change Y position.
  • L1/L2: Change Z position.
  • Triangle/X (JP)/Circle (US/EU): Change speed.
  • R1/R2: Change rotation.
  • Select: Toggle movement.
  • Circle (JP)/X (US/EU): Reset.